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Whitening Facial kit with Sunblock

. Whitening Facial kit with Sunblock



Hey Gorgeous Fam

Are you all like most of our blog readers who are just new to the skincare routines and are zealous about learning how they can maintain glowing skin but can’t found the right products for your skin and then don’t know how to layer those products on your skin? Tbh, everyone, these are the two most basic and important parts of your skincare regime.  Make sure you choose the right product that is according to your skin type and then apply those products in the correct order to get the most out of that product. Secondly, if you mess up with applying order you can do disasters to your skin.

If you aren’t familiar with the products that would be best suitable for your skin then that is what I am here for?  Just kidding, let me introduce you to my skincare regime which I certainly believe will be a good starter pack for all the newbies here. I have been an all-time fan of Dermasation’s Skincare Products and Facial Kits. They have such an exquisite skincare range with no harmful chemicals and with an effective formula for all types of skincare products.

Before shopping for any sort of skincare product, or even before buying a face wash you need to determine your skin type. That’s a tricky thing but not that much difficult. All you have to do is wash your face and wait for the next 1 hour and if your face:

  • Feels good and it’s not too dry or oily – your skin type is NORMAL
  •  Very tight or itchy and your skin has some flaky patches – then your skin type is DRY
  • Itchy, irritated or your skin get red – you have a SENSITIVE Skin
  • Greasy and Shiny especially in the T-zone area of your face – your Skin type is OILY. And, Oily in the T-zone area buy dry/normal on the cheeks and jawline area – then your skin type is COMBINATION

Once you get to know your skin type, all you have to do next is shopping! It’s time to buy some Skincare Products. Make sure whenever you some Skincare products you shop at some authentic stores and or official websites. For Example, if you buying Dermasation products, you can directly shop at their official website, so you get 100% original products. As we all know, there are so many people who try to sell fake products, that’s why it is very important to buy products from official stores and websites.


I love to start my morning by cleansing my face for the next 5 to 6 minutes with Dermasation’s Ultra-Glycol Cleanser as it removes all the dirt and impurities from my face and leaves my face clean, refreshed, and energized. The next step in my skincare routine is to apply toner on my face and neck, my favorite toner is the face freshener by Dermasation, as their toner evens my skin tone giving a brightening effect to my face, I take their toner on a cotton round and gently swipe it on my face, this way my skin feels very refreshing. But we are not done here; the next thing I do is to take few drops of Dermasation’s Skin Lightening serum, and gently apply it to my face and neck.

This is the best serum I would say if you have an uneven skin tone or dark spots and blemishes on your face, it just works like a magic and fades away any dark spots or blemishes from your face. Last but not least if I am planning to go out somewhere I use sunscreen the SPF 70+++ by Dermasation, as their sunscreen does not give your face a white cast like other sunscreens and just absorbs into your skin very nicely. And then I apply my make-up and here I am ready for the day. But my night skincare routine is slightly different let me share that too with you all.


I end my day by removing my make-up with Dermasation’s Cleansing Milk Make-up Remover as it removes all the make-up and dirt from my face and leaving my face clean and clear. The next step in my nighttime routine is to exfoliate my face and neck with Dermasation’s Scrub, as it has fine scrubbing particles enriched with Vitamin C and Green Tea Extracts which removes any fine lines and wrinkles from my face and it also removes any leftover impurities and dead skin cells.

The next step I do is to take few drops of Dermasation’s Skin Lightening serum, and gently apply it to my face and neck. This is the best serum as I said before it works like a magic and fades away any dark spots or blemishes from my face. The last thing I do is to apply the Dermasation’s balancing creams using my fingertips all over my face and neck covering nicely as it locks in all the products I used and also gives my skin-soothing effect. Tada, you are ready to conquer the world girl!

So this was all about my skincare routine I hope it will be a nice beginner’s guide for all you beautiful ladies out there. There is one more thing I would like to share with you people that you should do along with your daily skincare routine, you need to add facials once a month to your skincare routine which is very important as it gives your skin a boost and helps your daily skincare routine to work more effectively. But by adding facials to your skincare routine does not mean that you have to spend thousands of bucks on spas and all.

You can just buy facial kits yourself and give yourself a little treat! Dermasation’s have some best facial kit in the town which are super affordable, give the best results, and care for all skin types. You can easily buy the products and these facial kits on their official website or you can even customize the facial kits according to your preference ladies. They have a wide variety of products and facial kits available on their websites made according to different skin concerns from which you can easily choose according to your skin concern.

If you are looking for glowing skin this wedding season all you need to do is to invest a little money in a Skin Whitening facial kit by Dermasation. This is the best facial kit so far in town, which has some amazing products, it is super easy to use, pocket-friendly, and gives you an instant radiant glow. You can easily use this facial kit more than 15 – 20 times as every packaging contains 100ml of each product.

And in total 6 to 7 products includes whitening hydrating skin cleanser, micro exfoliator scrub, skin polisher, skin recovery mask, massage cream, serum, and face Freshener (toner). Always make sure you do your facial in the correct order to get the maximum benefits of the products. And it’s always better to do facials once a month as your skin cells grow back after every 3 – 4 weeks and perhaps our skin is very sensitive and collects all the dirt and impurities so it’s very important to give your skin a restart, every month.

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