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10 Ways to Increase Your Phone’s Trade-In Value

Everyone knows that they have to sell their old mobile phones at some point in time now or later. While you plan to sell your old mobile phone any time in the future. It is very important for you to take care of your mobile phone. And its condition as the condition of your mobile phone really matters while you decide on the trade-in value of your old mobile phone. If you have kept your mobile phone in a good condition. You can always sell it for a good amount and be a profit.

However, the price of your old mobile phone will eventually decrease the time as it is an electronic device. You can still aim at some good money by maintaining its condition and getting back some money against it.

Here are a few points that should be kept in mind before sell old mobile phone to increase its trade-in value:

  1. Maintain its condition

While you look forward to selling your old mobile phone. It is indeed very important for you to maintain its condition both internally and externally. As that is what decides on the trade-in value of your old mobile phone. The better the condition of a mobile phone the better value will be offered against it.  You must avoid having any faults like a faulty camera, smashed screen, faulty charger port, faulty micro phone. And any such major issues as it can affect the value of your old mobile phone.

  1. Buy a good quality phone case

What is seen a little lot to investing but if you practically think the phone case is the only thing that protects your mobile from getting any scratches or dents. And if it is of good quality it indeed can save your mobile phone a lot of times. We often tend to drop our mobile phones or flip them out of our pockets or handbags. Which can land of the mobile phone on the floor or anywhere not safe.  Having a phone case of good quality will always protect your mobile phone from breaking or getting any scratches and dents over it.

  1. Always have a tempered glass

The screen of your smartphone literally holds up to 70% of the value of your phone. As it is the most basic foundation on what the experience of the user depends on while they’re using a mobile phone. With the era of only touchscreen mobile phones today. It is even very important that the screen is always protected as we keep on constantly touching the screen over and over again while typing or performing any tasks. It is always advised that you have a screen protector or tempered glass on your mobile phone. As it is the best way to protect your display from getting any kind of scratches or breaking it down. The screen of a mobile phone Will is protected if it has tempered glass on it. Eventually, even if something happens it will happen with the tempered glass and not with the original screen of your mobile phone directly.

  1. Always use original charger and accessories

Always go for original products for your mobile phone. Such as charging adapters or chords and other accessories such as headphones or earphones etc. Buying an artificial charger will cost you a very less amount of money for the moment. But it can leave your phone with great damage as using artificial chargers scanned create issues in your charging port. And eventually, lead to a bigger problem with the mobile phone. Which will obviously get the trade-in value at risk.

The worst that you can ever read is that your mobile phone may also catch fire. The reason behind this is an artificial charger leaving you behind with an absolutely damaged mobile phone.

  1. Be careful with liquid

You need to be extra careful while handling your mobile phone around liquid. Many times people drop a lot of water or any other kind of liquid such as beverages on the mobile phone. Which once enters the world phone can be a huge risk for it. Also, we carry mobile phones outside and it might rain while your mobile phone gets in contact with rainwater it can be risky. It is not only about the liquid entering your mobile phone. But also the moisture that gets caught in between the internal parts of a mobile phone. Which will cause huge and greater damage leaving your hind with a very low value of your mobile phone. Always keep in mind water and electric things are never going to be a pair so take care of it.

  1. Maintain The climatic temperature

By maintaining the climatic temperature we simply mean that you should not expose your mobile phone to extremely hot weather nor extreme cold weather. As your mobile phone is not used to such weather or atmosphere around it. Exposing your mobile phone or using it under the sun for a long time can eventually. Overheat your mobile phone leaving behind you with all the battery that has been drained off because of the overheating. It can literally swell up your battery and your mobile phone can catch fire or explode because of the overheating caused. Exposing your mobile phone to extremely cold climates can get in moisture. And also cold climates and batteries don’t go together, so the battery might be affected or eventually die in extremely cold climates.

  1. Do not let your phone with children

Children can cause damage to your mobile phone as they do not know its true value. They do not know how to handle it in the right way. They can drop anything on your mobile phone or even drop the whole mobile phone on the floor. Or from even greater heights which may cause or use damage to your mobile phone. Using the mobile phone roughly can leave the mobile phone with a lot of scratches and dents. Not maintaining it will cause even more damage and issues with the mobile phone. The point we are trying to prove you are is that children are most probably going to lead a mobile phone in some or the other accidents knowingly or even unknowingly as they cannot handle it or any other electronic devices properly.

  1. Invest in an iPhone

this may sound like a biased statement but if you go to see practically investing in an iPhone is a good investment. As the goodwill of the brand talks all for it, iPhone will always give you a little greater amount of money if maintained and taken care of. Also because it probably came for a higher price than compared to many other smartphones. Any which way iOS is always in the demand and popular. When you want to sell old mobile phone you might get a lot of buyers too within a short span of time.

  1. Unlock your mobile phone

Unlock your mobile phone before selling it away is the best thing you can do. As who ever using it next can directly switch on to they are carriers by entering the Sim card into the old mobile phone. As mobile phones are not tied to a particular carrier and locking them will always lead you to profit while you’re selling them. If you are on a contract you can always wait until it ends and the carrier removes the contract lock once it’s done.

  1. Sell old mobile phone with quick mobile

Which mobile is an online marketplace wherein you can sell your old mobile phones with a complete comfort from your home? You also get a lot of benefits like expert analysis that will help you determine the price of your old mobile phone and pick up and drop services for your old device. Quick mobile will also get you the best deals and pricing against the old mobile phones.

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