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When Is It Time To Visit The Dentist For An Emergency?

If you have a toothache or an injury to your mouth, you may be wondering if it’s an emergency that requires an immediate visit to the dentist’s office. If it’s your first time experiencing these symptoms, it may be hard to tell what’s wrong and what to do about it. However, there are some situations that are considered dentist emergency, meaning they require urgent treatment by your dentist right away. Learn more about what constitutes a dental emergency and when you should seek immediate care in order to keep your teeth healthy and pain-free!


Dental Emergencies Can Be Treated Without Insurance

The cost of dental care can be expensive, and if you don’t have dental insurance coverage, you might find yourself in a difficult situation. You may think that you have no choice but to wait until your next visit with your dentist. However, in many cases, treating your dental emergency should be something that can be taken care of quickly and on a pay-as-you-go basis by seeing a dentist like an emergency pediatric dentist who can use treatments until your next visit.

If you are facing a true crisis due to tooth damage or discomfort—or if you need treatment for a medical condition related to dental work—then these would most certainly qualify as true emergencies. A simple toothache that has gone untreated for several days is not likely considered a dental emergency. But if you have cracked or broken teeth, missing teeth, or pain from one specific area of your mouth, then this could be considered an dentist emergency since it could become life-threatening without immediate attention.


Toothaches Can Affect Your Whole Body

toothaches are no fun, but you don’t have to suffer. If you have a sore tooth, don’t try and just live with it; call our office today. One of our dentist emergency can help you find out what’s wrong and fix your problem. Don’t wait too long! The longer you wait, there greater chance that decay will get worse, or that your child might hurt themselves because of their discomfort.

You don’t want them playing football or chasing after their friends when they shouldn’t be—the impact could cause lasting damage. Tooth pain can make people irritable and uncomfortable, so call us as soon as possible to get your child feeling better! We offer general dental care, including teeth cleaning and checking teeth for cavities, sealants, X-rays and more. Also offer sedation services if your child needs extra help staying calm while we take care of his or her teeth. We have been serving children in need of emergency dental care in Glendale since 1984.


Bad Breath Or Halitosis Can Indicate Something Worse

The most common jaw disorder that affects children and teens, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) can be treated by a dentist. If you have symptoms of TMJ syndrome like pain or clicking in your jaw joint, it’s important to seek out treatment from a specialist. Many dentists offer dental care for people with TMJ disorders. The goal of treatment from a dentist is usually long-term relief from symptoms and disease prevention. Oral appliances may be recommended as part of your treatment plan if you experience painful clenching or grinding in your jaws when you sleep at night.

These appliances help realign the bite by bringing your upper and lower teeth together gently so they don’t grind against each other while you sleep. You may also need surgery to release the tight muscles and tendons around your jaw joints. When it comes to emergencies, there are three kinds: those involving sudden injury such as tooth trauma; those involving acute infection such as periodontal disease; and those involving chronic diseases such as certain oral cancers. It’s always best to call your dentist right away if you notice any warning signs like toothaches, red spots on the gums or bone loss due to gum disease.


Canker Sores Are Painful, But They’re Not Always Serious

canker sores don’t have any long-term effects, and they won’t cause permanent damage if you just leave them alone. But if you have canker sores that are growing large, are very painful, or otherwise appear severe, call your dentist. If you experience problems with your teeth or gums on a regular basis and/or see changes in how your teeth fit together, visit your dentist regularly—you may need professional care from a pediatric dentist near you.

This can help prevent small issues from becoming major ones in the future. When someone comes into my office with an emergency situation, I take the time to examine their teeth and explore their mouth for other dental problems. I then prescribe a treatment plan that will be sure to meet their needs and schedule follow up appointments accordingly.


The Dentist Can Help With TMJ Pain

When you experience pain in your jaw, you may think that you have a serious dental emergency. Many people think they have a loose tooth, or that their tooth has been knocked out. If these things are true, or if there’s an open wound near your tooth or gum, then it’s likely time to visit your dentist.

Otherwise, some jaw pain may be due to Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder and can be relieved with over-the-counter medication. TMJ disorders occur when your teeth move out of alignment and grind against each other when you chew or speak. Although diet can play a role in causing TMJ disorder, stress is thought to be the main cause for most sufferers. Stress changes how we use our mouth muscles and causes pain. Stress also makes symptoms worse. Some people notice that their symptoms come on after physical activity such as chewing, speaking or biting into something hard. People who work all day at a computer terminal may not even realize they’re clenching their jaws while working!


Applying Flouride Properly Saves You Time And Money

It’s not just a toothache—the pain from a dental emergency, especially if it involves your face, could be caused by a medical condition that should be checked out immediately. Additionally, your immune system might not be functioning as well as it should and you may not be able to fight off infection properly. This can lead to serious complications. To figure out if something more serious might be going on, consult with an emergency pediatric dentist emergency near you who will evaluate your specific symptoms and recommend a course of action based on that information.

Mouth infections are common, but they’re often not a good sign. If you have a fever or red swollen gums in addition to other symptoms like vomiting or difficulty breathing, then these are potential signs of sepsis, which is life-threatening without immediate treatment. You’ll need urgent care or an dentist emergency room visit to see a doctor and get the appropriate medication.

Toothaches are sometimes also a sign of infected wisdom teeth; this will usually show up in combination with other symptoms like swollen lymph nodes in your neck, earaches or problems chewing food.


Pain In Your Face Could Indicate Underlying Illness

If you’re feeling any type of pain in your mouth, check in with your dentist. For some people, tooth pain can be a symptom of a cold or other minor illness. But if pain persists, it could mean something more serious like cavities or gum disease. The best thing you can do is make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. After all, these issues won’t fix themselves overnight! You don’t want to risk losing teeth without treating them first! This will not only help prevent permanent damage but also save you from costly dental procedures down the road. Here are some common signs that you may need to visit your dentist:

Inconsistent soreness – Sometimes, when you brush or eat certain foods, your teeth may feel fine. Other times they might hurt a little bit when chewing on food. A normal reaction would be for this soreness to fluctuate and fade over time, however if the ache remains consistent there may be something else going on beneath the surface.

Painful cracking – In addition to pain being indicative of underlying health problems, sometimes severe cracks in one’s mouth can signal problems too.


Avoid These Mistakes Before Going To The Dentist

One of the most common dental emergencies is caused by teeth grinding at night. If you don’t take preventative measures, you could end up with more than a sore jaw. In extreme cases, teeth grinding can cause broken teeth and severe pain in your face and neck during waking hours. So if you’re starting to wake up with headaches, neck aches or sensitivity on one side of your face, schedule a checkup immediately—you might need emergency dental care. Many times even a temporary splint can get you back on track so that damage doesn’t occur until your next appointment! There are many more potential emergency dental problems such as serious injuries from being hit in the mouth or biting off something hard like popcorn kernels.


Should I Go To The Dentist When I Have A Cold Or Flu?

Whether you spend your days at home or on-the-go, always have a toothbrush and floss available. Keep these essentials in your car or take them with you when you travel. Toothbrushes are small and compact—making them easy to bring along wherever you go. If a dental emergency happens while you’re away from home, dental floss can be a helpful tool if there isn’t time to brush your teeth. In fact, some dentists recommend brushing only once per day instead of twice since most people tend to not properly care for their teeth when they only brush once per day anyway.


Always Have A Toothbrush And Floss Available On-The-Go

Being prepared is often a key part of surviving a dental emergency. If you ever do find yourself in need of urgent care, having your own toothbrush and dental floss handy can make a big difference in how quickly you’re able to get back on track after treatment. Remember, many of us don’t schedule regular checkups with our dentist, but we all know that if you’re at risk for cavities or gum disease it’s best to treat these issues as soon as possible. Having a toothbrush and floss on hand can help you act fast when necessary—and keep your smile healthy in between visits!

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