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How Often Should You Actually Wash Your Face?

In a recent study, 60% of Americans admitted they feel unsure when it comes to proper cleansing. From what products to use to when and why to wash, over half the population is confused and lost in their washing routine.

If you’re asking the question ‘how often should you wash your face?’, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, the answer is anything but a one size fits all skincare routine.

From skin type to lifestyle habits, a lot goes into determining how often skin should be cleansed. Ready to crack the code? Follow along to learn about when and how often to wash your face here.

How Often Should You Wash Dry Skin?

When it comes to dry and sensitive skin, less is more. Instead of cleansing in the morning and before bed, choose one or the other and opt for a warm rinse for the alternating time. We recommend using your cleanser at night and giving your skin a fresh splash in the morning.

Because cleansers can strip the skin of vital oils, dry and sensitive skin types should avoid over-cleansing at all costs.

Acne-Prone and Oily Skin Face Wash Routine

If you struggle with excessive oil production or acne-prone skin, washing more often isn’t as concerning. This is because your skin has more oil to remove from the surface to prevent blocked pores.

For these skin types, consider washing your face with natural cleansers to help rebalance oil production twice a day.

Combination Skin

For combination skin where a mixture of dry and oily or acne-prone skin is present, you may need to invest some time into experimenting with your face wash.

Depending on the level of dryness or dehydration in your skin, you may find better results from cleansing just once per day. Of course, since everyone is different, the best course of action is to try out each routine for 2-3 weeks and evaluate results.

When Should You Wash Your Face if You Wear Makeup?

Are you a makeup wearer? In addition to your skin type, your habits such as makeup wearing and exercising will impact when and how often to cleanse.

For makeup wearers, we recommend moving your deep cleanse to the end of the day. If you have sensitive or dry skin, you’ll need to invest in a cleanser that is gentle enough to cleanse without stripping your skin.

For oily skin types, you may use the same cleanser morning and night or opt for a more gentle option in the mornings.

When it comes to exercise, any movement that works up a sweat should be followed up with a refreshing wash. This is because your pores are opened up when they become warm and things like dirt and sweat can more easily clog your pores.

Consider taking makeup wipes with you to the gym or use your gentle, natural cleanser after each run, gym session, or cycling class.

How Often Should You Wash Your Face?

From working with your skin type to taking lifestyle activities into account, we hope this guide cleared up the burning questions of how often should you wash your face.

Want more tips and advice for your beauty routine? Check out our other articles to discover everything you need to know about cleansing, skincare, and more!

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