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Unlocks new horizons for your business with Knowband’s Prestashop Marketplace Addon

So before we start this long journey of understanding the Prestashop Marketplace Addon by Knowband, we should know what it actually does. Knowband’s Prestashop Marketplace has been one of the most popular options for eCommerce marketers who want to unlock new horizons for their business. In fact, it simply encourages them to convert their store into a marketplace.

This blog will detail every single aspect of the Prestashop Marketplace Plugin that you should know about before actually taking the big leap. Let’s get to it right away.

# What is the Prestashop Multi vendor Marketplace Module?

The Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Plugin by Knowband is the tool that helps eCommerce marketers convert their store into a full-fledged marketplace. In fact, it is the shortest method to actually get through the entire process. In addition, start managing and handling the activities of the Prestashop marketplace. Hence, now, you know what the Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace module is all about – not entirely for sure.

# How do you install and configure the Prestashop Marketplace Addon?

There are basically 3 simple steps with which you can install the Multi-seller Marketplace by Knowband. The steps include download, upload, and install. In fact, there’s a User Manual comes in really handy when you want to go through the entire process of installation and configuration. Below are steps of installation in brief:

Buy the Prestashop Multi vendor Marketplace Module from Knowband.

You can basically go to Knowband. Further, get to the module product page on the website.

Select the length of support you need with the module. The initial three months of support are Later, you can choose from a half-year or 1-year customer support with the Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Plugin.

# What to do after the installation of the Prestashop Marketplace Addon?

The configuration would be the ideal next step for the admin. However, the term configuration is a pretty lengthy process. Why? Further, because how you configure your Prestashop marketplace is how it will run. For instance, if you want to allow anyone to sell without scrutinizing their registration forms, you can do that. Likewise, you can automate the payout process or do it manually. Hence, there are things that you have to look at in order for your Prestashop Marketplace Module.

Look into Seller Registrations

The sellers simply fill in the registration form available on the front-end. In fact, the customers can also fill in the same form. What the key catch here is that the admin has to go through the registrations. In fact, choose which application can become a seller and which one cannot.

Putting down the rules for the sellers and eyeing their activities

The admin can do a lot with the help of the Prestashop Marketplace Plugin. Further to allow the sellers to sell, provide them with dashboards. The dashboards are the safe place from where the sellers can handle their profiles and everything else.

Handling the revenue models

The admin can set down the rules for the revenue models. For instance, the admin can set the Product Listing fees for the sellers. In addition, the other two revenue models include the Membership plans and setting the Commission Rate for the orders. The membership plans can be as many as the admin wants. In fact, the sellers can choose from the different subscription plans. Moreover, the commission rate by the admin can be global or percentage-wise for the sellers.

Category approvals

The admin has the power to approve secondary category requests by the sellers. In fact, the primary category that the sellers get from the admin. So, if the seller thinks that there are more products to be added in different categories, he can send in the request to the admin.

In-Built Email templates

The Prestashop Multi vendor Marketplace Module by Knowband features 30 in-built email templates that are the source of communication between the parties of the Prestashop marketplace. Whether it is notifying the admin about the seller registrations, or customers about their order status, or even the sellers about the orders received, there’s an email for every aspect.

So, these were some of the things that the admin can do after the installation.

# What is in it for the sellers?

A utilitarian vendor dashboard

The shippers can make their vendor’s record by fundamentally filling an essential structure. Besides, the administrator examines the vendor’s profile and settles on a choice. Last, the sellers then, by then will really need to get to the dealer dashboard for posting their items.

Expansion of various characterizations

It is the site administrator who assigns the classes for the vendors. Further, the sellers can only summary their items in the arrangements given to them.

View orders

Order following is feasible on the marketplace on the dashboard. The store administrator can permit dealers and administrator subtleties to appear on the receipt.

Track seller request

The orders from the marketplace and their subtleties are effectively followed by the OpenCart Marketplace module. The administrator can see the seller’s association from the back-finish of the OpenCart Multi seller Marketplace module. They can even change the request details.

Trade payout demand

The dealers will see the income from their Dashboard. They can see the commission deducted from their exchanges in the genuine dashboard.

# What is in it for the customers?

Various choices as buying choices

Irrefutably the principle segment of the OpenCart Multi seller Marketplace Module is that the clients get a region of choices to peruse. With the humongous number of dealers in the marketplace – choices increment. Hence, the client can benefit from perusing numerous items.

Rating and Reviews about the Sellers and Products

With the help of the OpenCart Multi seller Marketplace Extension, the clients can definitely rate and study the items. Further, they can even review and rate the dealers moreover relying upon their shopping experience. Thus, they can essentially create surveys about the items they purchase from the stage.

Enrollment of Customers as Seller

This is the star feature of the OpenCart multi-vendor marketplace module by Knowband. With this, the client can fundamentally enroll as a vendor in the marketplace. In all honesty, they should just fill in a structure to enlist themselves as sellers. The enrollment goes for endorsement from the administrator. Hence, you’re a piece of the OpenCart Marketplace Module.

Smooth, and secure exchanges

In this segment, we’ll take a model. For instance, a client knows a specific vendor and necessities to shop from him. Subsequently, he/she can search for that dealer and purchase from him using the OpenCart Marketplace. The OpenCart Multi dealer Marketplace module ensures that the exchanges are essential, smooth, and absolutely direct.

Smooth Returns and Refunds

A return interaction is essential for any eCommerce business. Subsequently, with regards to the OpenCart Marketplace Plugin by Knowband, there are two things. First and foremost, when the return or discount demand is set by the client, he/she gets a singular receipt. In any case and second, the seller is the person who gets a different receipt for the items.

# What are the new features of Version 4.0.7?

The remake of the Prestashop Marketplace Plugin features a particularly easy-to-understand admin interface.

Settings in Groups: The newest version features settings in groups that allow the admin to configure the module seamlessly.

General Settings: All the basic settings are there under the tab of the overall Settings Tab. For example, payment techniques, seller form details, and far more.

Addition of compatible modules: In this option, the admin can add compatible modules. For instance, Return Manager Module, Booking Calendar Module, Product Availability by zipcode Module, and Product review Plugin.

PayPal Settings: Aside from the new UI design, the admin has got to add details to the PayPal API for the PayPal button.

In the End

So, you can call this the starter’s kit for anyone who wants to know about the Prestashop Marketplace Addon by Knowband. The Knowband marketplace helps you grow your business as you have envisioned. Get in touch with us at support@knowband.com for further assistance.

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Knowband is a well-known name in eCommerce modules development company. The business has developed a reputation for offering top-notch development services and effective post-sales support. For platforms like Magento 2, Prestashop, OpenCart, WooCommerce, and others, we take pride in offering the greatest plugins. In a short period of time, Knowband has established itself as a Prestashop Partner. We create mobile eCommerce applications, online store extensions, and more.

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