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A Beginner’s Guide to RCA to Speaker Wire Connections

When trying to connect your stereo to a new speaker system, you may wonder what type of connections you need. You probably have RCA cables, but how do they work? This beginner’s guide will teach you everything you need to know about RCA to speaker wire connectors and how they work with speakers. We’ll also show you examples of connecting RCA cables using different methods. So if you want to upgrade your audio setup, start with this guide!

What are RCA and Speaker Wire?

RCA connectors are the most common type of connector used to connect audio and video gear. They are color-coded, red for audio and yellow for video, and typically have three pins. One pin is designated as the ground pin, usually black or white. The other two pins are used to transmit audio or video signals.

Choosing the Right RCA to Speaker Wire Connections

If you want to connect your home stereo equipment to your speakers, remember a few things. The first is that RCA connectors come in two varieties: male and female. Female connectors are typically smaller than male connectors, making them more suited for connecting cables behind or inside devices. Male connectors, by contrast, are typically larger and are used for connecting cables front and center on devices.

The second thing to consider is the type of audio signal you’ll be transferring. Stereo audio signals use two channels (left and right), while mono signals use one channel (left or right). If you’re using a mono cable, connect the left connector to the left speaker and the right connector to the right speaker. If you’re using a stereo cable, you’ll need to decide which connector goes to which channel. To make this decision, look at the jacks on each cable end and see which has a + sign next to it. In most cases, this will be the left connector for stereo cables and the right for mono cables.

Making the Connection

If you’re shopping for speaker wire, you’ll almost certainly be faced with choosing between RCA and spade connections. Which one is right for your application? 

RCA vs spade: The basics

In a nutshell, RCA connectors are colored red, white, and blue (or green), while spades are black. When connecting two audio sources—a speaker cable and an amplifier or receiver—you need to use either an RCA or a spade connector. 

The main difference between the two types of connectors is that RCA connectors have shielding around their conductors, which helps to prevent interference from other electrical devices nearby. This is particularly important when connecting two speakers, as sound waves will interfere with each other if they travel through the same wire without any barriers. 

Spades, however, do not have any shielding; they can easily pick up interference from neighboring electrical equipment. This is particularly problematic when spades connect unpowered speakers or components (like an amplifier) to power amplifiers or receivers. 

When choosing a connector type, it’s significant to consider your intended usage and target environment. For example, an RCA connector is acceptable if you’re connecting powered speakers in a studio environment where potential interference is unlikely. If you’re connecting unpowered speakers in your living room, however, it might be wiser.

Testing and Tweaking the Connection

It is influential to test and tweak the connection to ensure a good connection. Test the connection by plugging in the audio cable and turning on your speaker. If the speakers are connected properly, you will hear sound from both speakers. 

If you have any problems with the connection, follow these steps to fix them:

1) Ensure both cables are plugged into the correct ports on your TV and audio receiver. 

2) Verify that each cable is securely connected. 

3) Check for loose connections at either end of the cable. 

4) Try moving or reorienting the cables if necessary to improve connectivity. 

5) If you still have problems, consult an expert to help troubleshoot your RCA wire connection.


In this beginner’s guide to RCA to speaker wire connections, we have outlined the steps necessary to connect an audio source and a pair of speakers. Following these simple instructions, you can connect your audio device to any speakers in your home or office. If you have any issues connecting your devices, feel free to reach out for help. We hope that this guide has helped you connect your audio gear and that you enjoy listening to your favorite tunes!

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