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Exceptional Customer Service

Exceptional Customer Service:-

Remarkable Customer Service:-


Not satisfactory enough. Any moment of middle or average truth is just a normal state in my mind. The goal is to create moments of magic, magic.

Exceptional Customer Service

Phenomenal Customer Service:-

Now, I mentioned about creating customer surprise and creating magic, and others Oh, we got people to get the highest rating with our service, to keep people away. Not. The best companies in the world sometimes distract you with excellent, high, low-level services.

However, the best one share is always better than average and this is important. If you want to create magic moments, if you want to surprise the customer, be better than average at all times. Now, in these moments of the conception of truth లో What is the average age of the person working in Oven Fresh, 16, 18? But they are teenagers.

Notable Customer Service:- 

When they hand you your food, what do you think; What do you think some of these teenagers were thinking when they handed you their food? Are they thinking about you? No, what are they thinking about? What time do they leave? They can leave at any time and what are they going to do tonight. Of course, this is not always true, and this is not really true because I am not trying to kill Oven Fresh. If they take the right people, they are not doing anything. However, if you go to a lot of these fast food or fast-service restaurants, you will sometimes find it difficult to engage employees, especially young children.

However, if that employee is nice to you and they look at you and smile and they thank you so much and they hand you your food and take your money they will give you a wonderful smile, then this is a moment of magic. Many times that simple, average, mundane experience has to do well. Now, on the other hand, I will give you a great example. The oven was fresh on the way to school. I take my kids breakfast once a week, and ask, “Where would anyone like to make a breakfast trip?” “Let’s go to Oven Fresh,” they go. They liked breakfast at Oven Fresh.

Recognizable Customer Service:-

Both ovens are fresh. “Who do you want to go?” “Oh, we want to travel …” and they always say the same thing. Why? Well, this is a special woman. By the way, in the morning, the kids don’t work there because they’re going to be in school. But this is a special woman, she is brilliant. We go into the oven fresh and she says “Okay, look who’s here. Kids, come here”. He was very warm and inviting. She says to my kids, “Kids, I know what you’re going to do for breakfast.” My kids asked, “What are we going to do?”.

The people in this oven are very friendly. When you go to Oven Fresh or any other fast food restaurant, you go to the counter and order their food. How many people do you really communicate with? How many of those employees would you say would talk to? One. That’s true, one. What happened when we went out, he said “people”. Here is a great, important thing. People mean it: a woman behind the counter who had this great experience, that really represents every staff member and team member in Oven Fresh. He represented the whole restaurant, the bricks, the mortar, the brand, everything – it’s an important thing – that means he has an awakening.


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