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OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension by Knowband – A must-have

Online business owners may now allow clients to rent things, make appointments, and book hotels directly from their websites. Knowband thus offers OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension. Further, a highly configurable platform that allows online vendors to exhibit different options. For instance, hourly, daily, and weekly rental items. In addition, hotels for booking and scheduling possibilities. Online merchants may quickly and simply create a dynamic booking system. From the admin dashboard, online merchants may specify details. For instance, a price, time slabs, date availability, and the maximum number of available appointments.

Online clients may quickly set up meetings, motels, hourly rental-based products, and daily rental-based things based on their needs. The online retailer can also use pricing rules to provide a discounted price on specified occasions. To assist users, Booking System Extension for OpenCart uses Google Maps. Further, to display locations on product pages. Last, the OpenCart Service Booking module is multilingual and delivers a comfortable user experience.

In this post, you will be able to have a better understanding of the OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension. Knowband offers the OpenCart Service Booking module. In addition, the store owner gets 3 months of free customer support. Thus, it is a wise decision to shop the module. In fact, if you shop the OpenCart Reservation And Booking Module now, you get to enjoy a 20% additional discount. Now, go ahead and read the blog.

The variety of services available in the OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension

  • OpenCart Event Booking plugin allows you to arrange appointments

You can effortlessly manage your bookings with the eCommerce Booking System. You may give an array of options to your consumers with this OpenCart Booking and Rental system Extension. Home care and office visits, to be more specific. Clients should be able to work in the environment of their choosing. Furthermore, if you provide solutions such as repair and maintenance, salon services, and so on, having domestic help might be beneficial. If you operate a facility, though, branch visits are advantageous. You can allow individuals to arrange consultations if you are a professional, for instance, a doctor or a dentist. Also, pay a visit to your place. Your plan will define the sort of management you use.

  • Hotel booking system based on the OpenCart Booking Calendar Extension

A large percentage of hotel accommodation is made online for getaways or special events. Are you the hotel’s owner or supervisor? Do you want to promote it in your OpenCart store as well? Also, so that consumers may reserve rooms quickly? The best option is to use the OpenCart Service Booking module.

  • Using the OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension, a system for renting is created

Renting products or services for a fraction of the cost of acquiring them is achievable. As a result, the rental assistance market has increased dramatically during the last century. Hourly and daily rentals are available through the Booking and Rental System. Consumers who just require assistance for a short period of time may benefit from hourly rental help. These are usually automobile and bike rental services where you lend a car or a bike to people from time to time.

Benefits of the OpenCart Reservation And Booking Module

Easy services for the customers

Users may schedule appointments, reserve hotel rooms, and hire any goods on a daily or hourly basis via the internet.

Easy creation of destinations

On the booking/rental product pages, the OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension make it easy to create destinations using Google maps.

Easy creation of costing rules

Shop keepers can create costing rules that allow them to provide a reduction on certain days. On the booking/rental product pages, the shopkeeper can show or conceal price rules.

Selection between appointments

From the admin interface, the OpenCart Reservation And Booking Module allow you to choose between appointment (Date/Date-time), daily rental(Date/Date-time), hotel reservation, and hourly rental type items.

The option between branch or at-home services

For Appointment type items, the Hotel booking module for OpenCart allows you to choose between a branch and home service. Clients may obtain doorstep service with in-home service, whereas in-branch service requires customers to visit the service provider.

Additional benefits of the OpenCart Reservation And Booking Module

The store owner may set the starting pricing of the service. Further, display the location on a Google map, a picture, and the availability day and time. The store owner may also pick which days he doesn’t wish to provide certain services.

Defining minimum and maximum booking of days

The shop owner may define the minimum and maximum days of booking, alter the hotel rating, add facilities, and offer rooms of various types in the online reservation specifications.

Characteristics of the OpenCart Event Booking plugin

Easy scheduling of appointments

Online users may schedule appointments, reserve guest rooms, and rent any merchandise on a daily or hourly basis through the online merchant.

Displaying of destinations on Google Maps with the OpenCart Booking Calendar Extension

On the reservation product pages, the OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension allow you to display destinations using Google maps.

Pricing settings of the Booking System Extension for OpenCart

Cost guidelines can be created by the administrator to provide a reduction on specific days. On the booking/rental product pages, the store owner can show or hide the price rules.

Easy selection of appointments

From the admin panel, the OpenCart Reservation And Booking Module allow you to select appointment (Date/Date-time) and more. For instance, daily rental (Date/Date-time), hotel booking, and hourly rental type items.

Effortless selection of options between at-home and in-branch

The OpenCart Hotel Booking module allows you to choose the service type. Consumers who receive in-home assistance receive advantages at their doorstep. However, customers who receive in-branch assistance must drive to the network operator.

Additional features of the eCommerce Booking System

The store owner may set the beginning quantity of service, as well as the location on a Google map, a picture, and the accessible day and time. The store owner may also specify which days he does not wish to give certain services.

Specification of minimum and maximum days of booking

The shop admin may specify the minimum and maximum days of booking. Further, the hotel rating, the facilities, and add rooms of various types in the hotel booking settings.

Additional settings of the hotel bookings

The business owner can change the added price of a room, the number of available rooms, and the check-in-check-out time for that room. An image of a room and its amenities can also be listed by the store owner.

What Are the Benefits of Adding Booking Products to Your Website?

Some of the most well-known and profitable sites, such as Airbnb and, are currently dominating the industry. The era of web-based booking things has altered the way we look at booking goods nowadays. The following are a few of the most important advantages:

  • Available for booking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

Unlike a disconnected business, you must accept the challenge of sitting 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that you do not miss any scheduled appointments. The consumer will have the ability to book the item at any time via the internet booking service.

Furthermore, studies suggest that having immediate access to things or services when shopping increases the number of purchases or agreements made significantly.

  • Cancellations that are simple:

Consider the case when you’ve booked an inn that isn’t linked. After looking at a few more places to stay, you discovered better prices and greater courtesy. If the reservation isn’t paid, you’ll return briefly and cancel it, making the area available to other prospective customers.

However, with an internet booking framework like the Opencart Booking Reservation System, the client will be more likely to cancel the booking due to the ease of scratch-off, leaving the spot available for future purchasers to reserve. As a result, the misfortunes that lodge proprietors may face are reduced.

  • Booking Conflicts are Reduced and Management is Improved:

Maintaining a business isn’t easy, especially in the booking sector, whether you’re in the hotel booking business, the rental business, or the ticket booking business.

Strategic planning process management to deal with all the appointments and all the schedule openings with their own accessible area may be quite straightforward and will allow you to gain a better grip on the organization so you can focus more on expansion rather than becoming clogged up in a mountain of books.

Consider a hotel business: if it is a single hotel, it may be conceivable to expose it to handbooks and record books.

Shouldn’t anything be mentioned, however, concerning distinct lodging chains supervising them all without difficulty must be practical with the correct web arrangements?

Handling inns and rooms may be a very straightforward task with the help of Hotel Booking.

Aside from the executives’ convenience, the storekeeper can provide further value to the customer by using Opencart to ensure that only approved clients have the chance to profit from the reservation.

Let us wind up!

The online store seller will allow users to rent items, arrange appointments, and book lodging. Knowband is a highly customizable OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension. It also enables internet businesses to define rental products on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. In addition, motels are available for booking and appointment scheduling. With no effort, a web retailer may quickly develop a dynamic reservation system. This OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension allow the online store to customize the settings from the admin panel. For example, the cost, available time slots, date options, and a selection of the most popular appointments/bookings/quantities.

Consumers may use the website to make appointments, book hotels, book hourly rental goods, and book daily rental goods as required. On rare occasions, the net merchant may provide a reduced price based on value criteria. the online world The OpenCart booking plugin uses Google Maps to display locations on product pages in order to serve customers. The OpenCart building booking module is bilingual and has a user-friendly interface. Last, if you want to know more about the module, let us know at

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