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Best Office Equipment To Have For Video Conferences

Videoconferencing Benefits

Businesses can benefit from video conferencing in a variety of ways. Good equipment is a safe investment. The technology is efficient, cost-effective. It is easily scalable when it comes to engaging remote workers. Collaborating across departments and locations has never been easier. Interviewing job candidates or managing suppliers in person belongs to the past.


Used widely for home and personal meetings, Zoom has crossed into business presentations seamlessly. This post will delve deeper into the ten tangible advantages of video conferencing software and its potential applications for your business. You need the best equipment to have great meetings.

It is more interesting than audio conferencing.

Because they are disconnected from the other members of the meeting, audio conference participants tend to zone out and multitask. However, for business video meetings, there is a lot of pressure to maintain “virtual eye contact,” which translates to higher levels of engagement.


When every conference participant is visible, you’re more likely to use the communication skills we’ve all honed in face-to-face conversations.

Good Equipment Its effective.

One of the most obvious but significant advantages of video conferencing is reduced commuting time. Meetings with suppliers, clients, and satellite offices can consume valuable hours of your day; even an hour-long meeting can quickly consume an entire morning when travel time is factored in, making it a frustrating and inefficient activity.


Furthermore, teleconferencing is a far greener alternative to in-person meetings if sustainability is mandated in your organization. A very recent study discovered that driving an hour to a meeting one hour away consumes the same amount of electricity as 1,000 hours of web conferencing.

It saves money on travel.

Travel is not only time-consuming but also costly. People frequently travel long distances for training, conferences, and business meetings, and most of these in-person communications can be accomplished through video conferencing.

It enhances communication.

According to studies, humans process visual information faster and more accurately than text and audio. As a result, when you hold a meeting via video conferencing, your attendees will retain more information and comprehend it more effectively than if the meeting was held via audio.

It brings together teams.

For a variety of reasons, teams are becoming increasingly geographically separated. Some freelancers and even permanent employees work from home, while others are contractors working from other continents or are simply on the road for business. But vast distances are irrelevant when you can bring your team together via video conferencing, whether for regular meetings or on-the-fly check-ins.

It boosts productivity.

If you need a quick answer to a challenging question, instead of sending an email to your colleague and hoping for a response the next day, schedule a quick video conference call and use the screen-share function to continue working on your project.


Video conferencing has become a thing nowadays. It has become a primary tool that is essential for communication and collaboration. The video allows us to stay connected as more workers scatter around the world and remote work becomes more commonplace. With video, you can give any conversation a layer of meaning and enjoy the nuances of face-to-face experiences without having to meet in person.


We’ve assembled a list of the best video conferencing equipment for workers working from home in this article.

Equipment: Webcams

In the video conferencing meeting room, the camera is the most visible object. The best cameras are capable of capturing high-resolution images. To get the best result, you will require some high-quality webcams such as:

Logitech HD Webcam C615

The Logitech HD Webcam C615 is a good deal for a more straightforward choice with its high-definition video calling and the ability to take still images. You can share videos and images with just one click, thanks to the one-click upload feature.

AVer VC520

The Zoom-certified AVer VC520 Pro webcam offers compact plug-and-play features for smaller meeting rooms. This incredible camera will do it all, whether you’re working from home or in a large office. The camera uses recognition technology to frame participants automatically while also optimizing color and light levels.

Logitech Meetup

Video bars are an easy way to get everything you’ll need for a video conference in one location. With an incredible 120-degree field of view and a 4K ultra-high-definition sensor, the Logitech Meetup brings superior video quality into smaller conference rooms. This camera’s clarity is unrivaled, ensuring that you have a great experience every time.

Equipment: Microphones

Audio is still relevant in the era of video. To communicate with your colleagues and contacts, you’ll need a microphone. The best microphone for your laptop will attach to it through Bluetooth or a wired connection. Make audio quality a priority so that your audience can hear you.

Shure MV5 – Digital Condenser Microphone

This tiny condenser microphone, about the size of a golf ball, offers excellent quality at a surprisingly low price. It’s a sleek-looking mic right out of the box, thanks to its sturdy, high-quality finish. It’s incredibly compact, and it can either sit atop your desk or be removed, allowing you to travel from room to room with ease.

Anker PowerConf

You might need to record an unscheduled interview at a restaurant on occasion. Often you need to get out of the house for a few minutes before you go insane from boredom. What you need in these situations is a tiny primary microphone that is small and portable enough to be taken around with you. The Anker PowerConf mic/speakerphone comes to the rescue in this situation. This tiny mic is ideal for anything from online interviews to board meetings.


You’ll need a pair of high-quality speakers or headphones to hear the people on the other end of your video conferencing calls. Headphones may be a good investment for certain conference attendees as they will keep the microphone from catching the voices of a group of speakers.

Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC

Whether you have a laptop stand on your treadmill or enjoy exercising and staying busy during the workday, this one is for you. The Voyager 6200 UC is the best Plantronics office headset for conference calls for a reason. It resembles the sports headphones you see on athletes’ necks in TV commercials and at the gym.


It has effective noise cancellation and stereo sound. It also has four omnidirectional microphones to ensure that you are heard clearly on conference calls. Plus, when you have an incoming call, the neckband vibrates! It’s fantastic.

Jabra Biz 2400

The Jabra Biz 2400 is a wired video conferencing headset with a 360-degree customizable boom microphone available in binaural and monaural versions. Because of its excellent microphone and noise-canceling headphones, it’s widespread among open-office staff as well as a top option for call center headsets.


The Air Shock microphone on the Biz 2400 reduces clicking, popping, and breathing sounds. PeakStop technology is designed to protect your hearing by absorbing unexpected noisy sounds.


You can find these headsets from Rest assured, you will get high-quality headphones for your conference.


Video conferencing is a valuable tool for any company because it allows you to hold conferences with a considerable number of people from any location and in any time zone. That is why you must choose hardware and software that are compatible with your conference requirements.


In simple words, the modern workplace is evolving, and with that, you need to grow your methods.

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