Automatic Garage Doors

Automated Garage Doors


Each of our garage door operators are fitted with the traveling motor operator system that was developed by CONCORD. This decreases wear and extends the lifespan of the operator, and makes sure the operation runs as smoothly as is possible.

Automated garage door are easily installed and widely utilized for garage systems that are automated. Our automatic garage door has been also designed to be compliant and is in line with international standards.

Why Us?

HOWEVER, IF the property is privately owned or COMMERCIAL

If parking spaces for public use need protected against unauthorized access, Concord has an attractive all-inclusive solution: Our barriers are very robust and require very low maintenance.

There is no conversion during installation.

You can simply order the exact item you want. Both right- and left-closing barriers are readily available. This means that no adjustments are required for the installation.

Your safety will always be the main factor that drives us.

Safety and protection from accidents are the highest priority for Concord. Our barriers are fitted with reliable technology thatis compliant with the applicable standards.

We provide the highest quality You will be able to enjoy the convenience!

This is not just due to their superior quality and ease of operation as well as the fact that they are expertly designed and tested, which will allow you to choose the best barriers to your entrance.

The necessity for automated garage Doors

Garage doors are open vertically. They open upwards close to the ceiling inside the guides that are rendered. Which makes them ideal when there is a shortage of space or when doors to garages open to the street.

Garage doors can be improved in sound-proofing and have a radiation isolation coefficient due in their insulation panels which protects the insulation rating from cold/heat and aids in conserving energy.

  • Ceiling mounted sleek operator that comes featuring state-of-the-art encoder technology and a dazzling to the light
  • Steel sandwich panel or sandwich board that have solid wooden load-bearing structures.
  • Benefits from thermal insulation and soundproofing
  • The range of recommended and specific safety devices, including spring-protection device for break protection cable anti-break device safety edge,

Accessories to Match For This Optimal Barrier System


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Get Full Automated Automatic Garage Doors in Bangalore | Mumbai | Chennai | Hyderabad

Our team of experts has more than 26 + years of experience working in the area of automated garage doors. From manufacturing to maintenance.

Spy: the very first Nice traveling motor for garage doors.

Particularly, Spy is the first Nice moving motor that has a an independent control unit The motor is moved on a track that is an axis, but without chains , or noisy mechanism. Its rack as well as pinions are Nice Patented.

Ideal for installers and for the end-users, Spy is simple and easy to set up and programme with the quick Setup procedure. By pressing the button to open to activate the control unit. Which then detects all connected devices as well as. The position that the limit switch motors are located. Because of the separate control unit that has a built-in LED courtesy. Tight as well as three keys that control the programming, automation and maintenance is more efficient and easy. When using Spy. Everything is accessible at all times and allows for the most program and. Installation flexibility, as well as the most user-friendly experience.

Safety is an essential feature 

that is important: the obstacle detection feature instantly reverses the motor’s motion in the event that the door to your garage comes in contact with any object or a person. This ON/OFF release mechanism permits the motor to be blocked or released at any point in the guide in a single move and ensures the highest level of security even in the event there is blackouts. Additionally the installer is safe from electrical shocks while performing the setup due to being able to work with a 24V power source.

Spy is the ideal choice for any architecture.

We provide a Complete Door Solution for all kinds of Doors This includes Patio Doors, Garage Doors, Sliding Glass Doors, Swing Doors, & Locksmith Services.

All Door Solutions is a business that provides the most competitive.  Affordable door repair solutions for commercial and residential doors. For over twenty years in Door Repair Services our skilled technicians are certified with the latest protocols to guarantee the safety and competence of each job we do. When you choose All Door Solutions we won’t miss a single one or even finish the work in the first visit or sometimes within an hour or less.

Door Services

The best services that our technicians can provide customers. Who have issues when they walk through their residential or commercial doors include:

  • Patio Door Repair
  • Glass Door Repair
  • Commercial Door Repair

Commercial And Residential Door Services

If you’ve experienced one of these issues regarding your commercial as the residential doors, you must contact All Door Solutions We are always willing to assist you. With the most up-to-date technology tools that we have, we are able to provide new and innovative solutions to your door repair which is cost-effective and effective. For more details on All Door Solutions services, check out our service pages or contact the number 647-560-335 to speak with one of our professional door repair specialists. We’d be happy to arrange a visit for any one of our many, repairs to doors!

Locksmith Services

When you are choosing a professional locksmith you need an organization that you can count on. All Door Solutions the Premier Locksmith Professional Service is the most popular choice for residential and commercial properties as well as for businesses. Our trained, certified technicians are experts in the design and design of keyed high-security, keyless, or cylindrical systems.

We can tailor a security option that is suited to your budget and requirements using our finest Locksmith Services. We offer 24 hour emergency locksmith solutions that can assist customers with their residential and commercial property lockouts , as in addition to other emergency Locksmith expert solutions including emergency safe openings, as well as combinations adjustments. Keyless and key products along with locksmith and keyless products include

  • Commercial Locksmith
  • Residential Locksmith
  • Car Locksmith
  • Emergency Locksmith

Complete Locksmith Solution

We offer 24/7 support, whether you require an automobile locksmith, an emergency locksmith or another kind of locksmith solution Our team of locksmith experts is reliable, efficient and can handle any type of emergency lockout or work situation with speed and efficiency. For more information on All Door Solutions services, browse through the links to our services or contact the number 647-560-335 to speak with one of our professional locksmiths. We’d love to arrange a visit to any of our various locksmith services!

Garage Door Repair

Garage doors are among the most moving piece of furniture in your home, All Door Solutions advise regular maintenance and repair to keep your garage doorregularly performing at peak efficiency making sure your family, home as well as your service are secure and secure at any circumstance. A well-functioning garage door is crucial for maintaining and safety and safety of your home.

 Damaged it could seriously affect how secure you are in your home. Broken or damaged garage door could also affect its value to your home when you attempt to sell it for sale. There are many ways for the garage door could be damaged or destroyed. It could be because the track is damaged or worn-out, or the track is rusted or damaged. If that’s the case should you have to repair your garage doors and. You want to stay at home, then make a call to All Door Solutions. The top Garage Door Repair Service for any issue with the commercial or residential garage doors is at All Door Solutions. We provide the following services for garage doors:

  • Garage Door Spring Repair
  • terminal Door Opener Repair
  • Garage Door Cable Repair
  • Garage Door Installation

Commercial Garage Door Repair

All Door Solutions know that the damage or malfunction of a commercial garage door isn’t only a nuisance. It could be a danger in the protection of your house and. It can pose an issue for your family members and yourself. That’s why we hire only the most professional and professionals trained garage door technicians who will arrive at your residence with vehicles filled with only the highest high-quality parts. Our technicians will have all the required parts to complete the job as fast as is possible for you.

Residential Garage Door Repair

Our garage door specialists are available to repair your garage doors for residential use. For more details on All Door Solutions’ residential services, take a peek at our links to services or contact our number toll-free at 647-560-335 to speak to one of our helpful garage door repair experts. We’d be happy to arrange a visit to any of our garage repair solutions!

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