Wedding Jewelry Secrets – White gold vs Platinum at a glance

One of the most exceptional ideas to consider when buying a wedding ring is the color. Different kinds of people would prefer yellow, white, or rose. Thus, it makes gold the most popular metal for wedding and engagement rings. For those people who love white metals, they are torn between white gold vs Platinum. Both metals are beautiful and durable. However, the physical and chemical properties differ. Thus, it makes each metal suitable for specific designs and not others. Also, your lifestyle can guide the type of metal you choose for your wedding band.

In this piece, we will go through what distinguishes the two metals. The guide will help you select your metal based on your budget, lifestyle, and design preference. Stay tuned.

Durability and Lifespan of White Gold vs Platinum

white gold vs platinum

In the history of jewelry, Platinum has held the tithe of the most rigid metal. It is attributed to how the metal handles scratches. A part of the metal is lost when subjected to scratches. Thus, when you take gold for polishing, the jewelry grows thinner. You will notice your wedding ring has lost a significant part of its thickness after a long time. 

On the other hand, Platinum reacts differently to scratches. Instead of a piece of metal flying away from the jewelry, it moves aside, leaving a rough finish on the ring surface. The new finish is known as the Patina finish; It makes the ring look like an antique piece of jewelry. You can bring back the original look of the ring through polishing. The ring will retain its original shape and thickness. That is why people prefer Platinum over white gold

Platinum’s unique reaction to scratches makes it the most robust metal in the jewelry industry. Also, it can hold gemstones for a lifetime. You will find many heirloom rings made of Platinum than any other metal. 

Long Term Care

Many people assume that metals that look similar at the time of purchase will perform the same over time of use. It is a misconception we should all debunk. A metal acts according to its properties. It also affects how you should take care of them over time. 

White gold is an attractive metal. It is suitable for any buyer who is after beauty. However, it would help if you understood the challenges that face the metal. First, this metal is an alloy of gold and palladium, nickel, or silver. Then, it has a Rhodium coating that gives it a white finish. This coating wears out after some time. Thus, it will need re-plating every time the coating wears down.

Platinum exists in its natural state. Although you cannot find a 100% pure platinum, you should at least get it at 95% composition. When you use a platinum ring, it loses its natural luster. However, this does not change its color. You can restore the luster through polishing. The long term care is one thing you should consider when you are stuck between white gold vs. Platinum.  

Metal Composition of White Gold vs Platinum

When you are purchasing a white gold wedding ring, you will notice they are labeled 14K and 18K. These two labels have meaning. The 14K white metals contain 53.3 pure gold. The rest of the percentage is the metal that mixes with gold to form an alloy. As for the 18K white gold, it contains 75% of pure gold. With this info, you can see that white gold is a human-made metal. 

Platinum, on the other hand, occurs in its natural form. A metal is considered Platinum if it contains 95% of the platinum element. Also, the metal is more decadent than white gold. Thus, it would be great if you examined the weight when selecting white gold vs Platinum. 

Hypoallergenic Potential

white gold vs platinum

Many people get skin irritation when they wear metallic jewelry. Luckily, some precious metals contain hypoallergenic properties. One of such metals is Platinum. It is because jewelers use it in its pure form, and it is gentle to all skin types. 

Pure gold also has hypoallergenic properties. But, these properties are affected in the white gold metal. The property strongly relies on the metal that mixes with gold to form this alloy. Thus, you should know the metal composition and your reaction to them before making a purchase. 


The quality of a metal determines the cost. All the above property advises the pricing of each metal. That is why you will find that Platinum is more expensive as compared to White Gold. How valuable is Platinum than White Gold? The price truly depends on the ring form, the sum of Platinum used, and the store from where you buy. 


The above properties will help you make a selection of white gold vs Platinum. Both metals are an excellent selection for wedding rings. Your lifestyle and preference should also guide you in selecting one of the metals. 

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