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6 Common Questions Before Getting Kybella Treatment in Los Angeles

A double chin, also known as submental fullness, is one of the most challenging problems to deal with. Unfortunately, it is not only the overweight people who are prone to it, but anyone can get it. Some have it through hereditary. But please don’t despair, for there is an available treatment known as Kybella. And this you can get from Kybella Los Angeles experts. It is the home of the cosmetic procedure where you can achieve most of your beauty goals. 

But, sometimes, when you are going through such a condition, you might feel like you are facing it alone. But you are not, because according to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), they did a consumer survey in 2015 and found that about 67% of people carrying the submental fat are getting pretty disturbed by this condition. 

So, what is Kybella treatment? 

Kybella consists of deoxycholic acid, and this is what goes into a series of injections into the chin area to dissolve that fat. You don not need to worry as this procedure is an FDA-approved injection to reduce the fat underneath the chin. So, your safety is guaranteed, but you must also ensure you are using a trained and experienced caregiver such as Kybella Los Angeles professionals known for years for their expertise.

And one of the reasons you want to go to the Kybella experts is that using unskilled caregivers might lead to deoxycholic acid spreading to another unintended area, which can be risky. But before you start this process, book an appointment with these experts, and ask them these six questions:

1. Do I Qualify for this Treatment?

Consultation is the best place to start to ensure you are the right candidate for Kybella treatment.

First and foremost, you must be 18 and above years and have moderate to severe submental fat. If you are not sure about this, your Kybella Los Angeles consultant will examine you and advise. 

  • Kybella takes more than one season, so you must be available to finish all the sessions. 
  • You should be medically healthy and have no allergies to the active ingredients found in this treatment’s formula. Your consultant will run them down for you. 
  • You have been struggling with the double chin problem for a long and tried other traditional methods that failed.
  • You must not be expecting or nursing.
  • It would be great if you were willing to go through a non-surgical treatment over the surgical ones like liposuction.

As you answer these questions, your consultant will guide you along, and you can quickly know if you are the best candidate for Kybella under chin treatment.

2. How will Kybella Double Chin Work?

Now that the doctor has determined you are the right candidate, you want to understand how this treatment works. Right?

As Kybella treatment is injectable, your administrator will inject a unique formula consisting of deoxycholic acid directly into the submental fat. It is a series of small injections which you get during the session. And depending on the pronounced amount of fat you have, you might get more than one treatment session.

Deoxycholic acid, the ingredient used in this process, is a naturally-occurring bile acid found in a person’s body. It is partly responsible for breaking the fat down for metabolic purposes. By injecting it into the target area, it helps to reduce the presence of underneath fat over time. Only a few people are likely to be allergic to this acid, and treatment is considered relatively safe.

3. What are the Risks and Side Effects to Expect?

Your consultant should explain the type of adverse reactions you are likely to get after the treatment. First, you need to understand that all procedures will have some degree of risk, even if it is minor. However, since deoxycholic is naturally occurring bile in the body, you may only have a few complications. Overall, Kybella has rare complications. Some of the rare side effects include pain, redness, swelling, bruising, and numbness. You can place a pack of ice under the chin where the bulging happens, eases the discomfort. 

The recovery process for Kybella is swift, and downtime will vary from person to person. But, generally, most people have reported going to their usual activities right after this treatment. And these minor side effects only last for a few days. 

Some of the severe side effects in Kybella may be trouble swallowing, facial muscle weakness leading to uneven smile, nerve injury, and these happen in only a few patients. And this gets resolved quickly, as long as you inform your Kybella Los Angeles doctor or your preferred care provider.

4. How Much Will Kybella Cost Me?

One of the factors that contribute to the Kybella charges is the amount of submental fat you have. A patient’s fat reduction will also depend on the patient’s neck anatomy and aesthetic goal. And this is what will determine the number of treatment sessions and the current market cost per vial required. Most Kybella patients need two to four sessions, while only a few get up to six. Another crucial element is your geographic location. When you visit Kybella Los Angeles experts, they will consider all the above and quote you the actual amount to pay after the treatment.  

As Kybella is a cosmetic treatment, medical insurance does not cover it. However, that is something to consider as you plan your budget.

5. After How Long Should I See My Desired Results?

Most patients have loved their double chin Kybella results after their initial treatment. However, this may vary from one person to another, according to Kybella Los Angeles doctors. For example, a good number experienced slimmer chin after their second and third treatment, while some had to wait for a month after finishing the first series of jabs.

But the good news is, even as it takes some time to see your visible results, once they do, they will last for years. And as long as you maintain a healthy diet and stay active (keep doing simple exercises, like looking up in the ceiling or placing a small under your chin), you can enjoy your chin shape and size appearance for the longest. Since Kybella treatment manages to kill the fat cells, these have no chance to regenerate. 

6. How Many Treatments Do I Need?

According to Kybella Los Angeles expert, one of the crucial elements to determine the number of treatments you require is:

Your aesthetic goals– if your expectation is a slight subtle advancement and minimal fat, you might only need one or two treatments. But if your goal is to get dramatic results, then multiple treatments are what you need. The number of treatments a person needs depends on; how much fat you have underneath the chin, which influences the number of treatments you will need. 

If you wish to go for more optimal results, the maximum you can get is six. But on average, most people require two to four treatment sessions. So, try to schedule your treatment sessions at least a month apart. 

In Conclusion, and if after asking these questions during your consultation, you get contended, then you can schedule your appointment with a doctor from Kybella Los AngelesAnd you will enjoy the new size and shape of your chin.

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