How to Create Countertop Displays to Increase Sales

This article would act as a shoutout to all the clothing retailers who can easily steal the concept of how to tempt their buyers by creating point of sale or POS displays on their countertops, from artisanal craft boutiques, gift shop owners and jewellers. Usually, the add-ons act pretty coordinated with the primary buys but will be so irresistible for the shoppers. Yet well-priced, that the unplanned purchase won’t impact the buyer’s budget.

Marketing surveys show that at least one-third of all shoppers in a week will make an impulsive buy. By spending at least $30 on an average. Among these shoppers, most do an in-store purchase. So, retail stores have an upper hand over online websites for creating impulse purchase opportunities for the buyers. Shoppers give their reservations of spending less a toss. When they get to feel, touch or smell a particular product and they impress or overwhelm. Retailers always have more control over the in-store experience of shoppers. And they need to know how to convert the likings of customers into sales.

Counter Top Displays

When Creating Countertop Displays Know How to Attract Your Customers

After making a note an understanding the urgency of impulsive buying. Retailers can make choices to make the best choices to plan their merchandise.

CTAs or Calls to Action: One of the best CTAs would be immediacy. “Only 1 left”, “Sale for today only”, “Flat 60% off for today ONLY” etc. inspire customers to act fast. Consider this trick because this is gonna definitely work for you.

Shock of The New: Showcase some items that shoppers may have heard but never seen before. For example, fitness bands will be a great merchandise to be put up on countertop displays.

A way to increase impulsive buying is by coordinating the “impulse items” that are displayed on the countertop with a store or department specific promotion. Select products that could be kept on counter top displays that consumers can identify with, and will be strong enough to sell themselves. Inexpensive, small products can be kept beside the cash counter. So that buyers can easily pick those products up and hand over to the cashier while standing in the queue. For example, if you are a store for toiletries and towels, trial size of body washes and shampoos, or little designer soaps can be kept on the display counters, rather than on the aisles. This increases the chance of getting those picked.

But How Does That Happen?

The retailers need to understand the psychology of customers behind impulse buys and you will get an idea which products will appeal the most to customers. Here’s how you can display them to the best advantage.

It may happen sometimes that the most subtle display tool will make the major difference between an item getting completely overlooked or getting noticed, tested and purchased.

You can choose to display products from a transparent holder on a display counter that gives the products a visual display that the shelf displays cannot provide. Display fixtures like cubes, risers, cradles, easels and specially made ones for necklaces, bracelets and rings are quite easily available at the market. To capture better consumer interest and increase3 sales, several cubes at varied heights can be added.

Countertop glass display cases are a great way to make your products viewable to the customers, along with protecting them. What method you would imply to convert your buyers into serial customers, absolutely depends upon you.

Now let’s check out some tips that will help the retailers design a smart and ravishing countertop display.

Be Clear and Distinct: When designing the display, make sure you use enticing graphics and colours. So that it attracts the attention and customers do not overlook it. Buyers have already completed their shopping till they reach these countertop displays. So, it is smarter to keep small distinctive items in these displays which stand out from everything else in the store.

Keep Your Ideas And Message Simple: Creative signage are indeed important but what’s more important is keeping your messaging simple. Experts suggest that you should not have more than seven words on display. If your customers have to spend time in just figuring out what your product is, then the whole reason behind putting up the message is destroyed.

Focus on One Display at a Time: The more options you through out to your customers while they check out. More are the chances of them getting distracted and not buying the product. In addition to it, the products on counter top displays need to be cheap to pass off and whimsy, impulsive buys.

Keep Changing Your Display: When designing your countertop display, keep your clientele in mind. And display items that appeal to the largest audience.

Keep changing your display at least bi-weekly, so that it remains fresh and continue to grab attention of your customers.

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