Surprising Facts About Road Traffic Accidents

Road traffic accidents are the most unfortunate and frequent source of death. Accidents are nothing but a moment of carelessness and distraction by someone that brings ultimate chaos to others and the person himself. So, everyone on the road must behave responsibly so that he can save himself and others for any misfortune that may even lead to death.

Here are 17 most surprising facts about road accidents that you might not know.

About 1.3 million people from all around the world meet their death angel because of the road traffic accidents.
At least 50 million people around the world get injured or disabled by road traffic accidents every year, making their normal lives challenging.

About 25 million of these injured, disabled or killed people in road crashes are vulnerable ones such as pedestrians, motorcyclists, and cyclists where big vehicle riders such as truck drivers are least vulnerable.
The most common day of car accidents is Saturday. The reason is unknown but maybe it is because Saturday is weekend and there is no specific timing for people going out on the road as it is during week days. So, numerous people going out at numerous places at numerous times in numerous directions may lead Saturday to be the day with most accidents.

More than half of the road accidents occur within 5 km area of the driver’s home as people may feel safest in their own territory (home area) and may drive rashly.


The most dangerous type of road traffic accidents that cause may deaths is vehicle rollover where there are least chances for the victims to survive. See also for Vehicle Damage Claims

Mobile phone is one of the biggest causes of traffic accidents. Using mobile phone during drive increases the risk of an accident by 400% as it distracts your attention from the road and keep your senses busy on the phone, making you less attentive to the road.

Distraction while driving is one of the main causes of road accidents. Approximately 3,500 people get killed in car accidents involving a distracted driver every year. The most common distraction of all while driving is texting or using mobile phone.

According to World Health Organisation, low-income country natives are three times more at risk of a road accident than people of a high-income country. The most probably reason would be the better road conditions, traffic rules, and safety measures.

Young people are most vulnerable to the traffic accidents especially young adults between 16 and 20 face the highest chances of being in a road accident.

Seatbelt makes a rider safe and wearing seatbelt reduces the risk of death or any fatal injury in an accident by 61%.


Just like car drivers need seatbelt for their safety, bike riders require helmet to keep them safe from any major harm on road. Riders who wear helmet are at low risk od having a fatal injury than people who don’t wear helmet by 45%.
Sleeplessness and fatigue are responsible for about 20% road accidents. 20% of the accidents are caused by restless and fatigued drivers who fall asleep at the wheel.

Although males are more often on road and drive way more miles than women, males are morel likely to the subject of a road accident than women. The reason is that women think more and always seek ways to avoid risky situations. Women are also more likely to wear seat belt, making them safer.

The main causes of road accidents are distractions (usually by mobile phone), fatigue, restlessness, environmental conditions (rain, fog or smog), medical or emotional impairment.


Almost half of the fatal car accidents are when drivers are under the influence of alcohol or any sort of drug. Medication can also be included in the drug category as it also hinders one’s ability to think and make a quick decision on the road if needed. Roughly 40% of all traffic-related fatalities involve drivers under the influence of alcohol or a drug. That is why, driving under the influence of alcohol is unlawful and you can be punished or fined for this.

It is alarming to mention and hear but a fatal car accident occurs every 16 minutes that is 92 people being killed in day.

Prevention of Road Traffic Accidents

Road traffic accidents are frequent and unfortunate. Thousands of people all around the world die annually due to road accidents. Although there are numerous causes of road traffic accidents, a driver can take all possible measures to minimise the risk of an accident.

Here are some of the ways that can help you prevent accidents while you are on road.
Road conditions should improved

Bad road conditions are one of the most common external factors that cannot be controlled by the driver and that takes a big part in causing road traffic accidents. The governmental officials are responsible for better road conditions so it is the duty of the concerning departments to improve road conditions in order to save lives and prevent any possible harm to the drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

Drive predictably

Most road traffic accidents occur because of failed predictions of your move by other drivers. A driver should drive in accordance with others’ predictions. Be predictable so that others around you on road can predict your next move and drive accordingly.

Avoid sudden moves

Driving predictably is safe for everyone on the road as it is hard to predict moves that are sudden and abrupt. Sudden changes in the direction or speed can lead to an accident. While drivers apply brakes to slow down and indicators are given, sudden brakes increase the risk of a crash. Plan your move ahead and give indicators so that other drivers can understand your driving and drive in accordance with that, avoiding any possible danger of an accident.

Drive slowly

Overspend is another cause of road traffic accidents. On any road or highway, there should be enough inter-vehicle distance among cars. If all cars are moving at more or less the same average speed, then the risk of an accident is very low. However, if the speed of an oncoming vehicle is much faster than it appears, there is a chance that an accident may occur. Drive slowly in order to keep yourself and others safe.
Keep your signal clear

Indicators and signs are there so that you can tell the possible move to the people around you. for instance, if you are moving to the right lane on the highway, you must use the right indicator so that others around you would know. Similarly, if you will turn around without using the turn signal at an intersection without a traffic signal then there is a high chance that you will cause an accident. Always signal before making any move on the road.

Be quick in noticing potential danger

If you are wishing for a safe drive, then you should be quick to notice any potential danger on the road. Take account of all the things happening around you on the road and which of them could be able to cause an accident. Moreover, keep noticing other pedestrians and vehicles on road too as an accident can caused by the recklessness of others also.

No rush

Reckless driving is one of the biggest causes of road traffic accidents where driving rashly and speedily best describes recklessness. When you are on road, make sure you are taking your time and giving others too. Don’t rush because safe and slow driving is far better than rushed and injurious driving.
Overspending is also punishable and could come with heavy fines, license suspension, and even a road accident just because you were eager to save some of your minutes. Being late for a few minutes is surely a small price for safety.

Be attentive

Fatigue, restlessness, being on medicines, and physical or emotional weariness are some of the reasons that can be the reason for a road accident. Be attentive on the road and avoid going out if you fatigued, sleepless, or tired unless it is not necessary.

Avoid using phone

According to statistics, 23% of road accidents involve cell phone use every year leading to 1.3 million cars crash worldwide. The statistics are concerning and huge. Using the cell phone during driving is extremely dangerous as the attention of the driver diverted and he or she cannot keep his eyes and mind on the road. Do not use a cell phone while driving and even if the need is urgent, make sure to park your car aside in order to avoid any possible accident.

Abidance with traffic rules and signs

Obeying traffic rules and signs is the key to safe driving. Drivers and even pedestrians on road expected to comply with traffic rules. A driver must abide by the rules established in order to keep himself and others safe and sound. When you follow road-traffic-accidents-claims-glasgow and traffic rules, you are predictable to others, making them plan their route and drive according to it. this makes the overall driving environment on road congenial for everyone, making abidance by traffic laws  them ost basic preventive measure against road accidents. Read More Stories

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