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A Reliable Sidewalk Repair Contractor in Bronx

Sidewalks, unlike other structures, are under tremendous natural as well as anthropogenic pressure of wear and tear. Whether it is design, construction, or maintenance failure, sidewalks damages could be a safety hazard and an unnecessary burden on your pocket if not repaired in time. If sidewalk damages are minor and superficial, normal repair could be enough. But if it is extensive, then you might have to hire a professional sidewalk repair contractor in Bronx to remove and replace concrete slabs using suitable advanced repair technologies. You cannot ignore sidewalk or walkway damages as this could be a safety hazard, thus an offense under relevant city laws. Maintenance of sidewalks around your property is your responsibility, so you should hire a reliable licensed walkway repair contractor in Bronx to get quality repair work at a minimal cost.

Sidewalk Repair Methods 

If your sidewalks need minor slab misalignment corrections, then it can be done pretty easily, in no time. You might have to obtain a permit from the building and zoning department if your sidewalks need replacement. The best possible way to get the sidewalk repair done in Queens and Bronx smoothly at an affordable cost is to hire a licensed sidewalk contractor, as these professionals know how to mobilize required resources in time. Here are some of the popular and effective sidewalks repair methods used globally to make sidewalks hazard proof:

Concrete Raising

Weak subsurface, seasonal freeze-thaw, or root growth could disturb the alignment of concrete slabs. An experienced sidewalk contractor can bring slabs back to the original position using suitable slab-jacking or raising methods. The most popular technology is the pressure injecting or cement non-cement material under the concrete slabs. First holes are drilled, and then grout is injected to raise the slabs. It is a cost-effective way to repair sidewalks, but it is used mainly for sunken slabs, no cracks or major structural deformities.

Concrete Grinding

If you are noticing trip hazards in your sidewalks and you want to make it safe instantly, then concrete grinding could be the best possible method sidewalk repair method. In this new technology concrete repair contractor removes protrusions on a concrete surface using suitable grinding tools. The core idea is to remove edges and create a gradual slope transition so that users could be safe.

Sidewalks Cracks and Gaps Repair

If your sidewalks have developed cracks and gaps, then you should call an experienced sidewalk contractor immediately as ignoring it could be dangerous. First of all, the contractor will enlarge cracks using suitable undercutting tools to let new and old surfaces bond properly.

Make sure all debris is removed and the area is cleaned thoroughly using a garden hose to remove dust particles from cracks. For better hold of the new concrete patch, you should prefer using an acrylic resin adhesive. If adhesive is not available, you have to make sure that the area is thoroughly brushed and moistened, but there should be no water standing on the area. While preparing the concrete mix, make sure cement, gravel, and sand are used in the right proportion.

An experienced sidewalk contractor pays special attention while pouring and leveling concrete mix in the patch area. For a durable result, you have to allow it to dry for about 2-3 hours and cover the patched area plastic sheets. Don’t forget to wet down the repaired area for 3-4 days and let the concrete cure correctly.

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