Why homeschooling is better than traditional schooling?

Why is homeschooling better than traditional schooling? When you send your children to school, assumingly your aim is to cater them with quality education. So that they can read and write, that their understanding of the world increases, that their hidden potential comes to the surface, and their creativity is put to work. You invest in them so that they become someone in the future who has a good reputable position in whatever field they are in, and stand out from others in the field. Even tho­­ugh you want these demands to be fulfilled by the school, you as a parent most probably have never thought about verifying the schools whatever they are famous for, and never have done a little bit of research.

Most parents are unaware of the standards of the school they send them to, and they do not get the results from schools that they expect. There are lots of things to discuss on this issue.

Parents must understand that they can not put the responsibility of bringing up their child completely on others. They will have to look after things and make sure themselves if things are going in the right direction. Parents take for granted that the institutes of learning are schools only because that is where they learn, which is a false notion. The institutes of learning are not only schools, but homes, other places of gatherings, society, and the company of friends, all of these fall into the category of institutes of learning.

Here is a piece of advice for all parents out there that, even when you hire a home teacher for a subject that needs special attention, let’s say, a math tutor, you should keep an eye on your children from time to time. You should know the behaviour of the teacher towards your children and in general. This is crucially important for your children’s good upbringing. You cannot overlook the fact that your children incline to the habits of the people they are spending time with.

Although our team has experienced that homeschooling is better than traditional schooling, you have the complete right to have your own opinion based on facts and your experience. A member of our team, an educational researcher, who is also a teacher and online tutor, informed us that his students who were not going to school were performing better than those who were going.

Why is homeschooling better than traditional schooling?

To understand that homeschooling is better than traditional schooling, first, we need to establish what ‘learning’ is, basically. Learning, as generally assumed, is not the process of memorizing stuff. It is a wider term that refers to the ‘change in behavior of a person as a result of experience’. This experience can be that of the school environment or even that of home. Now, looking through the critical lenses, are our children surely getting from the schools what they ought to? At school, your child is not only exposed to the books but also to his fellow children and also to his teachers, and how they behave. Their behavior, without doubt, matters. The relationship between your child and them is what has a significant impact on your child’s psyche.

A significant part of the day is what a child spends at school, so you cannot ignore how that experience influences your child. Is there any way you can control what your child should get exposed to and what he should not, at school? Not really. Indeed there are pros to sending your child to school. First, you can spend your time elsewhere, rather than looking after your child. Second you children get a chance to learn from where there is a learning environment. There are extracurricular activities where their true potential is tapped and they express their creativity. But if we begin to count the cons, for some they are what many parents cannot ignore when they come to learn about the truth.

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Children from different families and backgrounds come to school. It is possible that your child comes to pick up bad habits and vulgar language from their friends and fellows. One could argue ‘oh there are types of people around the world, so let our children be exposed to such an environment from early age and face it so they learn how to live in the future’ well the thing is there are alternatives for their social growth which we will discuss later, but this is too early for them to deal with evil things. Believe it or not, children are learning horrible things at school. A student of Grade 3 reported years ago that while having lunch in break time, out of nowhere a class fellow came over to me with an evil grin on his face, whispering into my ears “you know when you go to such and such dot com you will find dirty things ha-ha”.

Others had to face bullies from school which affected them for life with a permanent mark on their feelings. Some fall into inferiority complex while others begin to suffer post-traumatic stress disorders in extreme cases. And if you are in a foreign region, or even from a different part of the country your child will have to deal with racial slurs and will face kinds of bullying and racism on a daily basis. We can give numerous examples for such incidents but the span of this writing won’t allow us.

Adding fuel to the fire, parents are allowing children in their early ages to own a smartphone, to waste their precious time, and do whatnot on it without any restrictions. The sad reality is that the masses follow the trends without thinking about the consequences, and so parents follow what other parents are doing. If they really wish their child to stand out, they must make sure things balance the correct way.

Well, what shall parents be doing then?

They should homeschool their child. Yes. Homeschooling is the best alternative to these problems. At home, your child is under constant supervision and there is no chance of them learning bad behaviour. There must be a set routine at home in which children have to study. If parents worry that they could not handle all this they must consult educationists on how to keep balance. indeed the money spent on such consultations will be worthwhile, as compared to the lots of bucks spent on school. Alternatively, parents can take Help from a professional tutor if they are not that proficient in the subjects.

This will be way more economical than schools, and indeed your child must be learning what he or she is ought to in this way. Build a communication bridge and a bond of friendship with your children from their infancy and do not act like a tyrannical dictator. As for socializing, which homeschooling parents might worry about, take your children to places and show them how you interact and socialize with people, they will learn, and obviously in a controlled environment. Some may argue that if the school environment is not controlled, how about public places? They are worse! Well, the answer to such a question is that when children are repetitively in contact with people, they choose someone to be an ideal to imitate. Naturally, you will be their ideal when they see you behaving carefully and balanced in good and bad environments.
Indeed homeschooling comes with responsibility and parents should be taking this responsibility because what can be more satisfying than successfully imparting the concepts and modifying your child’s behavior to something better, after all!
Everyone needs to prosper and grow to keep up with others in this fast-paced world. For that, we must produce worthy citizens in our nation so that they contribute to the well-being of the nation. However, when parents don’t give attention to their children and they start to unproductive people of the society, actually, they are giving unproductive individuals to the nation. So if you want to contribute to the prosperity of society, you need to put all your efforts into your children’s upbringing and education. You must do everything you can to make them responsible citizens of society.

­­­­With that in mind, parents also need to have a healthy and friendly relationship with their children. You must monitor your children’s activities. Plus you should be aware of what type of people they are gathering with. Your bond with your children should be strong enough that they tell you anything without any hesitation. Many reported cases are there where people tell a ‘’bad’’ story after a long time when it happened.

They couldn’t share it at the right time with their parents because of either reason — there was a lack of understanding and bonding between themselves and their parents or they were afraid of the consequences they might face after sharing it. Both reasons are actually overlapping. To make your relationship stronger with your children, you should involve yourself in activities your children take interest in with them. You should play with them and listen to their worries even when they are young. In fact, you should behave like a child with your children. Don’t let them feel that you are superior to them.

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