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Why Should You Install Pull Out Kitchen Taps?

If you think that selecting a tap shouldn’t involve a lengthy process and that you can choose the one you like. Well, take a pause and think again! There is much more to selecting a kitchen sink tap. Today, the market inundated with various tap types, and you need to narrow down the best option for your kitchen sink.

Pull-out kitchen taps are very much in the trend right now. So, what are these pull out faucets and why should you choose them for your kitchen sink? Let’s uncover the facts.

Pull-Out Kitchen Taps

A pull-out kitchen tap is different from a standard kitchen tap. It gets the extra feature of being able to be pulled out (often on a pipe) that means you can move it around effortlessly and aim it to different spaces of your sink.

Pull out kitchen taps come in different styles, and you can buy the one that best suits your needs and kitchen ambience; here they are:

  • Professional style
  • Tap with separate hand rise
  • Spray
  • Weighted
  • Spring-loaded
  • Aerator

Initially, pull out taps were installed in commercial kitchens, then gradually, people began to realise the value that pull-out taps can offer to their home kitchens.

Weighted Pull-Out Tap

Selecting a weighted pull-out tap is a straightforward approach towards choosing a pull-out sink tap. These taps have a weighted pull out mechanism, so the tap hosepipe and spout will be placed back into its stand. A modern version of the pull-out tap is a spring-loaded tap that comes with a spring-loaded mechanism to put the pull-out tap back in its housing. Weighted pull-out taps may stick sometime due to weight at the end of the hose.

Pull-Out Spray Tap

Pull-out spray tap available with shower-like-spray and normal-flow options. It helps you to clean plates and dishes that might have food residue on them, and clean off the sink when you finish your task. You can install pull-out spray tap in central between 2 bowls in your kitchen sink. Most pull-out taps are used to free up valuable space around your sink and available in different colours such as chrome, stainless steel, black, gold, etc.

Professional Grade Pull-Out Taps

If you have a sturdy sink built with materials like the granite or stone, then you can install professional-grade pull-out taps, as they are heavy and can serve you longer without any hassles. Besides, you can also install them on ceramic or stainless steel sink, but make sure that the sink is strong enough to hold the weight of the tap. Professional style pull-out taps are not suited to every kitchen style.

Pull-Out Taps Designed to be a Little Smaller

Pull-out taps also are designed to be a little smaller, and they look modest. Indeed, modern pull-out mixer taps can be fitted to different kitchen sinks without worrying about their weight or space they will take up. These pull out faucets are known as safe, quick and comfortable. So, you can improve the functionality of your kitchen. Stainless steel pull-out taps are easy to maintain and standard preference for many homeowners.

Why Should You Install Pull-Out or Pull-Down Faucets?

  • Pull-out or pull-down kitchen faucets are very easy to use. With a simple pull, you can effortlessly extend the tap letting you target different spots on your sink.
  • The kitchen mixer tap with pull out sprays designed to be highly functional, facilitating you to clean your plates and dishes, as well as the area around the sink tap with the utmost convenience. Matte black spray type tapware are popular and suited for the industrial kitchen or more dishes to wash. These taps are available in multiple patterns such as different styles, sizes, shapes, and much more.
  • Besides, a pull-out sink mixer tap is a modern and stylish adornment for your kitchen. Pull-out and pull-down taps have the same benefits and suited for rinsing dishes or food particles down on the drain or garbage disposal.  Pull-down kitchen faucets are known as gooseneck faucet due to its high-arc shape along with manual handsprayer.

What Should You Know Before You Shop for Pull-Out Taps?

There are two vital things you should know before going out to shop for pull-out taps for your kitchen sink, and they are listed below:

1. What is the available space in your sink? Pull-out taps need plenty of space on the kitchen sink. If your kitchen is small, then it may not be the right choice for you.
2. What material goes into building your kitchen sink? The kitchen sink material should be robust and sturdy like stone, granite etc. Besides, you can also install them to high strength stainless steel, which is sturdy and can hold the weight of the tap.

The Bottom Line

Pull-out taps are not only highly functional for the modern kitchen but also visually appealing. Buy pull-out kitchen taps today and upgrade your kitchen sink’s practicality and aesthetics to the next level.

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