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Buying secrets of the platinum or white gold engagement rings

Buying the engagement ring for your partner seems to be very exciting. But in the excitement, one must not forget that buying an engagement ring is a considerable expense. A substantial investment is involved in this, and accordingly, one should think wisely over it. As the jewelry industry is growing at an unprecedented pace, people are getting confused day by day. A wide variety of engagement rings are available these days, making it difficult for people to choose. Many people these days are attracted to white gold because of its shine. People also love platinum. Both white gold and platinum are best in their spheres, and the rest depends on your partner’s tastes and preferences. One should keep in mind certain things while buying an engagement ring for his/her partner.


Tips for buying an engagement ring

Firstly, think about the likes and dislikes of your partner. The shape of the diamond your partner likes must be the driving force behind your purchase. There are different shapes of diamonds available these days. According to the cut and form, diamonds are priced. The round shape diamonds tend to be more expensive than the other shape diamonds like square or pear.

Secondly, one has to choose the metal of the ring whether one wants the diamond, the white gold, or any other metal available. These days platinum has emerged as the modern one and is more durable when compared to others. Before dwelling on the metal, one must consider the lifestyle and the budget. One can also have the stones of your choice engraved in the ring.

The third important factor is the quantity, i.e., the carat size of the ring. There are different weights of rings, which are measured in carats. One should not act like a miser and too extravagant while choosing the carat size. But the person should abide by the budget.

Fourthly, one must note the measure of the fingers to avoid any chaos later. The ring should be such which fits in the ring finger easily. The client must ensure proper measurement of the ring fingers to have a perfect wedding ring.

Further, many factors matter a lot for the best buy of the engagement ring. The most prominent characteristic is knowing and choosing the perfect 4C’s that affect your ring’s price.


Always buy your engagement ring from the certified jeweler only. Other jewelers can adopt fraud means and can sell you a low-quality diamond. Many jewelers resort to fraud means to sell their jewelry. These days malpractices on the hands of the jewelers have increased way too much. Certification will put a check on this practice. Before buying an engagement ring, one must look for the accreditation of the jeweler.

If you are buying a diamond ring for your partner, be sure about the quality of the cut and clarity. In diamonds, the cut, clarity, and shine determines the quality of a diamond and its price. Ring should be chosen, keeping in mind her style. An engagement ring should be such which depicts extraordinary shine and sparkle. In the case of a diamond ring, make sure to get a diamond grading report.

You can also add a special meaning to the ring by adding something special to it. An engagement ring is not merely a ring, and it carries a lot of emotions for a couple. Their feelings are associated with it. A customized ring is always favorable as compared to the other one. One can make the ring special by adding the initials of their names. It is best to make your ring rather than buying a ready-made ring.



All rings are costly these days, but the most expensive metals are white gold and platinum. Most families prefer white gold because gold is followed as the tradition in some families. But in terms of gold now, yellow gold is considered a thing of the past. White gold has become popular among people nowadays. Both are expensive, but platinum is more expensive than white gold. Only wealthy families can afford platinum, but almost everyone can afford white gold. In platinum vs white gold cost, platinum is expensive. To make one’s wedding memorable, one must buy the engagement ring from Alex and company.

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At Alex & Company, our jewelry is designed and handcrafted exclusively by our master jewelers, giving each piece a unique look that you won’t find at other jewelry stores. We offer custom-designed jewelry, engagement, and bridal rings, bespoke jewelry design, and jewelry services, and showcases an exclusive in-store jewelry collection. When you are looking for timeless jewelry combined with personalized service, turn to Alex & Company for the finest pieces in Newton, MA.

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