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Why do businesses need to pay more attention to Customer Feedback?

Let’s establish one thing. Running a business is tough. Running a business is a hard task already, but scaling your business is a whole nother story. There are tons of factors that determine the success of any business. It depends on the market, your business model, your end-goals, and how you achieve them. With so many aspects to account for, it is possible that you may overlook some of the others. But the question is, are those aspects crucial or not? How important are they? And how they affect your business? Especially the customer feedback system. For the first few years, every business focus on surviving the harsh competition. In the beginning, you have to deal with quite different challenges. In the beginning, there is marketing, sales, taxes, customer services, and support. Suffice it to say, that your basket is literally full.
For any business, the key to success lies with the customers. As it is the customers that provide business. Each aspect of your business relates to customers. Directly or indirectly. If you are struggling to maintain your business, look a bit closer, your customers can help you out. One of the most common mistakes that business owners make is to ignore their customers. No one pays heed to what the customers have to say. Even the biggest names in the industry, also listen to their customers. They not only listen to what they, but they also take this as a method of improvement.
So today we will discuss why you should pay more attention to customer feedback.

What is Customer Feedback:

Customer feedback is the insight or information provided by your customers about their experience with your product or service or your business. It is the information recorded from customers based on their experience. It provides data for making positive changes to your business.

Why should you pay more attention to Customer Feedback anyway?

Every business made, is to generate revenue.  Business owners want to increase revenue and get as many customers as possible. The goal of every business is to provide the best products and customer service. This is possible through real-time customer feedback only. Customer feedback makes it possible for you to understand the needs of your customers. What do they like about your product? What are the aspects of your business that need improvements? How can you make customers stay with you?. Customer feedback provides valuable insight that can answer all these questions and much more. With all this information you can easily work on your running products and services but also take steps to improve the ones that are in development.

So the next big question is how to get customer feedback? There are many ways to get information, the catch is to choose the one that is right for your business and suits your customers. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss ways to get customer feedback so that you have the necessary knowledge to make a decision.
So here are the few ways by which you can collect feedback from your customers.
  1. Customer Feedback Surveys:

When it comes to feedback, and how to get it. The first thing that comes to mind is feedback surveys. Customer feedback surveys are designed to ask certain questions from your customers. Through these surveys, you can determine what the customers feel about your business and what areas need improvement. The most important aspect of this method is designing the survey. What questions to include and how to design the survey.

There are many customer satisfaction survey apps, with these apps you can create custom surveys easily. There are many factors that determine whether a survey is good or not. But the main aspects are:
  • Asking the right questions
  • Writing open-ended questions rather than close-ended.
  • Ignore long and difficult to understand questions.
  • Use rating scales and charts.
  • Include questions that are beneficial for your business.
Customer feedback surveys are widely considered the most effective way of getting feedback from your customers. If you have designed the survey according to your customers and your business then you are set to succeed.

2. Follow-up Emails: 

Whoever says that sending emails to get feedback, is an obsolete method and is not effective now, is not telling you the truth. It is true that most people may not check their emails regularly, but still, a large portion of business customers rely on emails for their professional life. Emails are one of the easiest ways to communicate with your customers. Follow-up emails are sent when someone buys a product or you provide a service. Email offers a wide range of choices, as to use them how? You can send polls, surveys, newsletters, and questionnaires through emails. You can create emails by yourself or there are many providers for that. Many companies provide automated email services that can really help you in getting feedback.

3. Social Media Platforms: 

I don’t think I need to explain the relevance and importance of social media. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are being used widely by different demographics. These social media channels cannot only connect you with your present customers but also can be one of the biggest fronts to find new clients. Through social media, you can easily connect with your customers, know their interests, and understand them better. You can send them direct messages, reply in comments, or tag them in surveys and pools. You can create polls and surveys on social media to know what people think about your product or business. It will give you a more wide audience to get feedback from and you can use it to improve your current standing.

4. Live Chat:

Live chat is getting popular with every passing day. It is simple, easy to use, and personalized. The best thing about live chat is that your customers feel like they are having a real conversation over the phone. With everyone texting all day long on their phones, live chats feel natural and can really help to understand what the customers want and think. This way they stay on your website for longer and you can resolve issues they are facing, right on the spot

5. Ask Directly for Opinion:

Some things cannot be determined through surveys or messages. But with face-to-face interactions, you achieve much more. This method is not used as widely as it should be, therefore you can be doing the one thing that makes the difference. The best way to ask someone about anything is to ask them directly. With this, you not only get first-hand feedback but you also can watch the person and their body language. Sometimes the body says more than the words. Therefore it is important that you focus on everything. When using emails, surveys, or any other method, we are not sure if the customer is going to respond or when. But with direct interaction, you get feedback at the moment and their tone can explain it all to you. So next time when deciding to get feedback from customers, don’t sit on asking directly.


The customer is always right. Based on this and what we have discussed so far, it is crucial to know what is important for your customers. Customers can help you change every aspect of your business for good. Even your most pressing concerns and goals can be achieved through the feedback of your customers. So based on your business and audience, use every possible channel for getting feedback and use this data to incorporate your business with this information. Hope you have enough information required to decide the why, what, how, and when of customer feedback and its effect.


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