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Why should you choose white gold over platinum?

The wide variety of jewelry these days has created trouble for people. Owing to such a large variety, it has become difficult for people to choose the best and finest jewelry pieces for themselves. Before buying jewelry, people make sure to equip some knowledge about the jewelry because a massive amount of money is involved. They don’t want any risk with their jewelry. Back in time, people were quite fond of yellow gold. Yellow gold was the only popular among gold. But now, people are getting attracted towards white gold and appreciating it. Along with white gold, platinum has also emerged as the dominant metal in terms of jewelry. There is a race between white gold vs platinum Let us learn about both white gold and platinum in detail. 

Things to keep in mind while buying gold

Any person does not buy jewelry without any thought. Whether you are buying gold or platinum, think about several things before purchasing because it is expensive and comes at a high cost. Let us discuss some of the things which will help you in your gold shopping. 

The primary thing which you should think about is the weight of the gold. Its weight directly impacts the durability and cost of the gold. If the weight is high, then the price and durability will also be high. White gold is purchased more often these days than yellow gold. Moreover, more weight will also handle the minor damages to the jewelry. 

The second important thing is the purity.

Whether our gold is pure or not is a significant factor to consider. Yellow gold is available in pure form. But as far as white gold is considered, it is not pure. Several other metals like nickel and alloy are mixed in it to give it the shine and brilliance. 

Thirdly make sure when you go out to buy jewelry, ask about the making charges from the jeweler. The making charges are not the same and may vary from jeweler to jeweler. Those who charge the high making charges from you, you should not purchase white gold from them. 

Next is the identification. The law states that the jewelers must mention the things employed to make that piece of jewelry. You should ask the jeweler about identification and then buy it only from the renowned jewelers. 

While buying jewelry, discuss the purchase back option also. Purchase back means that if you want to sell your gold piece at some point in time, the jeweler will take it. Also, ask about the value at which he will purchase your jewelry back. 

Ask about its craftsmanship, whether it is man-made or machine-made. It affects the prices of gold. If the gold is machine-made, then the cost will be less and vice versa. 

Why white gold is the best as compared to platinum?

white gold vs platinum 

There are numerous reasons due to which white gold is regarded as better than platinum. The first primary reason is the cost. White gold is less expensive when compared with platinum. Platinum is rare, whereas white gold is available in abundance. That’s why in platinum vs gold, white gold is purchased more. 

Secondly, white gold is beautiful and attractive. It has a rhodium coating on it, which makes it an attractive metal. Its shine and brilliance lures the people towards it. 

The third major reason for choosing white gold over platinum is that it does not quickly rust or tarnish, whereas platinum gets damaged easily. Besides this, it is challenging to get platinum repaired. But this is not the case with white gold. After a long time, even after purchase, the shine of the white gold is retained. 

Next on the list are the maintenance charges. Usually, the maintenance charges of platinum are more than white gold. Platinum is a costly metal, and if it gets damaged, then its repair and maintenance also will cost you a lot. But as far as it is white gold, you can maintain it easily. White gold is also affordable and is easy to maintain. When people have white gold, they need not worry about its maintenance. Moreover, white gold also does not get damaged easily. 

White gold also has more popularity. Back in time, yellow gold was the only popular variety of gold. But as time passed, white gold took over yellow gold and became popular. That’s why people prefer white gold over platinum. Owing to recent trends also, people prefer white gold. 


There are plenty of reasons for choosing white gold over platinum. After looking at the reasons mentioned above, it is clear that in white gold vs platinum, it is white gold, which is best. You should only buy jewelry after learning about it. Also, check its certification because it is the certification that pays you its worth in the future. 


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