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Social media: A Dynamic Way In Our Progress

People are not only connected in a limited area but today they are connected with every corner of the world. Yes, the moment we wake up and open our smartphones we connect with this world. Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc are highly used by people. However, this is completely another thing that how one chooses to use social media. Not only technology has two faces but everything has positive and negative sides. It all depends on the human beings which side they desire to choose. We human beings are the only intelligent creatures on this planet who possess the ability to make decisions based on intelligence. 

Let’s Know More About Social Media

When one chooses the positive and good side of social media he uses it in a bright way, which not only benefit him but also benefit society. In today’s world no matter how hard one tries, it is difficult to keep social media away from us. It is completely adjusted to the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day life. 


Whether you are poor or rich, a highly famous personality all can be found on the same platform over many social sites. It gives every individual an opportunity to shine, to express, to show the utmost strength and intelligence. Hence, it is open to everyone. If you are someone who uses this powerful form of communication simply to timepass or for fun then you must read this.  

Social media: A Dynamic Way In Our Progress

What Are The Impact Of Social Media On Youths? 

You need to first sign up and then sign in to access the relevant content socially and then also you can connect with anyone via chat. You are just one click away from connecting to this world. It has been found that over a decade social sites receives immense growth and fame. However, our youth generation and teenagers are more fanatics about being socially and it impacts them in terms of moral values, education matters, etc. 

Positive Impact 

Social media provides us with ample sources of information, learning becomes easy now. Technology has evolved so much and can you remember the last day you left home without your smartphone? Ok don’t put much stress on your head, it’s hard to remember. Because technology and social media add super connectivity and convenience to every individual’s life that’s why we never wish to stay away. However social media always stays connected with friends and family via chats, video calls, email, etc. Social media offers a great learning platform as youtube becomes most popular nowadays. When it’s time to reach the utmost customers effectively, social media becomes a great marketing tool. Also when we need to find quick information about any particular topic we access social platforms.  

Negative Impact 

The Internet has become a part of our lives and social media too. So, it has a powerful impact on teens without any doubt. You know what, nowadays people have more friends on social media than in the real world. They are seeing only the showcase face of people and blindly trusting them which creates danger for them in future. People are attracted towards the pretty face which is showcased after using lots of filters. By saying this I am not criticizing people using filters. But trying to say that completely relying on this picture is not at all fair. You should bear in mind that there is also another side behind the screen that you are completely unaware of.

Friends on social media are fewer friends and more strangers and it is smart to not blindly trust them. It is revealed from many studies that spending more time on smartphones fo could be prone to many mental diseases like depression, anxiety, and frustration.


How Does Social Media Become An Addiction? 

 It is seen that most people become addicted to social media. And this question arises: how are they addicted? So like video games become an addiction for children similarly social media become an addiction to users. Like when kids complete a specific task in online games, the brain gives a dose of dopamine which is a happiness hormone, makes you feel good.

The same function happens when you post a picture on social media and notice that all notifications of likes and positive comments popping up on your screen. Subconsciously all these become a reward for you. You want to perform the same activity again and again. Have you heard about FOMO? So FOMO is nothing but in simple words a short form of a feeling of missing out. When people think that they might miss out on something if not active on social media at times. People start constantly checking their sites and this leaves a major impact on their mental health. 

Social media: A Dynamic Way In Our Progress

Some Measures Teens Can Use Social Media In Positive Way

Though it is a wonder how one thing becomes so impactful and on the other hand becomes so destructive. That is why it is important to use social media positively because it takes only a few seconds to convert into destruction. However, the interaction on social media is indirect but the feeling is sometimes real. Overall the impact of social media is powerful on users in both positive and negative ways. For the better tomorrow, today’s generation must adopt every possible positive way to use technology. 

  • Stay up to date with current affairs 

Try to know about what is going on all around the world but meanwhile don’t forget to get information from reliable sources. Also when you share or spread such information with friends and relatives make sure that those are authentic. Because if such information is not real then it will show a bad impact.

  • Don’t pretend on social media 

Try to be as real as possible. It doesn’t mean that you should show your dirty laundry in public. Don’t try to show what you are not actually because how you show yourself connects you with people. And if it is as real as you are then people will know you much better. This will also work positively if you want to explore your talent with this world. This will work as motivation for many people and they could learn many things from you also the more you are talented the more chances to get fame. 

  • Don’t forget to make physical communication with friends 

Yes for sure we care about your feelings during online interaction. They were not fake but don’t try to compare with direct interaction. Real facetime with people cannot be matched with any other means when you communicate directly you learn many things like in the case of resolving conflict, this skill serves throughout the lifetime. 

  • Create your impactful resume on social media 

As you are a teenager now you are on the way to adulthood, your social profiles can create a big difference in testing your personality. At current times social profiles are examined during interviews, by your relatives,  to set particular opinions based on the information provided on your profile. Make sure you create wisely to leave a good impact. This becomes your first impression and it is not needed to explain the first impression effect in today’s life.

  • Use social media  mindfully 

Always bear in mind that social media has its limit to use and we should not try to revolve our life around likes and comments. The habit of continuously checking social media can create harmful effects on health and cure you of unnecessary time. Even our relationship with friends and family is badly affected. It would be much better to set a specific time and limit for use. If you are accessing it for a long period you have to notice and need to change it a little bit. Remember to become more productive and successful you need to work offline rather than being online, love yourself, eat healthily, do exercise. 

Social media: A Dynamic Way In Our Progress

Final words 

Technology is changing rapidly and the best of the best smartphones and high-tech electronic devices are seen in great demand in the market. The internet has become significant in every individual’s life. Social media is not bad but it all depends on what purpose one uses this, separating the line between positive and negative use. As this is the age of the internet it is therefore important that as a parent they should try every possible effort to teach the utility of devices fruitfully. However, it is hard to keep children away from technology but it is more effective to make them understand the destructive and progressive side of using. 


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