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Essential Things to Do Before Moving Out of Your Home

It’s finally here, the day when you’re done packing up your stuff and are finally moving out of your house. But before you do that, there are some things that you need to take care of. After all, if not taken care of properly, they could lead to more trouble in the future.

Here are some essential things to do before you move out:

Take Inventory of What You Have and Their Condition

Before you do anything else, take inventory of all the items you have and their condition.  A reputable moving company will go over that list when they come to give you an estimate, so make sure that your list and THEIR list are complete and in agreement.

If you’re ready to move out, and there are items that you haven’t packed, the chances are that it’s because you don’t want those things anymore. That said, those things could be helpful to someone else who could use them as they were or clean them up for their use. You could sell some items or give them away to friends or family or even donate them.

Make Sure That Your Appliances Are in Good Working Order

If you’re planning to leave an apartment, you should make sure that all appliances left behind for whoever takes over your lease are in good working order before making this decision. This is because some devices could become problematic in the future, especially left-behind ones that aren’t used regularly so you don’t want to be responsible for any non-functioning items.

Clean Everything

Cleaning doesn’t mean that you need to clean your home from top to bottom (unless you want to). But make sure that your carpets are vacuumed and dusted, cobwebs are wiped away; window sills are dusted; and kitchen counters, tables, or other surfaces are scrubbed clean.

Fix Any Minor Repairs That Need to Be Done

These include getting rid of clogged drains, broken faucets (if possible), cracked toilets (if possible), holes in the wall caused by nails that stick out, and any other minor repairs that need to be done.

Call Your Local Utilities and Give Them Your Move Out Date

For most cities, you’ll have to call their local gas, electric and water companies in advance of your move-out day so they can transfer the billing to the new owner/tenant.  They may also want to visit for the final inspection and – if there will be a long interval before another household moves in, actually turn off utilities.  It’s best if you give them your move-out date and make this arrangement a month or two before you leave.

Arrange For a Final Inspection with Your Landlord

Your landlord will likely have some requests for the final inspection, such as getting rid of clutter and repairing any holes in the wall, so it’s best to call them a few days before moving day to schedule a time when you can all meet.  You don’t want to NOT get their agreement that everything is in order when you leave.

Complete Walk Through with Landlord

When your scheduled move-out date approaches, all you’ll have to do is meet with your landlord to complete a walk-through of the house. Check for any damage that needs to be noted and repair it, if possible, then take photos as evidence before leaving.

Ask For a Receipt Before Leaving

Before you leave your home, make sure to ask your landlord for a signed and dated receipt of the walk-through. It will help you avoid future disputes about deductions from your security deposit.

Clean Your Home Thoroughly

You don’t want to give up your security deposit only to find out that the landlord deducted some of it because you didn’t clean properly or that stains were left on carpets or other surfaces (especially if there are pets in the house). This means not just vacuuming and dusting surfaces but also scrubbing floors and deep-cleaning your appliances.

Forward Your Mail

Some landlords require that you continue to pay rent up until the day when you officially vacate (which will be on or before the end of your lease), so it’s best to continue to arrange to forward your mail in advance to your NEW address.

Change Your Address/Cancel Your Subscriptions

Call your insurance company, cancel memberships to fitness centers or other places you regularly visit and then call your phone company and cable/internet providers to cancel service for this property and arrange for service at the new address.

Unplug Appliances

Unplug appliances you won’t be taking with you. If it’s not practical to take specific devices with you, then you’ll have to unplug them anyway before the final inspection. It will make sure your appliances are still fully functional and can be used by someone else.

Get Rid of Any Personal Documents

Personal documents include insurance policies, financial records, credit card statements, car registration papers – basically anything with your name and address. You can take all of this with you, but if there’s too much to fit into your suitcase or storage unit, then you’ll have to find a way to get rid of it before moving day – there are shredding services that you can use to get rid of things you won’t use or need.

Take Photos of the Condition of Rooms

You might not think that taking photos is such a big deal, but it’s a handy thing to do. If there are any disputes about deductions from your security deposit, you can use these photos as evidence in court.

Clean Appliances Thoroughly

It might be tempting to just leave so much stuff inside the refrigerator and freezer that they’ll have no choice but to clean their insides and take all the odors out, but this is a bad idea. If you leave food inside these appliances during your final inspection, then they’ll be more likely to keep some of your deposit money to cover the cost of cleaning them.

Leave Your Home Clean and Organized

In general, you’ll have to leave your home in reasonably good condition, or you might have to pay up if there’s any damage on departure. It’s a good idea to ensure that everything is clean and organized, with no mold or mildew on the walls, floors, or ceilings.


Have a Cleveland Moving Company Move Your Possessions?

No matter how much you’ve packed up before leaving, there’s always more that needs to be done. If you’re not hiring a moving company, then you’ll have to do this yourself, and it’s sure to be a very tiresome job. One of the best options is to hire a Cleveland moving company and get scheduled so that they can leave your old home and be ready to unpack in your new home.


When the Cleveland moving company has done their job and unloaded your things, the final arrangement of what goes where will be up to you – which will be a bit hectic but a considerable relief after everything that’s taken place before arrival.

Wash and Clean Your Appliances

You’re going to need your clothes for the first day of school or work, but if you don’t have time to wash them, just be sure that you – and all your family – have something to wear for the first few days after you move into the new home.  After all, moving is a massive hassle, so you deserve to be able to relax, at least until you have to do the wash.! Just make sure to clean everything thoroughly once you have some spare time on your hands.

Final Thoughts

Moving is a stressful enough process without having to prepare for it, but doing the things mentioned above will go a long way towards making life easier for you later on. There are also several other details that you’ll have to take care of when moving out, so check out this article from Cleveland moving company for more helpful tips.

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