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Shopify vs WordPress – Which One is Best for Ecommerce

When concluding whether to utilize Shopify vs WordPress for your e-commerce business markets, few interesting points are premium consideration:

  • Simplicity of arrangement
  • Adaptability
  • Client care
  • Installment Choices
  • Transformation time of optimization

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a web-based application that allows dealers to make their own E-commerce store and display their worldwide business growth services. It gives a scope of layouts that can be modified to meet everyone’s organizations’ marking prerequisites. And you can display both physical and computerized products as a service. One of the critical thoughts behind Shopify is that clients with no specialized or planned abilities can make a store themselves. The person who has no idea of coding can also indulge without facing technical problems. In any case, Shopify additionally permits you to alter the HTML and CSS of your site. A good choice for a good future.

  • Hosted by Shopify:

Shopify is a ‘Hosted’ arrangement; Shopify has a server to run your store smoothly. Along these lines, you don’t have to stress over purchasing web facilitating or introducing programming anyplace. You have to plan your store according to your business nature and let Shopify know to design your thoughts. After building and running an E-commerce store successfully, you are ready to be an all-rounder in the competitive market.

What is WordPress?

WordPress has its two versions, easily available according to the requirements of the E-commerce business.

  • Version 1: Hosted WordPress
  • Version 2: Self-Hosted WordPress

Version1: Hosted WordPress

Facilitated WordPress — accessible at — is, like Shopify, a product as an assistance (SaaS) instrument. You have to pay a month-to-month expense, and you gain admittance to an expansive scope of highlights. This extension empowers you to construct and update your E-commerce Store. But WordPress is not a single solution for all E-commerce problems like Shopify. Clients need to utilize outsider instruments like Ecwid, WooCommerce (or for sure Shopify!).

Version2: Self hosted WordPress:

In self-hosted WordPress, it’s a simple kind of code; you are itself a game-changer. First, download the related software from and set up this software on your web server. Basically, self-hosted WordPress is open-source, implying that the backend code is flexibly accessible and might be effortlessly changed. This implies that any person who wants a customized E-commerce store is warmly welcome to download the specific pattern and change it on the nth degree of requirement.

it’s an amazingly adaptable instrument that working under correct site engineer. Establishing the privilege modules can be adjusted to meet the necessities of almost any website or project.

When You can Prefer Shopify Over WordPress?

  • Shopify is a platform where any person (who don’t know about coding) can visit and make for fantastic E-commerce store according to business requirements.
  • One of the most highlighted features of Shopify is: if you are planning for Shopify web store, you can quickly drive your scattered thoughts. Easy and user-friendly Shopify environment allows you to launch your idea and immediately serve your visitors.
  • Whether you are familiar with software development or not, Shopify is always there to solve your underline problems in one go. Even the bottom-line boring questions including inventories, parcel setting and paying taxes policy, Shopify can solve these problems automatically.
  • Shopify Price Schedule: one of the attractive elements of Shopify is bearable prices; you just need to pay a few dollars per month. In return, you are allowed to make an online store to touch the business height.

When Shopify is the Best Choice Ever?

  1. Prefer Shopify platform when you are planning for some quick and inspiring E-commerce store in competitional market. Shopify is a way of fast development with flexible zone, flexibility means you don’t need to indulge in the intricate steps of development.
  2. Go for Shopify when you are not familiar with website designing, web development and maintenance. In other words, Shopify will work for you as a complete package since starts to launch.
  3. Choose Shopify when you are planning to attach your online web store with off-line stores of the market.
  4. Shopify is a good choice when you want a quick communication node between you and your customers, ultimately for customer support.

When You can Prefer WordPress Over Shopify?

  • WordPress is a kind of power hub that lightens up all the candles of wishes and plans. Absolutely authentic and huge platform to run distinctive websites.
  • WordPress services are freely available, if you want to install your website with a web host personally, you have to follow all the configurations and quickly you will be ready to launch your website.
  • WordPress is a big name of a blogging station; it never provides E-commerce services for businesses. But if you want to enjoy E-commerce services through WordPress then you have to attach plugins. WooCommerce is mostly used the plugin to obtain E-commerce features from the WordPress platform
  • Besides these plugins, you have option to use many other plugins to maintain social media and SEO chunks. On the other hand, you have to focus on attractive designs and theme of the website to inspire your visitors. If you successfully follow all the required WordPress steps, I bet you, you will introduce fantastic E-commerce Store in the competitional market.

When WordPress is the best Choice Ever?

  1. Pick WordPress as a priority choice if you already have an interaction with WordPress website. When you are familiar with WordPress control panel (receiving orders and channelizing orders) and CMS, definitely you don’t need to spend some any affords to learn any curve.
  2. Go for WordPress if you already using WordPress E-commerce store and now you don’t want to spend any funds on new store. Definitely WordPress will help you out to derive your idea.
  3. WordPress give high margin to play with available code.
  4. Choose WordPress if you want a healthy return without having strong customers support.

Shopify Vs WordPress

  • WordPress Advantages and Disadvantages

WordPress Pros WordPress Cons
World Wide User Customize designs (sometime hard to use)
Trustworthy and well discipline CMS (content management system) Sudden updates (required to maintain website performance)
Easily availability of plugins Learning requirements (flexible to work on WordPress but little bit advance knowledge leads you toward challenging profit curve)
SEO Friendly environment Proper Planning Required (developing website is a part of marketing, for this purpose you have to schedule under the water processes to move forward)
Search Engine optimization Hackers Attacks
Customized E-commerce website building
Promote blogging websites
Low Cost
Professional themes and designs
Easily availability of updates
Quick loading (minimum PHP coding is used in WordPress that’s why your website responsed quickly against any query)
Good Performance
Mobile Friendly


  • Shopify Advantages and Disadvantages

No need of professional trainings and technical knowledge of website, Shopify allows to develop E-commerce store without coding. If you are interested to make any change in layout and themes, you have to reformat your website.
All the tools and modules are available in one go Not very easy to attach certain thing even with drag and drop functions
No need to pay extra for web hosting and security. Cost is little bit high as compared to WordPress
Responsive Layout for all devices Huge Number of Tools: sometime you have to spend more time to find best tool from variety of available tools collection.
User-friendly environment Tricky to find affordable Shopify platform
Well managed web server


Shopify VS WordPress: Who is Best from Payment Perspective?

Payment is one of the main aspects on which any businessman decides the directions. In the business of an E-Commerce store, the payment is main elements which must be flexible and easy for any customer. The given table highlights are giving the key make proper decision about which platform is best from payment perspective.


Shopify Payment Process WordPress Payment Process
Shopify support Paypal and Amazon payments through any credit card. WordPress also support Paypal and Amazon payments through any credit card.
Shopify has its own payment procedure, linked with Stripe. WooCommerce allows you to make payments through credit card of any bank. You are also allowed to make payments directly from Stripe.


  • Shopify Payment Charges:

The greatest distinction between the two is the charges you pay to acknowledge payments. You’ll pay expenses towards payment door, bank, or trader account. Whatever Shopify platform you are using, you’ll likewise pay additional charges to respected account through which you are receiving payments. Charges are somewhere in the range of 0.5% to 2% of the exchange sum. If you are offering the credit card option to your customers, you have to pay some extra charges around about 2.9% in addition to a 30-penny level rate charge..

  • WordPress Payment Charges:

On WordPress and WooCommerce, you don’t pay any additional expenses like Shopify.

Can We Use Shopify and WordPress Together?

Yes, we can use WordPress and Shopify at the same time for one website. Actually, when anyone use WordPress for E-Commerce store, they use Shopify plugin like WooCommerce.


Shopify and WordPress both are mature platforms of E-commerce website development. On the fair node of judgment, both platforms (Shopify and WordPress) have some pros and cons. But you should pick the best according to the nature of your business.

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