5 Alarming Signs You’re Having Marriage Trouble

Did you know that over 746,000 people get divorced every year?

While everyone recites their marriage vows with hope and love, no relationship is ever perfect. Many people struggle with deciding when it’s time to get help or call it quits.

Are you wondering if you’re going through serious marriage trouble? Keep reading to learn 5 signs your partnership could be in danger.

1. Your Fights Aren’t Productive

A common misconception is that a good marriage never has issues or friction. Fights are normal in any relationship, but healthy partners have communication skills that allow them to navigate these problems with respect and love. If you feel like you’re always fighting about the same topics or you’re not being treated fairly, a Marriage Counsellor can help you and your spouse work through any problems and learn how to problem-solve better in the future.

2. Your Views Have Changed

Most people never stop growing, but many couples dream about growing together. In some cases, you can grow apart and feel like you no longer know the person you’re married to. Some big stances on topics like religion, parenting styles, and politics may be too difficult to overcome, and divorce mediation may be the healthiest approach.

3. One or Both Partners Don’t Feel Appreciated

One of the greatest perks of being in a long-term, committed relationship is that you can find a comfortable routine that makes you feel safe. However, if some partners get too used to a routine, they may stop expressing their appreciation for their spouse. The good news is that issues can often be solved with ease by seeking couples counseling to learn what helps both partners feel valued.

4. Your Marriage Lacks Intimacy

Sex is an important factor in most marriages, which means changes in the bedroom can start to impact the entire relationship. It’s worth remembering that intimacy also extends to non-sexual touches and your emotional connection. Couples who feel fulfilled in their relationship will have great sexual chemistry and put in the effort to maintain a close bond.

5. Trust Has Been Broken

There are plenty of events that could occur where trust is broken by one or both parties. Lying, cheating, disrespecting boundaries are just a few of the many examples where a partner may have a hard time imagining a happy future with their spouse. Trust is essential for a healthy marriage, so you need to look inward and be honest about whether or not you can heal from any betrayals.

Are You Having Marriage Trouble?

Every couple experiences marriage trouble at some points in their relationship, but some problems can’t be solved. Now that you’ve learned more about the top signs a marriage is in trouble, you can decide if you need professional help to restore your bond or if it’s time to move on.

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