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What To Know Before Visit Historical Places In Azerbaijan?

What To Know Before Visit Historical Places In Azerbaijan?

The Azerbaijan is the fascinating country and Baku is its capital city, while this country is located on the border of the Eastern west Europe and Asia near to the Caspian Sea. Therefore, the culture of this destination is define little bit difficult. Because it’s blend of the western and the eastern culture. And allure the huge amount of the tourists in the worthy attraction places.

Yes, it is the garden of the multiple sightseeing from the modern attractions, isolated monuments, majestic mountains. Beauty of the villages to the historical heritage and the idyllic landscapes. Azerbaijan and its cities grow quickly with a history between the Silk Road to the old Empires and especially for its oil sources. Indeed, the natural source of the gas have made it Soviet republic. While its capital Baku is surrounded form the UNESCO protection. Due to the country’s value-able and precious buildings.

A few of the tourists thinks that it is not like as convenient as other destinations, due to its weird look. Actually, it’s weird appearance, make it interesting and thrilling. If you are one of those tourists, who like to beaten the track or wants to experience the historical beauty that is behind this sort of weirdness, then PIA Ticket Price help you to travel to this country in the affordable fares and allow you to know about the things about the Azerbaijan’s historical places.

Historical Places:


  1. Walled City (Baku):

The walled city is the heritage part in the Baku. That has the ancient walls to entertain the tourists by blending the eastern and the western culture influence. This site makes the Azerbaijan famous destinations among the history or the heritage lovers. When you visit this historical walled city, then you will see the plenty of the holy mosques.

Allow the tourists to get some information about the AAZERBAIJHAN’S Eastern life. While the many further shops and restaurants gives the real local taste and the handicraft products. That you can gifted to your family and friend. The local taste make you able to meet the pure sense of this country.

  1. Shirvanshah Palace (Baku):

The Shirvanshah is a sandstone palace. Which served as the home of the ruling dynasties of Azerbaijan since the 15th century. The name refers of this Palace from the Shirvan territory, which was the kingdom in that time period. This palace is also under the UNESCO heritage because of stunning architecture.

While when you visit it inside, you will see the few mosques, mausoleum, burial vaults, museums, bathhouses. After exploring the iconic palace, move ahead towards the market. To buy spices, clothing, souvenirs and food. This heritage of the Azerbaijan is the perfect to know about the Middle Ages. Must visit this site in the Azerbaijan’s vacations to collect the quality of time.

  1. Shaki Khan’s Palace (Shaki):

Shaki Khan’s palace was built in the 18th century in the Azerbaijan’s city Shaki. This palace is the double story building, surrounded by the oldest trees. Façade stained glass mosaic, frescoes and tile pattern, while it is the vast complex of the residence. In fact, the window heritage is one another best option to see the Shaki’s time craft. Because the thousands piece of glass fitted without any nail or even the adhesive glue.

Yes, it’s really wonderful and marvelous showcase of the talented people in the era of that time. Just recommended to you, wherever in the world you are does not matter, it’s time to precede Online Flights Booking to explore the lavish and royal beauty of the Azerbaijan in the shape of this Palace.

  1. Diri Baba Turbesi(Gobustan):

Diri Baba is the mosque that was constructed in the 1402. The double story mausoleum built with the rock opposite to the ancient cemetery. In this tomb, the saint Diri Baba is buried, while the tomb famous for its purity lines, its walls looks like the solemn and its main hall room front is an ante room covered with an octahedral.

The harmony picturesque environment decorated with the green trees. The locals believe that the Saint Diri Baba was the pious person that’s why many events and sacred festivals are organized there that is the biggest reason to visit this site.

  1. The Khan’s Palace(Nakhchivan):

The entire Azerbaijan is the pearl of the historical places. Each city of this country having its own landmark, as same, the Nakhchivan city called the history lovers spots and offer to visit the Kahn’s palace. This palace was the living building of the rulers of this city, but with the passage of time, this palace is turn into the museum to showcase the Azerbaijan’s history.

This museum is consisted on the about 9 exhibition halls, which exhibited more than 2000 including: photos, documents, the family tree of Nakhchivan khanate, map of khanates and many further precious collections. Instead of it, the work room, farm room and auxiliary area is on the first floor, while the eight exhibition hall is on the second floor and 1 is on the third floor.

  1. Juma Mosque (Shamakhi):

The Jumma mosque in the city of the Shamakhi is the great landmark that represents the Muslims holy worship place. It is one of the largest and the lavish spot in the Azerbaijan, while it considered the second ancient mosque of this country. No doubt, this mosque is rebuilt multiple times.

Must plan to reach Shimakhi to see this historical, religious significant and know about the Azerbaijan’s religions and heritage. The trip to Azerbaijan’s historical site is really filled bucket of history pages, in which you can find might be the summary of the world heritage. Include this ancient mosque in your travel itinerary.


Azerbaijan is the nutshell of the multiple beautiful tourist attraction in the shape of historical sites, which allow visitors to collect some ample information about the country’s history. The spectators of this country will immerse you in the sightseeing and in fact, gives the experience of the amazing art scene that is fascinating from the spectacular to the architecture by locals. All these outstanding collections famed this country as the “Land of Fire”.

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