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Health and Fitness

Facts About Betel Nuts You May Not Aware Of

Many people use Betel nut to treat the various forms of cavities. Betel nuts are produced from the Areca tree, a cultivated plant. This plant is used to make multiple medicines. Moreover, betel nut suppliers also believe that it is beneficial for health as areca is used to treat mental disorders and eye disorders like schizophrenia and glaucoma. It is taken in different ways like it can be taken alone or mix with Tabaco, slake lime wrapped in the leaf, powdered or sliced areca nuts.

Moreover, Betel nut is generally cultivated in regions having plenty of rainfall and where the temperature is up to 14 to 36 degrees centigrade. They are used in fresh form, and dried form can be boiled and roasted. Commonly these betel nuts are acidic and are warmer and usually mixed with various spices.

Health Benefits of using Betel Nut

Nowadays, betel nuts are consumed in the form of leaf and juice. Here are some of the advantages of using betel nut to prevent you from various health issues.

Betel nut for oral health

Betel nuts are used for oral health to avoid the oral cavity formed on the outer tooth cover’s enamel, which is caused by inadequate oral health due to consuming excessive amounts of sugary elements. Moreover, if people like to eat sweets at night can have poor oral health. So, these betel nuts will reduce toothache and treat your cavity problems.

1.      Betel nut as a mouth freshener

By chewing betel nuts, you can prevent diabetes, cracked lips, and bad breath caused due to dry mouth since these betel nuts produce saliva in your mouth, so they avoid your mouth from getting dried and can be used as a mouth freshener.

2.      Betel nut used for stained teeth removal

It treats dental issues, so it also prevents your teethes from getting yellowish, which is caused due to drinking coffee, brewages, and tea. So, to prevent yellowing teeth, you can use betel nut buy rubbing, charring, pulverizing directly on teeth, and after rubbing you rinse your mouth with water.

Moreover, if you will do it daily, they can maintain your teeth whitening and develop self-confidence by making your smile a perfect one!

3.      Betel but prevents gum infection and swelling.

Many people used them to treat gum infections by boiling them in water and rinsing their mouth with that water. It will eventually reduce the pain, swelling, and other diseases on your gums. Another method that can be used to prevent gum infection is by burning the betel nuts and taking its ash. Further, it should be mixed with Katha and clove powder with water and used for rinsing for adequate health.

Further, to reduce these betel nuts’ swelling, you can cook them with Katha, snedha salt, and ajwain in equal amounts, mix water with it, and then apply them to your gums. This will give you drastic relief from the pain and swelling of your gums.

4.      Betel nut effective for indigestion problems

Chewing betel nut after the meal can improve the digestion system. Usually, indigestion leads to blandness in the mouth, so intake of these betel nuts will help you restore appetite, ensure a healthy digestive system, and eradicate indigestion. Also, it will improve your overall health and make you feel more energetic and happy.

Maintains women’s health

Some women suffer from leucorrhea, the yellowing of vaginal discharge. If the betel nuts are taken, it will balance your hormone, improve your menstrual cycle, and reduce vaginal cramps, abdominal, and vaginal pain. Additionally, it is useful for estrogen unbalancing and improves hormonal imbalance.

Betel nut for concentration level

If it is taken in mild doses, it can improve your stimulation and concentration level. To improve the focus while driving, the driver usually intakes them as they require high mental alertness.

Betel nuts prevent diarrhea.

It is used to prevent diarrhea, caused by the intestine and stomach failing to digest foods and liquid and discharge excessive water fluid. If diarrhea is not cured on time, it may cause serious health issues. Moreover, bloating is reduced, and the person’s health improves and gets the path of recovery.

Maintains sexual health

It is used to prevent diseases like premature ejaculation caused by men’s infertility. Sometimes men climax faster than expected, and sperm fails to swims to the egg and from the fetus. So, betel nut maintains male sexual health.

Improves muscle strength

Consuming betel nuts frequently can improve muscle strength and speech. As some of the people who have heart stroke problems suffer from low muscle strength leads to slurred speech.

Betel nut heals anemia and blood sugar.

Betel nuts heal anemia and blood sugar caused by iron deficiency and insufficient food synthesis in the bloodstream. So, by the intake of these nuts, you can improve your condition and maintain your blood sugar level.

Side-effects of betel nuts

Despite these benefits, some severe side effects like consuming 8-30 grams of betel nut can cause death. Other side-effects of using the betel nut, such as:

  • Increase the chance of harming fetus in Pregnant women
  • Increase the chances of getting cancer.
  • It causes low blood pressure and shortness of breath.
  • Increase asthma problems.
  • Slaked lime content in the betel nut has been found to cause abrasives in the mouth.
  • Increase the risk of a tumor, and cause excruciating pain.
  • It also causes the lower jaw would be removed, which leads to more bodily discomfort.

Uses of Betel Nut

For centuries these betel nuts are extensively used. It has a bitter and salty taste because it can help you eradicate bad breath and improve oral health by improving the gum’s condition in whitening your teeth.

Further, it is broadly used as an astringent and increase passion. Also, used for Ayurveda for curing bile disease. Moreover, treat infections caused by obesity, anemia, and phlegm.

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