SEO and Social Media: How They Work Together?

Many business owners who are new to digital marketing believe that SEO and social media are two independent entities, each with its own set of objectives.

SEO and organic social media marketing work together to provide value and relevance to your target audience. Any good digital marketing strategy should make every effort to have SEO and social media working in sequence. In this article we will look at five ways SEO and social media can work together to drive more traffic to your website.

Why Is Social SEO Important?

Google is evolving. Since December of 2010, Google has placed a greater emphasis on a website’s social media status. This means that Google places a higher value on your company’s followers, unique content ( always remember using SEO Keyword Research Services) , and level of activity across multiple social media networks. Google’s social media grading system is known as signals, and it influences many aspects of the Google search engine algorithm.

Having a significant social media presence also helps with online branding, loyalty, preference, and overall traffic. Sooner rather than later, social media marketing will supplant big-budget radio and print advertising. Why might you ask? Consider this! What other marketing tools can a company use to effectively brand its products and track how many people receive the message?

A company’s social media marketing efforts to multiple target audiences who seek information about your product can be efficiently tracked with social analytics. You will be recognized by Google if you write an excellent article. As a result, the post will go  to the top of Google’s first page for multiple keywords. Same thing happens with hashtags on Instagram or Twitter. 

1. Social Media Allows for Content Promotion

The first way that social media can help your search engine ranking is by promoting your content. We could write, film, or record tons of high-quality, keyword-optimized content without getting many eyes and ears to consume it. You can use social media to promote high-quality content to create multiple channels.

The most effective way to publicize SEO-related content is through social media. Your goal should be to convert your best organic content into social media content to drive traffic back to your website.

2. Social Media Encourages More Engagement

Another way social media can help your site’s SEO is through increased engagement. If someone finds your  helpful content and shares it on a social media platform, Google or Bing will not consider this a ranking signal. However, there is good news: engagement is!

If you use social media extensively to promote your high-quality content, consider that engagement is essential for SEO. Engagement helps you make connections and generate leads for your business. Content that receives a lot of social media interaction will rank for the themes it covers.

3. Link Building Can Be Attained Through Social Sharing

Social media can also lead to genuine, high-quality links from authoritative websites. Influencers use social media just as much (if not more) than everyone else. Because your content is available through the same channels as theirs, they may link to it from their blogs or websites. That type of high-value link building from influencer marketing may be challenging to obtain at a high rate without using social media.

Do competition research to better understand your niche. Social media is also advantageous for SEO because it encourages more external sites to link to your web content. The catch is that you must have high-quality, authoritative, well researched keywords for the content to attract links; otherwise, you will fail. 

4. Increased Brand Awareness Benefits Your SEO Rankings

Another way that social media helps SEO is by increasing brand awareness. This may appear to be more of a branding benefit than a specific SEO benefit, but the SEO benefit is enormous! Increasing your social media reputation through increased engagement and the publication of consistent, high-quality content will increase your online brand presence. Over time, a growing brand presence will result in more branded searches on Google. 

5. Google’s Partnership with Twitter

Finally, it is essential to know that Google has a partnership with Twitter. We don’t know what this means for social and search marketing in the future. However, we know that relevant tweets are frequently displayed in Google search results for branded searches. 

The presence of your Twitter posts in search results does not affect the SEO of your website, but it can increase brand awareness and authority, as well as lead to increased link building with other sites. According to marketer Neil Patel, there are several ways to benefit from the Twitter/Google partnership,( tweet and tweet frequently) . User searches will yield tweets (and Twitter hashtags) with similar keywords as long as this relationship exists.

Wrapping Up

Although social media is frequently used to improve your website’s organic Google ranking, it has the potential to become an invaluable tool over time! You will leverage social media to increase organic traffic and conversions via search, whether through content promotion, increased engagement, more link-building, increased brand awareness, or taking advantage of Google’s relationship with Twitter.

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