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The Quarantine Guide: 5 Features to Look in Successful Housing Societies

  • Are you planning to move into another place right after the quarantine period ends?
  • Do you have any idea which society to move into?
  • Do you know what amenities are there in a successful society?

If not, you’re in the right place. Use this quarantine to search for the perfect location and comfortably furnished houses for rent with us.

When it is time to buy or find a furnished house on rent in Lahore, local and even overseas invest in housing societies. The reality is that when it comes to real estate business, some housing societies get more attention than others do. The most humble reason is that they want to invest in places, which are built by big developers, where their investment is safe as in furnished houses in DHA. Ever wondered, why is that?

People who plan to invest in long-term benefits tend to buy plots in developing societies. While, who have limited resources, find furnished houses for rent in decent places.

Regardless of the budget, some characteristics attract buyers, and investors alike and IHA Rent has compiled a list of them.  Have a look to get an idea of what to look for when you go out for house-hunting after lockdown.

Top Characteristics of Good Housing Societies

An appealing housing society has many features that make it a hit among people, and they consider buying or renting out furnished houses in that place.

A Secure Community

Investors and tenants look for security when they think of getting a furnished house in Lahore. Statistically speaking, the successful societies are those who are secured with gates and many projects now invest in offering security to its inhabitants. These exclusive localities are surrounded by the walls and security staff guiding each point of entry and exit.

They check every person coming into the society and keep their records. The checking system not only is crucial for safety purposes but also prevent from over-bustling traffic on roads.

The children feel more secure, and families can have their privacy.

Planned Society and Modern Infrastructure


Modern infrastructure is one of the key characteristics of successful housing societies in Pakistan.

Modern infrastructure, a network of wide roads, underground electric cable system, proper sewage system, green belts, parks, graveyards, parking areas, footpaths, hospitals, and many other facilities make a place desirable. For the same reason, people like to get furnished houses for rent in DHA or Gulberg or Askari.

Like as in this COVID-19 outbreak, would you like to live in a place where health facilities are easily accessible or in a place with no healthcare service.

So, it’s better to search for a locality with modern infrastructure while looking for a house.

Affordable Payment Plans


All successful housing societies work on the same principle of offering easy and affordable payment plans.

Residential areas, which tend to offer lots of facilities and luxurious infrastructure have higher popularity and higher property rates. There is no surprise. However, to cater to different tiers of tenants, installments, and options for payment is a huge deal.

Installment plans don’t give a lump sum of money all at once, but it gradually pays off for the property. So, a win-win situation for both, the landlord and the buyer.

Moreover, the government has requested landlords to reduce or pass the rents in the economic crisis during lock-down. It is surely a huge step towards community welfare.

An Accredited Housing Society


If a housing society is accredited by the relevant authorities, for example by LDA in Lahore, it is considered to be a safe investment and free of swindles and fraudulent schemes.

If you’re looking for accommodation in a society, you can verify the NOC of the respective planning and development authority through their official website.

Facilitated Living Environment and Amenities


People caring about the world and the environment

A well-established housing society offers a convenient living experience to its residents. A constant supply of electricity, schools, parks, community centers, sports facilities, mosques, healthcare centers, commercial zones with access to brands, and restaurants, everything is necessary.

Where access to amenities is important for potential buyers and tenants, housing societies also promote themselves over these facilities and get good money.

We suggest potential tenants, take notes of these points while you’re hunting for furnished houses for rent online with your family, and find a facilitating accommodation.

IHA Rent is a platform that offers online services to find furnished houses for rent in DHA or other areas of Lahore.  With just a few clicks, you can also find your house/home for rent because we have made furnished houses for rent hunting easy and secure.

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