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Even with all of the wedding photography trends that I’ve covered in this guide.

Without following new trends, you’ll never get real Emotions.

Not sure where to begin? Feeling a bit of confusion to look at new trends in Wedding Photographers? Let’s take a look at some of the top photography trends right now…….

Shoot The Proposal


Proposal shoots can be gaining interest day by day, lots of people are hiring the secret photographer for this magical moment. Taking photos of the proposal moment is not a simple task, as you won’t get another chance and you need to click a pack of emotions in only a bit of a second.

You can choose highly skilled Best wedding Photographers to document your proposal, and your wonderful-but-short-lived moments can be revived by you and shared with your friends and family.

wedding proposal photoshoot

Emotion-Filled Photographs


Instead of posing for pictures, you make an effort to act naturally for getting some unartificial photographs. Be sure you discuss with your photographer to shoot some candid moments also.

In particular, pictures of you along with your fiance laughing, crying during the vidaai, hugging your loved ones and friends, etc. are a few of the moments where your photographer can shoot your emotional journey.

You’ll be able to relive these moments after months, years, and also decades in the future. Additionally, such candid shots may serve as a remembrance for your children as well as grandchildren someday. You can believe photographers , for your emotion-filled pictures would definitely be a trend to follow.

wedding photography emotion filled
wedding photography emotional photos

More Relaxed And Informal Shoot


Relaxed as well as informal weddings are becoming more popular. People are choosing more caring and meaningful celebrations by their closest friends instead of inviting all people.

This is having an effect on the photographing style and more than that we’re excited! In future weddings, photographers will focus on honest as well as real-time emotions. They actually focus on informal and relaxed photos, filling them with memorable ones.

most relaxed and informal shoot

Location-Based Photoshoot


Your entire wedding photographs need not be at the venue only! There are plenty of beautiful places in India. Those places can perform as a background for the photoshoot of your wedding.

Based on the type of vibe you desire, you can explore the choices available. In particular, if you desire more magical vibes, choose an outdoor location such as a garden, nearby a lake.

location based photography

Cake Trends


Let’s talk about cake trends. You can’t get married without a cake! Wedding cakes are currently super popular at Indian weddings too, and then we love how creative everybody is getting with them.

The cake is still an evening feature. Nowadays a lot of couples, bakers, and also event managers will be searching for different cake options for a special day.

Straight from the flavors to the designs, patterns, as well as textures, wedding cakes are not what they used to be. There is a wide variety of beautiful wedding cakes that might be available and these might be customized based on your likes as well as preferences.

wedding cake trend

Pre Wedding Photography


Well, pre-wedding photography is a kind of a new trend. There is a time when before the wedding the ultimate shoot which happened was of engagement ceremonies that too in fact wasn’t done formally by the professional photographer, sometimes engagement photographs were clicked by some member of the family himself.

But now with the appearance of various styles and skills of photography, pre-wedding photos are also introduced to the couples. Nothing has spread similar to wildfire in wedding photographers to pre-wedding photography.

best pre wedding photoshoot


Photographs With Parents

When we getting ready for a wedding, Too much emotion is happening with parents. You have a chance to share feelings with your mother and father. Capture your proud moments like “mother/daughter” and “father/daughter”.

Solo Photographs

The reason why you need to take solo photographs is, Everyone has their individual desires like the bride needs to take photographs with “their dress”, “their pets”, “with childrens”, “in front of mirror”. In the same way, the groom has dreams like “groom putting tie”, “groom shot with their motors”.

The Jewelry

jewelry is the most expensive thing in the total wedding budget. But we are wearing the jewelry at the ceremony only. My suggestion is to take as much as possible photographs, wearing jewelry before the wedding. This was the time to take a relaxed photoshoot with jewelry. You missing out this time never have a chance to get it back just think about it.

The Journey

This is the best time to take candid photographs, Here only you can get some beautiful photographs like, “you are sitting in the car”  and “you are on the way to the venue” and “while getting down from the car” and “walking towards the car” and “moving out from the home to reception”.

Bonus tip “try to make this shoot before the sunset to get the beautiful view and  natural portraits”




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