Importance Of Native Shopping Apps for Your PrestaShop Business

Customers also want to use a mobile phone for day-to-day requirements. Ecommerce Businesses are coming up with native apps to fulfill the needs of users’ daily activities. Shopping apps are currently becoming a trend for many users of the eCommerce business. The eCommerce Businesses have also adapted the shopping app to run their business smoothly to match the footprint of other eCommerce businesses. The Prestashop Mobile App Builder is used to integrate the eCommerce website into the mobile apps without coding knowledge. The store admin can also have a ready-made app for their eCommerce store. The Prestashop Mobile App Maker can control or manage the shopping app from the admin panel and the changes can be integrated during run time.

Knowband is also a renowned name as an eCommerce plugin developer. It offers Prestashop Mobile App Creator that converts your eCommerce website into an Android and iOS app. Changes to the mobile app can be made without changing any code due to this easy-to-use tool. The Android & iOS app is also fully synchronized with the eCommerce website and all the changes performed by the store admin in website inventory will appear on the run time.

Importance of Mobile App for Prestashop –

Although several features are enough to prove the importance of Prestashop Android & iOS Mobile App Builder. The following are some primary factors:

White label apps with Home screen customization

The intuitive design of the shopping apps is not sufficient to attract users and impact their purchase decisions. Branding is the most important feature when it comes to the eCommerce market. The Prestashop Android App Builder allows the store admin to launch the app under its brand name. Brand logo, app name, icon, picture, splash screen and background color etc.

Store owners can also modify the appearance and feel of the iOS app by using the Prestashop Android & iOS App Maker to customize the app for certain festivals, seasons, or events. The store admin does not need to have coding knowledge and can customize the banners, images, sliders, etc. Multiple layouts can also be created by the store admin by using the admin panel of the mobile app.

The Prestashop Mobile App also allows the store admin to choose intuitive colors and fonts. It helps in retaining users and persuades them to buy more from the eCommerce app.

Worldwide Reach-

All the eCommerce businesses want to expand especially on the global market. The benefit of using a shopping app is that mobile phones are available to every user around the world. So bringing good sales and potential customers in Android and iOS apps is now comparatively easier than eCommerce websites.

The Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App’s multilingual and RTL support enables eCommerce businesses to reach customers all over the globe. The eCommerce store supports all the available languages in the eCommerce website. The store admin can add more languages from the admin panel as well. The Prestashop Mobile App Builder also gives the option to store admin to also add the currencies if required.

Real-time Connectivity and order updates-

The management of product inventory from two places might be a difficult task for the store admin. The store admin has to manage both the eCommerce website & iOS app inventory separately.To keep everything in sync, the Prestashop Android App Builder uses the eCommerce website’s inventory as a data source. It fetches all the products and the inventory of the eCommerce website and updates it on run time. The store admin does not have to manually intervene and can perform all the changes in the inventory without any hassle.

The Prestashop iOS App maker gives track of the previous purchase to the customers. The Android app allows the customers to check their orders and also send push notifications for the same.

Live Chat With Customers

The main and important goal of every eCommerce business is to satisfy customers. Some many queries and issues appear on the customer’s mind while shopping. So it is important to give them 24*7 chat support. Zopim and WhatsApp conversations are integrated into the Prestashop Mobile App. By using this feature the customer can connect to the store admin 24*7.

Easy Payment, Shipping, and Transaction Process-

The availability of easy payment, shipping, and Transaction Processes plays a crucial role in successful order creation from the Android app. Customers like to shop from their favorite or usual payment and shipping methods. The Prestashop Mobile App Maker makes it easier for your customers to make a profitable purchase from your online store.

Customers can sign in with a simple touch using the Prestashop Mobile App Creator. The Store admin can put on the inbuilt social media accounts for easy logins such as Google and Facebook. The email login and register options are also available in the iOS apps. The store admin can enable the inbuilt fingerprint and OTP feature for better security.

The Mobile App for Prestashop supports all the payment and shipping options available on the eCommerce websites. The store admin can also add more payment and shipping options according to the customer’s requirements. This mobile app allows customers to purchase the product with favorable payment and shipping options available.

For customers who prefer to check out using the mobile app, Prestashop Android & iOS Mobile App Builder offers a faster checkout process that eliminates the need for them to provide any additional information. The eCommerce app allows users to review the information twice before completing the transactions.

Unlimited Push Notifications-

Push notifications are one of the best solutions for handy marketing. It is a proven technique to boost the sale of online businesses. It also helps in engaging mobile users to the mobile app and provides them with a better user experience. The Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App allows the store admin to send unlimited push notifications to its customers to tell them about the latest discounts and offerings of the eCommerce apps. The push notifications can be manually and automatically sent to the customers by accessing the admin panel of the eCommerce app. Prestashop Mobile App Maker has a voice search option that can be activated. Only Android apps customers can take the advantage of this feature till now.

Conclusion –

Prestashop Mobile App Creator allows you to turn your eCommerce website into a mobile app for Android and iOS. This simple tool makes it possible to make adjustments to the mobile app without having to change any source code. There is also perfect synchronization between the Android and iOS apps and eCommerce website, so any inventory changes made by the store manager display immediately on the mobile devices.

The Prestashop Mobile App Maker has several essential features that improve the user experience, conversion rates, and sales of an eCommerce company all at the same time. It is a boon for your eCommerce business and Knowband will help you in this. The Prestashop Mobile App Creator by knowband helps to boost sales of the eCommerce website and take you ahead of the competitors. You can also send us an email at and know more about PrestaShop module in detail.

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