Quora: The Surprising Traffic Driving Machine For Your Blog

Being a blogger gives many responsibilities apart from writing and creating content. Some of them are building your authority, creating a brand name, and getting traffic on your blog. To your surprise, you can accomplish all these goals from just one practice on a site using Quora and Quora questions.

Quora comes in as a surprise when we talk about driving traffic to your blog because it a Q&A platform, but the reach and relevance of Quora on the internet make it one of the most organic ways of increasing traffic on your blog.

Why choose Quora over others?

Benefits of using Quora to drive traffic to your blogs are many, some of which are:

Best way to build your brand authority: Quora is the easiest way to make your brand authority among the users. Once you post a quora question about specific topics and you get views on it, you have a presence in the ranking list. This makes you trustworthy and your blog link clickable.

Increased website referral traffic for free:

When the website gets views from visitors who landed on the page by clicking on a link, it is called website referral traffic, and Quora is the perfect place to do so. Quora traffic case study shows you can add links to your blog in the answer you publish and will see increased traffic on your website.

Quora gets you noticed by significant publications:

Quora is also a significant buff in major publication channels like Forbes, times now, huff Post, etc. Even many renowned personalities use Quora’s Q&A. Thus, you can make your way to these prominent publications, and many people have already benefitted from this.

Quora is a long-term traffic-driving tool:

Quora isn’t a social media post that stays for a while, but it remains for very long, and your answer published years ago can give you significant traffic in the present.

How to get more traffic from Quora?

Now we will discuss the points to get started with Quora and Quora questions. How to get traffic from Quora to your website/blog?

Create an impactful profile setting up a profile is ignored by writers on Quora, but it is a crucial step. It acts like the first impression you have on a user. An entirely written author bio and profile summary make your content more impactful as the users know content comes from an allowed person. An author’s bio should be precise and effective.

Choose the right interest and pick a topic:

After you’ve set up your profile, the next task is to choose your interest on which you will write. This will make it easy to find relevant Quora questions to which you can answer, and that aligns with your niche. The trick is to choose limited interests, so it doesn’t become a burden, and you can focus on the right topic. You can also create a brand topic that users can search for and eventually read your answers about it.

Target your audience:

Quora gives you the option to see the trending questions and answers. From there, you can see which segments of people are viewing it. This helps you focus on a specific segment of viewers, or as we know it as the target audience. Quora’s analytics give you an insight into your answer views and profile view on Quora wiki, according to that, you can create your future content.

Write informative and creative answers:

There are thousands of users on Quora, so you need to make your answer informative and unique to appear at the top of results, and once you have garnered many views and upvotes, more users will follow. Some ways to make quality answers:

  • Use visual content
  • Be exclusive
  • Keep your language simple and understandable
  • Use proper formatting in your answer
  • Don’t spam answer with links
  • Give examples and reference from your blog

These tips are followed by the top players of Quora, who have made it big on this platform.


We have discussed the most important ways to drive more traffic to your blog. But there is the unsaid thing about Quora question content writing, and you need to be patient and consistent. This one trick will help you grow your brand authority on this platform.

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