The Ultimate Guide to Social Media For E-commerce

Social media and eCommerce are very relevant boughs to a tree. Their growth is parallel; their entropy is equivalent, and so are their stats. Social media is believed to be growing with 10 percent every year, whereas eCommerce is expected to grow with 15 percent.

With this, As far as an eCommerce business is concerned, social media has a significant role in taking it to the next level of success.

In this blog, we would understand the importance of social media in eCommerce first, the ways to utilize it for eCommerce business, especially for enhancing sales and user engagement rate, and some more facts and useful facts regarding social media and its optimization in eCommerce. Let us pitch into the importance of Social media first.


E-commerce business requires surplus engagement for success. And social media is full of users and engagements. The only riddle that remains unsolved is how to integrate social media with eCommerce?

We need to find a way that the enormous UGC can be utilized to leverage the eCommerce business.

Be it Facebook or Instagram. Their interactive UI helps in stopping the eyes of a viewer for a fraction of a second, which is a crucial need of eCommerce business for its product. Therefore, social media is also helpful with its eCommerce friendly layout. 

Reportedly, 90 percent of businesses are anyway associated with social media. Thus, we can’t ignore something that has a worldwide existence. With all that knowledge, we have understood the reason why social media is so crucial for an eCommerce business. Let us now move towards what it takes to win in social media only, and then we will proceed to the winning techniques through social media in eCommerce as well.

How to win in social media?

Social media is an easy win. But every game has some techniques to play as well.

Multiple social media accounts that are not of humans are yet performing as one of the best social media accounts across the world.

The reasons are ‘effective social media tactics and visual commerce techniques.’ 

Jiffpom, Dong the Pug, NALA the CAT, JUNIPER the fox, are some of the potential examples of popular social media accounts to show that you are not required to be an exceptionally attractive person to gain maximum user-engagement or someone out of the box to achieve social media recognition.

The names mentioned above are the usernames of social media accounts made for pets or animals. But they are hitting social media off-the-mark because the accounts are being effectively optimized and managed with user-engaging techniques.

To win in eCommerce with the help of social media, you need to implement effective visual-friendly techniques and work with eCommerce-friendly strategies. So, let us move ahead into it now.


Visual commerce platforms are the niche requirements for an eCommerce win. The ability to utilize the visuals as a shoppable content using social media walls is the most crucial one and that we will describe in this article ahead along with its other advantages. 

The compelling visual commerce strategies that you can implement to enhance your eCommerce business are as follows-


If you are an eCommerce brand owner, then you can utilize your brand’s user-generated content as social proof of your global acquaintance. 

Social media presence is a pre-requirement for this benefit. If you are not on social media, you’ll be losing way more than you can ever expect.

More than 80 percent of users on social media are following at least an eCommerce brand. Thus, it is not too late yet, and you can still work on it and build social trust through social media just by embedding it on your website.


As an eCommerce player, you should know how to smart-play with visual commerce tools.

If you’re not utilizing it as a converter, you are not taking everything that the tool has to offer you.

To enhance your eCommerce sales on your website, as a social media existing brand, you can convert your Instagram or Facebook generated content into shoppable content by aggregating it through visual commerce tools.

This will not only save you from creating visual content but would also give your brand a unique recognition because of having purely genuine content to showcase on your website. Not every site has the confidence to showcase UGC as an example on its website.


Visuals can be added to your website not only through social media but also by yourself. Custom posts addition is an ideal feature that every visual commerce tool should offer.

The fact behind Visuals is that they are engaging and have the potential to leverage the vibrancy of a website.

It is also observed that the more the visuals your website has, the more will be the tendency of a user to engage with it, especially for an eCommerce website. For an eCommerce business owner, customer engagement is a must required thing for sales, and visuals are considered to be the master-key for user-engagement.


To get a win-win in social media as well as in the eCommerce business, you first have to be agile and updated with the trends of social media.

The following facts are of social media that will later help in eCommerce-

  • Understand the importance of regularity in both of them

The more regular you are about uploading valuable content, the more engagement your content will get.

Later, integrating popular content with maximum engagements on your eCommerce website would help in attracting the audience and raising engagements.

  • Every social media network has an algorithm. 

Social media networks have their separate algorithms according to which they place the content in a feed, and then the more or fewer engagements depend on it.

Once you have understood the algorithm, you would never like to miss the best time of uploading as an eCommerce brand owner.

Other than these, there is one more fact that could be the most advantageous for you as an eCommerce business owner, and that is about Visual commerce tools.

  • VISUAL COMMERCE TOOLS are the key players

To get a white-wash win in your eCommerce business, you must incorporate a visual commerce tool like Taggshop. It can perform the following operations that are beneficial for your eCommerce business-

  1. Smoothly integrate user-generated content into your eCommerce business.
  2. Convert it shoppable.
  3. Capable of adding your visuals, and tag your eCommerce products with them.
  4. Personalize your visuals with multiple dynamic features like themes, font styles, card styles, and whatnot.
  5. Though this is a benefit and not functionality, but it reduces your content creation investment by integrating UGC as an example of your product.

Conclusively, a social commerce tool is a niche requirement for getting quick and impacting success. What are you waiting for? Get a tool like Taggshop and raise your eCommerce sales through it by integrating social media firmly into your business websites.

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