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Why is the Opencart Gift The Product Extension a must-have?

The OpenCart gift the product extension is the most effective technique to increase sales. Increase consumer loyalty at the same time. When you install this OpenCart gift product in your business, you will have flexible capabilities to offer and administer gift goods to your shoppers. Furthermore, the business owner can construct rules-based gifts based on the items.

Clients value obtaining free presents from online stores. Further, from which they make purchases. In fact, giving out gifts is one of the most effective ways to generate loyal customers. Additionally, you can simply achieve this with the OpenCart gift the product extension by Knowband. The OpenCart gift product enables store owners to display different freebies on the front end dependent on the value of the user’s cart. Once the admin selects the cart value. Moreover, the suitable gifts are based on the cart’s worth. Therefore, shoppers want to spend more in order to acquire unique gifts from the website.

As an example, the company administrator can show gifts based on the worth of a specific cart. For example, for a cart value of up to $30, display alternatives such as a mug, a photo frame, a decorative item, and other products. Furthermore, if the cart value exceeds $50, you can provide more valuable presents. For example, a t-shirt, sunglasses, and so forth. The consumer can feel compelled to boost the worth of their cart in order to obtain that garment or mug. As a result, they offer additional items to suit the demand. This is when Knowband’s OpenCart freeware extension for your eCommerce store comes in help.

In this blog, we will take a look at a lot of things. Out of them, the first is the number of reasons why OpenCart reward gift is a must-have. Further on, we will check out the perks of investing in the OpenCart extension. Shall we go forth and check them out?

Why is the OpenCart product purchase reward by Knowband a must-have?

The OpenCart promotion gift might be considered a tiny module. It is, nonetheless, a tool that can assist your eCommerce shop. Furthermore, the OpenCart free gift extension aids in the expansion of your business. Customers, for example, are pleased when you provide them with free things. Furthermore, they spread the news, and other people jump on board. As a result, the smart module assists you in gaining more consumers. As a result, there will be more purchases, presents, and sales.

The other aspect of the smart module is the ease with which the plugin may be used. Furthermore, installing and customizing the OpenCart reward gift is simple. In reality, all you need to do is purchase the module, download the files, and setup the extension.

  1. The OpenCart freebie extension aids in increasing product purchases in the store
  2. OpenCart gift module promotes client interaction with the store. Further, since the customer can see what kind of presents he will receive when placing a specific order.
  3. The OpenCart promotion gift aids in the growth of client loyalty.
  4. Merchants can also build multiple pricing rules from the OpenCart free gift extension’s backend. Further, to deliver different presents to customers with varied cart costs.
  5. In the OpenCart reward gift, admin can select one of two layout alternatives.

What do customers like in the OpenCart gift the product extension by Knowband?

Shoppers can select the free gift of their choice. Further, when their cart fulfills the cart rule specified by the merchant. In fact, the rules from the backend of the OpenCart product purchase reward.

Buyers will want to finish the order. Moreover, receive the gift with the aid of this OpenCart gift the product extension.

Customers feel the urge to make more purchases in order to receive additional goodies.

The OpenCart freebie extension from Knowband lets and stimulates customers to increase the value of their basket. Furthermore, this is done to obtain a more extravagant gift from the business in exchange for completing more shopping.

Customers that purchase more often boost your store’s sales right away.

Customers who use the OpenCart extension can receive free gifts every time they make a purchase on the eCommerce site.

Additional purchasing for better treats

Customers may easily purchase more in order to obtain additional shop freebies.

Perks of using the OpenCart reward gift extension

  • A rise in the number of repeat customers

You can increase the number of loyal customers by providing them free items by using the OpenCart gift module from Knowband. After they get their freebie, they will want to return to the store. Why? To purchase more. As a result, you’ve amassed a dedicated clientele.

  • Product promotion is straightforward

The items are shown as presents, and you can use the OpenCart promotion gift to advertise specified items.

  • Word-of-mouth advertising for your business

When a happy customer tells others about your company, he or she will always mention your brand. Additionally, when consumers receive free gifts, they spread the word about your brand, promoting it to others without spending any advertising fees.

  • Customer participation has increased

When customers come in and spend time browsing for things they can buy to obtain more freebies or rewards, they connect with the store more.

  • Pricing criteria for various gifts for various cart values are definable

With Knowband’s OpenCart gift the product extension, the shop admin can rapidly configure the price rules. Further, for various presents for various cart values. In fact,  he has total discretion over the amount of money a cart should include for various customer gifts.

  • As needed, the look can be readily adjusted from the backend

The store administrator can rapidly pick the layout of the product listing via the OpenCart module’s admin console.

The functionalities provided by Knowband’s OpenCart gift the product extension

  • Showcase a variety of items as gifts on the front end

The OpenCart free gift extension allows the administrator to specify which products should be provided as gifts on the front end. The admin can select the gifts based on the cart’s worth.

  • Choose from a range of styles

Using the OpenCart plugin, the store administrator can choose between two layouts for listing things on the front end. For example, items can list in a sliding sequence or as normal.

  • There are several products to pick from

The store administrator can simply choose how many free presents to display on the front end. In addition, he can do it using the OpenCart extension’s backend.

  • Allows for a larger total order value to be obtained

Knowband’s OpenCart plugin allows the administrator to increase the average order value by specifying a cart value.

  • The OpenCart gift the product extension is compatible with mobile devices

On mobile devices, the OpenCart gift module is responsive.

The simplicity with which the OpenCart promotion gift may be handled. Knowband’s OpenCart free gift extension is a modest yet functional module. Furthermore, the OpenCart free gift extension is simple to install and configure. In actuality, all you have to do is buy the module, download the files, and install it. Furthermore, you can quickly set the OpenCart incentive gift from the backend.

It’s simple to set up the listing guidelines. The OpenCart product purchase reward offers a comprehensive admin interface. There are, in reality, two major contexts. The Listing Rules are also one of them. The admin may easily add, update, or delete front-end rules using the listing rules. These cart rules can be changed from the same tab.

Why opt for Knowband?

  • Clients can get free assistance from Knowband for 90 days

Every eCommerce marketer recognizes the significance of post-sale customer support. In reality, few firms share this stance. Furthermore, after-sales service is pivotal when it comes to components. As a result, the OpenCart customer loyalty program offers 3 months of free customer service. Furthermore, there are additional options for client service. If the customer wants to pay an extra fee for 6 or 12 months of support, they can do so.

  • Knowband provides unbeatable deals

Knowband has a different deal every month. You could also be able to obtain a deal on the OpenCart buy points plugin. In fact, you can be eligible for a minimum 15% discount on the plugin. Furthermore, by taking advantage of Knowband’s monthly discounts, you can save even more money. For instance, with the coupon code EOM20, you can save an additional 20% on your transaction. As a result, keep an eye out for discount coupon codes on the website and purchase the plugin.

  • On-demand plugin modification is possible

Knowband is constantly seeking ways to better serve its clients. As a consequence, if you feel the plugin is missing something or if you want something added to it, you can contact us. If you have any questions or issues, please email us at

In the End

As a result, we’ve covered all you need to know about Knowband’s OpenCart Gift the Product Extension. What are your thoughts? You can also go straight to the Knowband shop and test out the Demo version of the plugin. Indeed, you can make changes on the backend and have them reflected on the front end. As a result, give away freebies to your clients to increase interaction. Furthermore, by utilizing the OpenCart extension, you can increase their trust in your company.

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