4 Captivating Ideas to Beautify Gold Bridesmaid Dresses with Makeup

gold bridesmaid dresses

A gold dress looks stunning on all complexions. It does not matter whether one is blond or have medium or dark skin, a gold dress will make her look fabulous. It complements all skin tones and makes one no less than a head-turner. So, if you have decided to buy golden dresses for your bridal squad you have made a wise decision.  

But only buying gold bridesmaid dresses for your crew is not enough. Your girls would also want to know how to accessorize their looks with the right makeup? Have your girls already asked you about the matching shade of lipstick for a gold dress or eye shadow? Being a bride-to-be, are you wondering what to answer your girls? Well, not to worry. You can share these ideas with them –

  • Face makeup 

Gold complements most of the complexions but it can also make you look like a disco ball. For face makeup with gold bridesmaid dresses, ask your girls to focus on achieving smooth skin. Smooth and even-toned skin looks the best irrespective of the kind of dress your girls wear. So, hiding flaws should be the target. Smooth skin is a must-have, and so, ask your girls to put this first on our list. After this, the color of the eyeshade or the lipstick will go with a gold dress to take the preference. Once the base makeup is done, half the work is done. Use a good concealer according to the skin type. Apply foundation with either a brush or finger, whatever suits you to create a smooth canvas for the next steps of makeup.

  • Blush 

With a gold dress, blush to add a glow to your face for emphasizing the makeup look. But too much cheek color can ruin the look completely. So, if you have fair to pale complexion, apply an apricot, peachy blush while for the darker skin tones, a wine blush would be good. You can also use some highlighter on top of the blush for creating more emphasis on the cheekbones. Furthermore, a contouring powder can also be used on the hollow of your cheeks to create a slimmer face look. Blend everything properly with a big brush as unblended makeup looks awful with a gold dress.

  • Eyes 

A glowy face looks amazing with a golden face unless one has applied too much shimmer. For eyes, use a bronze colored eye shadow and apply that on the lids. Girls with blond skin try out a champagne-colored eyeshadow. Now use a pen eyeliner to outline your eyes. No harm in extending the eyeliner for the winged look, it will look gorgeous. Finish the look by applying several coats of the mascara. Your eye makeup is ready to complement your gold dress.

  • Lips 

A gold dress and a red lipstick is a classic combination. It will never fail to impress and turn heads. You can apply a neutral eye makeup by using colors including gold, bronze, copper, etc. For the lips, red lipstick is one that will make you look like a diva. Before using lipstick, use a lip liner to line the lips. Now, when it comes to the shade of the red lipstick, pick one according to your complexion. For dark complexion, shades like rick red, deep wine, and maroon work the best. But for fair to medium skin, shades like orange red, pure red, cherry red, and pinkish red will look captivating. 

So, whether you are picking gold A-line or V-neck or mermaid bridesmaid dresses for your girls, don’t forget to share these make tips. It will give them an attention-grabbing look on your D-day.

Author bio: Johnson White is a fashion blogger and often writes on A-line and mermaid bridesmaid dresses. In this write-up, he has shared some ideas to beautify gold bridesmaid dresses. 

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