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Level up Your Blogging: 5 Ways to Boost Reader Engagement

Having an engaged audience is no easy task. It can be the most challenging part of running a successful blog. But, a blog without an active audience is no fun to run.

Do you find yourself getting people to read one blog post but not returning to read more? Is your blog full of posts with a stunningly low number of views? Maybe even some posts have none? Do you feel like you need to do something to turn things around but don’t know what?

If this is you, read on to learn some tips and tricks that will help you to boost your reader engagement, gain new readers, and keep people coming back for more content again and again.

1. Make Use of Visuals

Articles with images end up with 94% more views than articles without them. That is a massive difference, considering adding images is such a small thing to do.

Including pictures and videos on your blog might seem obvious, but it can’t be underestimated how important it is. If you aren’t doing this already, take the time to add even one photo to each blog post that you create.

Consider going back to your previous blog posts and freshening them up with a few photos as well.

Finding images to add doesn’t need to be difficult, either. Take advantage of free stock photos. These images will be high quality and easy to search for what you need. Plus, you don’t need to worry about dealing with any copyright issues.

You could also try bringing out your creative side and taking some photos yourself. No matter how you choose to source your images, what’s essential is adding them in the first place.

2. Invest Time into Social Media

One of the best ways to gain new readers is by popping up in places that they spend their time.

The easiest way to do this is by creating social media accounts, posting regularly, and interacting with new people online. Be sure to respond to any comments and messages. People like seeing that you care about what they say and that a real person is behind the account.

This helps build authenticity, which will help people to connect to you more.

Think about which social media platforms would make the most sense for you because you don’t need to take the time to post on all of them. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and other platforms all have different demographics, so think carefully about who you want to be pushing your content to.

3. Consider Influencer Collaboration

Influencer marketing has proven to be a serious game-changer within the marketing world.

Even skeptics have come to see that influencers have the power to help a brand increase its user engagement and brand awareness. Connecting with the right influencers for your blog is an excellent way to increase your overall blog readership.

If hearing the word “influencer” makes you feel like you will be spending too much money, don’t panic. You can reach out to people with a smaller but active following and yield the same results without breaking the bank.

Research shows that engagement peaks at around 1,000 followers, so there’s no need to think this strategy is only effective if they have thousands upon thousands of followers.

4. Surprise Your Audience

One of the best blogging tips is to surprise your audience with gifts, giveaways, or discount codes!

This is a tried and true way to keep people coming back for more. You can go about this in many different ways, and none have to be complicated.

Consider giving away a small gift card once a post reaches a certain number of shares. You could also prepare a gift basket to ship out to one random Instagram follower. Reaching out to companies you might write about for discount codes is another way to give back to your readers.

Plus, getting on the radar of other brands is never a bad idea.

Keep in mind that the things you choose to give away reflect your brand and will help you reach the target audience you desire.

5. Jump on Trends

Looking out for trends and being one of the first people to write about them is a great way to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

If they know that you’re an excellent place to find trending articles, they will regularly come back to your site to see if you have posted any new content.

To keep up to date on trends, look at what other people are talking about, and research what topics trend during different parts of the year. For example, making a blog post about cute boots on sale in the summer wouldn’t make as much sense as posting it right before fall hits.

Collaborating with other bloggers to write joint posts or guest posts on trending topics is a way to take this tip to the next level to reach even more readers!

Boost Your Reader Engagement Today

There are many different ways to boost reader engagement, but this article highlighted five solid ways.

Start by using pictures to catch readers’ attention and increase your overall views. Then, create social media accounts and be as active as possible.

Think about collaborating with an influencer to diversify your marketing. Surprise your audience with little gifts and fun giveaways to reward them for engaging with your content and remaining a loyal reader. Try being the first to jump on trends as well.

Making use of these tips will have your reader engagement skyrocketing.

If this article was helpful to you, please look around our website to find other articles that you’re sure to enjoy!

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