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Parsing LED Fog Light Bulbs

Parsing LED Fog Light Bulbs

The usage and function of fog lights is a subject that has some people a little confused, as there are some out there who believe in the use of fog lights and there are others that believe them to be unnecessary. We’ll cover some of the reasons that fog lights are good at what they do before suggesting an alternative to the most common types of fog lights you will encounter.

Fog lights are not designed to replace your low beams, and they are actually not intended to be used under normal driving conditions. In other words, if you ever proceed under the illumination of your fog lights alone, you should drive as slowly as possible.

To shed some light on this you need to understand the function and design of fog light bulbs. Fog lights are located very low on the forward part of the vehicle and have a sharp cutoff in their housing so that the light they shed only illuminates the ground in front of the vehicle as well as a few inches above it. They are also frequently colored yellow because yellow light has a longer wavelength than white and blue light and therefore may be better able to penetrate fog and mist.

Fog lights serve as an alternative to headlights under limited visibility conditions such as fog, mist and sometimes even rain because of this low orientation and lower glare yellow light. Your headlights, which project a beam of light forward in front of the car, will produce a lot of glare if you use them when it is foggy or raining, and so fog lights can serve as a practical alternative in some conditions where the situation is truly adverse.

That makes fog lights a suitable fallback in a situation where visibility is limited; yet many lights produced in the industry are incandescent bulbs, and there are a number of reasons that you should at the very least consider LED fog light bulbs as an alternative, specifically the LED fog light bulbs that you can find at Diode Dynamics.

First off, whereas many manufacturers tout the light output of their lights, they leave a lot to be desired in focus. A very bright light with poor focus is just going to be diffuse and present a lot of glare. The LED replacement bulbs at Diode Dynamics are ideally optically focused so you get a bright beam of light exactly where you want it and little glare elsewhere.

In addition, their LED fog light bulbs produce a bright, true yellow light unlike many of their competitors, whose LEDs appear greenish due to the process by which they are tinted. Diode Dynamics produces a true yellow light in their LED fog light bulbs that is more practical and looks much better.

If you want to learn more about the LED fog lights and other LED automotive bulbs that you can find at Diode Dynamics, visit their website,, or contact their team at There is a wealth of information on their website regarding the production and specifics of their LED lights and their team would be more than happy to answer your questions on some of the finer points of their products.

For more information about Demon Eyes and Led Fog Light Kit Please visit : Diode Dynamics.

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