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8 reasons why your online business needs OpenCart Gift Manager Extension

The OpenCart Gift Manager Extension by Knowband is a great tool for your eCommerce business. In fact, the OpenCart gift card extension is a stunning option to increase your sales and revenues. Further, with the world evolving in the process of gifting, this is the right time to invest in it.

This blog talks about the OpenCart Gift Manager Extension by Knowband and the reasons to invest in them.

Major Highlights of OpenCart Gift Manager Extension

Installation and configuration in OpenCart Gift Manager Extension is a cakewalk

The very first reason on the list for having the OpenCart gift card system module is the smooth process of installing and configuring the module. Further, the whole process of installation is a matter of three simple steps. Furthermore, it is buying the OpenCart send gift card extension, downloading the plugin, and hitting the install button. In fact, the shop administrator does not require any specific skills to complete the process. The operation is readily complete by following the procedures outlined in the User Manual.

Online gifting is becoming increasingly popular – hop in yourself

Since the pandemic broke out, people have been worried about getting infected by touching anything physical. In fact, especially something that comes from outside. Thus, it is wise to gift digital gift cards. Thus, that’s where the shoppers are all about gifting e-cards to their family members and friends. Buying presents sounds nice. However, users want to offer the receiver the option of selecting the gift. As a result, giving digital cards became a part of the larger picture. Consumers are willing to pay gift cards for a certain event from online businesses such as Amazon, and the recipient will use the value to purchase anything that he or she requires.

A user interface that is flattering

Knowband makes sure that with every update, the modules have a better and more advanced user interface. Thus, the most recent version of the OpenCart Gift Card Manager has a visually appealing user interface. Further, with a style and format that clients will like. Customers would want to utilize the advanced gift card as per the occasion for gifting. Furthermore, now that they have the option of customizing it on the front.

Acquisition of brand new orders and consumers

It can be very challenging for anyone to give gifts to the same person time and again. Don’t you think so? Thus, shopping for e-cards using the OpenCart gift card vouchers plugin sounds like the right decision for shoppers. In fact, with the help of the OpenCart Gift Manager Extension, you can bring home new orders and customers. How? When the first person buys the card, that’s the first order. However, when the first person gives it to the second person, he/she gets to utilize it by redeeming it on the webstore. Thus, there goes the second order for you. Hence, you may use the OpenCart gift card manager extension to attract new consumers and purchases.

The OpenCart Gift Manager Extension help the sales go up

Sales and revenues are the goals of any eCommerce website. Thus, with the help of the Gift Card Module for OpenCart, the admin can make that happen. In fact, the OpenCart gift card manager extension helps you bring in more sales, by increasing the orders. In addition, with the craze of digital cards going around the world, this aspect is really helpful. Thus, the OpenCart gift card system module surely boosts your store’s revenues.

Obtains fresh clients

We’ve already touched on this topic in passing before in the blog, but this point will expand on it. When a client gives a digital gift card to someone, the receiver may revisit the business to redeem the voucher code on the card. Similarly, if your gift card is purchased, potential consumers who purchase anything with the gift vouchers code on your shop using the OpenCart Gift Card module will convert into new consumers.

Increased brand recognition

The best way to demonstrate this point is when businesses buy digital gift cards for their employees as reinforcements or prizes, and then advertise your company to them. The company is advertising your brand and making even people who aren’t aware of your store conscious by rewarding employees with digital gift cards. As a result, the OpenCart send gift card extension is an excellent approach to raising brand recognition for your online store.

A tailored experience for you

The personalization feature is a must-have these days for all customers. Thus, the OpenCart gift module by Knowband features the personalization highlight. In fact, it allows the customers to add a unique picture to the gift card. In addition, the admin can personalize the gift cards from the backend itself.

Additional features of the OpenCart Gift Manager Extension

Determine the minimum and maximum amounts

A base amount and a maximum amount for a gift card are noticeable by the store administrator. Customers may simply use the OpenCart gift module to purchase a gift card within that limit.

Gift cards creation can happen in any quantity

The OpenCart Gift Card extension allows the shop admin to generate an unlimited number of gift cards. With the OpenCart gift card vouchers plugin, the shop admin may produce as many gift cards as he likes for birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays like Christmas, Halloween, New Year’s Day, and Valentine’s Day.

Configuring the shipping interval days

The OpenCart Gift Card module framework allows you to define the number of days between Gift Card deliveries.

The new version of the OpenCart gift card management extension uses the PDF format

The new form comes with a simple but informative pdf that will be created for the gift card.

Gift vouchers have a unique prefix code

With the help of the OpenCart gift cards module, the shop admin will be able to add a distinctive prefix code to the gift certificate.

The Gift Card Module for OpenCart allows you to adjust the status of your purchases

The admin may alter the order status for Gift Card orders using the OpenCart gift card manager extension. Only once the order status updates to the described state will the Gift Card go to the selected beneficiary.

The transactions of gift cards may be readily tracked

From the backend, the store administrator may simply track gift card purchases. He or she has access to order details, order status, delivery date, and other order details. Using the OpenCart gift card system module instead of publishing the order data is an option.

Consumers must provide several details to gift the gift card

When a consumer purchases a gift card for a recipient, he or she must supply the amount, the sender’s and recipient’s names, as well as the latter’s email address, for the gift card to be delivered to the intended recipient.

Relevant keywords should be added

By adding relevant keywords to the OpenCart Gift Manager Extension, they may be mapped to any categorization. For example, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Birthdays, Festivals (Christmas, New Year, Halloween, Thanksgiving), and so forth.

Email notification element

Customers who choose the ‘Print By Yourself’ option may quickly get updates through email from the shop owner.

Sales grow

Admins may use the OpenCart gift card module to increase conversion rates on their Opencart store.

In the End

Thus, the OpenCart Gift Manager Extension by Knowband is a must-have for your eCommerce business. In fact, it has numerous benefits that you can count on. Hence, if you have any queries, do let us know at

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