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What Is a Trust Score on Instagram and Why Is It Important?

Instagram is one of the top five social media platforms with over a billion active users. That makes Instagram marketing a potentially powerful tool in any business or brand’s marketing strategy. Even more importantly, Instagram makes an active effort to minimize the number of fake accounts.

That means your marketing efforts can potentially reach more real human beings for your efforts. Of course, that also means that Instagram now takes a much closer look at all of its accounts.

Then, Instagram assigns those accounts a trust score. Not sure what a trust score is or means? Keep reading for a quick guide to help you navigate the new Instagram reality.

What Is the Trust Score?

While the trust score functions as an internal number for Instagram, its existence and some of the factors that drive it are public knowledge. In essence, Instagram tracks your behaviors and actions on the platform. An algorithm then weighs whether the activity falls closer to trustworthy or closer to spam activity.

The more spam-like your activities, the lower your trust score. Things that the algorithm doesn’t like includes automated activity, which is a blow for marketing professionals. A lot of modern marketing hinges on automation, so watch out.

It also looks for people blocking your account on a regular basis, since it likely means you spammed them or behaved inappropriately.

Risks of a Low Trust Score

The primary risk of a low trust score is that Instagram will decide your account is either a spam account or a fake account. If that happens, the platform will ban you. While you can, in theory, set up another account, it also means restarting from ground zero.

There is also the risk that Instagram will figure out you’re the same user and ban the new account as well.

Building Trust

There are a lot of things you can do towards building trust on Instagram. Make regular posts on the site, since that helps engage other Instagram users in a natural fashion.

In terms of Instagram marketing tips, think in terms of adding value for other users. Post content that you customers or would-be customers may find helpful or useful.

Engage with other users in a meaningful way, such as with comments that apply to their content.

If you struggle with making the time for staying active on Instagram, consider using Instagram marketing services. They can build and post content for you.

Instagram’s Trust Score and You

With so many active users on the site, you want a presence on Instagram if the format works for your business, brand, or product. It also means staying on the right side of the trust score.

Steer clear of too much automation. Stay authentic with your interactions. Comments are not just a vehicle for your latest ad or product pitch.

Add value through your posts with useful tips or even advice about using your product more effectively.

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