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How Can these 3 OpenCart modules Grow Your eCommerce Business?

The very first thing that came to my mind after deciding the title was – isn’t every module about the customer? So, what’s with these 3 OpenCart modules? Well, these 3 OpenCart modules have been personal favourites for many eCommerce merchants. In fact, the results that all of these 3 OpenCart modules give are commendable as per those merchants who’ve tried and tested them in their business. Which 3 OpenCart modules are we going to look at in this blog?

  • First, OpenCart One Page Supercheckout Module
  • Second, OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Extension; and
  • Last, Opencart Google Shopping Integration Extension

There are numerous reasons to invest in these 3 OpenCart modules by Knowband. Some of them are mentioned below.

Because Knowband provides the best-in-class customer support

Yes, the very first thing that makes Knowband proud is the customer support team that it has. Further, the executives ensure that the client gets what they’re looking for and all the answers to all their questions. In fact, the customer support team is there to help you 24*7 before and after the sale is complete. Last, Knowband provides 90 days of free support to the clients after the sale.

Because new updates are an ongoing thing at Knowband

The developers continuously work toward making your eCommerce business a greater success by updating the versions of these 3 OpenCart modules (and others as well). In fact, there are updates that make the work easier for the merchants.

Because these 3 OpenCart modules have helped the merchants in their business endeavours

As the title of the blog mentions that these 3 OpenCart modules revolve around customers, these have certainly matched their reputation. These 3 OpenCart modules by Knowband ensure that the customers are happy at the end of the day with the business. For instance, the OpenCart One Page Checkout Extension gives the customers a checkout page that is bother-free. On the other hand, OpenCart eBay Connector Module more customers to see and buy the products. Last, the OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Extension allows customers to find your products on Google. Further, come and buy them from your store.

Now that we’re done with the reasons to look at these 3 OpenCart modules by Knowband, we should take up each one of them and know more about them. What do you think?

When you compare and look at the details being filled in the forms of checkout in multi-page and single page checkout, you will notice that they are nearly identical. The only change is that the loading time of the many pages is reduced to just one. As a result, one page checkout is faster than the other and more convenient.

ye ” So, what makes the OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout Extension a must-have?

OpenCart One Step Checkout Module

The OpenCart quick checkout extension by Knowband is your one-stop solution for optimizing your checkout page. In fact, it is the best help when it comes to reducing cart abandonment. With the help of the OpenCart simplified checkout module, the admin can make changes in the checkout fields available on the page. Further, this is the way the customers can finish the whole buying process within minutes and without getting bothered. So, what makes the OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout Extension a must-have?

The features like Social Login, Guest Checkout, MailChimp & Klaviyo Integrator, Inline Error Validation, and so much more. The benefits include reduced abandoned carts, increased sales, increased customer satisfaction, and much more. Everything that the One Page Checkout for OpenCart does for your store is absolutely stunning. Further, it helps your eCommerce business soar high.

OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration

The second module on the list of 3 OpenCart modules is the OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Module. eBay is a highly popular platform with a customer base of 187 million active buyers worldwide. Hence, it would be foolish to not consider selling your products on the platform. Thus, with the help of the eBay OpenCart API Integration by Knowband, you can certainly start listing your products on eBay with the help of the module.

The OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Extension is a helpful option to increase your customer base. The customers will be excited to have you and your product’s presence on the platform. In fact, you will be able to target even those customers who weren’t potential customers for you when you sold your products only at your eCommerce store. Hence, it is certainly a must-have and a great addition to the list of 3 OpenCart modules. So, what makes the eBay OpenCart Connector up on this list?

The features of the OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration include easy uploading of the products in lots, uploading the products as per the profiles, managing the orders on eBay right from the eCommerce store, and so many others. The benefits of the module include managing the prices of the products is super easy, listing a whole lot of products is effortless, and so much more. The eBay OpenCart Integration module by Knowband is a wise decision because it helps you sell more to a wider audience. What do you think?

OpenCart Google Shopping Integration

The Google Shopping Module by Knowband is a great way to take your products right to the search engine. In fact, when you invest in the OpenCart Google Shopping Feed, you make sure that the customers find the right products when they search for them. For instance, it is a simple process of listing the products on Google. Further, when a customer searches for a flower vase (and you happen to sell those), your products will be displayed on the listings. Thus, when the potential customer clicks on the product, he/she will directly come to your store where the purchase can be made. Isn’t that amazing?

What can be better than Google to display your products? Nothing for sure!! Every single human comes to Google with their request in some form or the other. With the help of the OpenCart Google Shopping Synchronizer by Knowband, you can map the entire category on Google at once. Just make sure that you take good quality pictures of the products, fill in the appropriate product descriptions that the customers would want to invest in. So, what makes the module such a must-have?

The features of the OpenCart module include managing profiles, listing the products, managing the feeds, and more. The benefits include easy synchronization, no manual efforts, and more.

In the End

So these were the 3 OpenCart modules that you should certainly have in your store. Knowband is the best place to buy them. Check them out at Knowband. Customers are an integral part of any business – let alone eCommerce businesses. Getting customers to visit your online business is a difficult task, and converting these visitors into potential customers is much more difficult. According to numerous evaluations and inspection reports, there are numerous significant stumbling blocks in eCommerce conversions. Furthermore, online buyers have become more energized and aware of their surroundings. Shopping from an eCommerce store is one of the things that they know very well. Hence, it can get tricky when it comes to alluring them to buy your products. These 3 OpenCart modules are designed to help you and your business from the customer’s perspective. Whether it is smoothening the checkout process or letting them see your products with other brands, these 3 OpenCart modules are really helpful.

What do you think of these 3 OpenCart modules by Knowband? They come with their User Manual for your ease. In case you have any questions, do let us know at

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