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There are several methods for expert and beginner writers to promote their blogs. Looking for authentic guest writing is one of the most vital and common policies for increasing the blog’s progress.  Mainly excited writers from many nations are searching for an interesting platform to learn about and join such lists.

Writing with us is the best way to show your skill and establish yourself as a topic matter professional. You will also obtain fame due to our social media channels and goodwill. If you are attentive in writing blogs related to general niches like health write for us, home improvement write for us, finance write for us, tech write for us, home decor write for us, business write for us, fashion write for us, lifestyle write for us, write for us fashion, travel write for us, education write for us, write for us education, sports write for us, real estate write for us, write for us home improvement, etc., read this whole post since it confers the criteria, the submission process, and all types of the content we accept and post.

We do not compromise on the quality of content Ever:

We invite you to write for us about diverse Digital Marketing themes. Your texts can be accepted for publication in our blogs or any other presentation on our web pages.

One of the most things you must know is that we neither reimburse for guest posts nor charge for posting. You only have to fulfill the exact conditions so we can publish your blogs. In this method, you’ll get ample benefits.

Our main goal is to offer diverse matters to our readers. For this goal, the content of your texts must be well written to ensure a lovely reading skill. Please read the next directions carefully to certify that your submission matches our guidelines.

Other details 

  • Please DO NOT use stock pictures to show your article.
  • Visual content must match and help the reader to know the material. Images must have a similar format and size.
  • We don’t take payments for publications. Your article must meet our necessities to be published.
  • We do not publish morally promotional content, data about services that don’t offer worth to our readers, or violent content.
  • You can also add links to your site not over three times in the blog.
  • If you want to support your clue with a link to a specific service, it must be some web/digital service (not a pipe engineering service, for instance)
  • We do not accept any link-building structures or mineral references.
  • For submit your content you need to email us on this email address thepostcity@gmail.com or support@thepostcity.com.

Submit Your Post on Also Following Themes by Finding in Diverse Ways:

  • write for us technology
  • health write for us
  • home improvement write for us
  • finance write for us
  • tech write for us
  • home decor write for us
  • business write for us
  • fashion write for us
  • lifestyle write for us
  • write for us fashion
  • travel write for us
  • education write for us
  • write for us education
  • sports write for us
  • real estate write for us
  • write for us home improvement

The important rules for contributing to our publication:

We are happy to see your interest in guest posting on our blog. Please make certain that you know our moralities before focusing on exploring and content making.

Content must be unique; we don’t republish all or parts of the before-published articles.

A blog must be well-written — stylistically and grammatically.

Your post needs to offer worth to our readers — we esteem our followers and don’t want to trouble them with time-wasting content. Leave our modern posts not to duplicate subjects.

Your post must be related — it must cover one or more key subjects: team teamwork, remote work, efficiency, business, project management, marketing, work culture, and strategy.

Case studies, data-supported success stories, and blogs are more than welcome and can advantage extra points. We do not receive blogs that cover the clear truth or answer rhetorical queries like, e.g., “Why computers are better in giving out info than humans” or “Does marketing business require a website?

Remember that contributing to us gives you a unique opportunity to help thousands of experts who visit our website with their business tasks — always concentrate on real complications and solutions.

Stay positive — skip violent topics and bad comments on competitors, and don’t be too aggressive and promotional.

We look forward to sponsoring your valuable work on our website and exalting you as a guest writer.

We seek authors with a passion for writing and publish unique work that combines a child’s interest and originality with editorial grit and devotion to the real truth. We’re looking for a group of young and obsessive people to write exciting and informative bogs on Sports Write for Us topics for our blog and website. No matter whether you are a learner or a professional, we are here to inspire your ideas.

Could you send us the right materials?

While we accept mutually long articles and fields, ensure your ideas and complete projects are as ready for publication as you can make them. Comprise an author’s bio and expert headshot with your blog or pitch submission. You’ll get an email notifying you if your request has been known or disallowed, with different directions on what to do if we decide to proceed with your work.

There are no hard-and-fast guidelines to becoming a contributor. Still, we usually search for people who pitch articles frequently, complete projects promptly, promote their work on social media and are robust writers. Usually, we’ll ask people to become steady sponsors after 3-4 effectively published blogs.

If Your Submission is Not Accepted and Denied:

If your blog is not accepted and denied for publication, take some time to analyze the strategies and see if there are certain parts that you are missing. And while your section may have been well written, some plans aren’t what we’re seeking.

How to submit (and what will happen next)

Could you email us your submission? We choose submissions as Google credentials so editors can give feedback and direction within your draft. You may send us a Markdown file, plaintext file, or a link to an HTML document. (Please do not send a ZIP resources file if an editor needs it. For submit your content you need to email us on this email address thepostcity@gmail.com or support@thepostcity.com.

Here’s what happens after you hit Send:

  • An editor will assess your submission and fix whether it’s a possible fit. If so, the entire squad will analyze and converse it. This ensures once a week.
  • The editor will gather the team’s response and give it to you with records. (We hardly accept a blog the initial time, but we’ll tell you if we’re concerned.)
  • Once you’ve spoken our comments, send your reviewed draft back. The crew will converse again and tell you if we need to accept it.
  • If we accept your unique blogs, an editor will work meticulously with you on organization, argument, and style.
  • We’ll plan for publication as soon as reviews are done. We can’t give you a precise publication date until the article is ready to publish.

Refresh on Your Writing Skills

Expert writers know the importance of good writing and will use any tool to progress their writing skills.

Renew the procedure of grammar and style. Books like Dreyer’s English and The Elements of Style are an excessive initial place. There are also countless blogs and online courses to help enhance your writing skills.

You can also use an excision tool. Even the top writers must run their work through an editing tool to catch typos, odd wording, and unclear grammar mistakes.

How to Get into Writing:

Becoming a professional writer isn’t certainly easy, but there are endless career tracks you can take in the field. For people fervent about writing and using their words to influence, it’s a fun profession that is infrequently dull.

Know your value, but don’t suppose to get rich fast. Learn what you can to be a good writer. And keep your desire for writing thriving no matter what — it will polish through all you write.


Our editorial squad will deliberate your pitch, and if we consider it, we’ll ask you to share a draft of your post. Next, one of our editors will likely need to work with you to do, in any case, one round of amendments. Contributors often tell us that they escalate the care and devotion they receive when working with our editors to make a blog post that resounds with the individuals they’re trying to reach.

Submissions to Us are focused on our Terms of Use.

Regarding the capacity of submissions we obtain, we have to say no to many pitches, including several good ones. While we cannot reply practically to everyone, please know that we review all pitches carefully and escalate the time and energy we need to write them. We do our best to respond to all suggestions within two to three weeks. If we don’t take the first pitch you submit, we expect you’ll try again with countless other ideas.


If you’ve never published a blog beforehand or are speculative about whether your idea is good for our viewers, check out these possessions: one teacher’s primary pitch idea, two effective pitches written in diverse ways, and a minority of posts on various topics.

Examples of Accepted Pitches: Sharing concepts with your classroom and colleagues is another nature, but pitching a blog knowledge may seem diverse. Want some encouragement? Check out the PDF of two samples of pitches we have accepted.

Impactful Blog Posts: Get a real sense of the varieties of positive, useful, and actionable posts we pursue by reading some new posts.

Pitch your guest post ideas about…

What topics are we observing to allot? Based on reader requirements, we’re looking for posts about:


How to get extra traffic, shape your list, guest post, alteration, using blogging to get freelance customers (should be sponsored with information, screenshots, and social proof).

Breaking in:

How/where to discover good novice markets that pay.


Tips and tactics for writing headlines, case studies, white papers, email campaigns, lead magnets, and sales copy those changes.

Editor Q&As:

What do editors need? Talk to numerous in a niche and share it with us.


How do you find co-writing customers? How much should you pay? Are there writing platforms that join writers with customers? What’s it like to be a co-writer?


First-person levels on a full-time or part-time day job, children, family, etc., with freelance writing.


How to make the change to full-time freelancing.

Market reports:

What it’s like to write for particular online websites and developing platforms, as well as interviews with the company and positive writers on the forum.


Lead generation plans to discover freelance writing forecasts and clients, how-to marketing guidelines for freelancers, ways to be reliable with marketing, and how to find the real prospects to pitch.

Move up and earn more:

First-person sections of how you start your first good-paying customer, higher your rates, up-sold a client a big venture, or broke into a new, better-paying sort of writing; where to discover better clients and how to get them to leasing you.

Overcoming fear:

new angles, methods, and first-person stories on how to do freelance marketing or set your writing out their contempt fears, how to build self-assurance.


Fresh methods, tips, tools, or insights on time managing, overpowering deferment, obligating, avoiding commotions, and staying interested.

Resources/tools/best sites:

Looking for longer, 50-100 item source posts for freelance writers.

Self-publishing success stories:

I would adore hearing from writers doing well advertising and vending their e-books.

Social media marketing success stories:

On recognized or developing platforms, from Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Writing craft:

Concrete methods and workouts for refining your writing, disabling dry spells, beating writer’s chunk, figuring out what to write about, and writing headlines.

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