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Print Outlook Contact List to Excel Using Easy Methods

Do you want to print Outlook contact list to Excel but have no idea how to do that? Then keep reading to know the most convenient methods to help you out.

Excel and Outlook are both built by the tech giant Microsoft but provide opposite functionalities. MS Outlook is a well-known email client and MS Excel is a spreadsheet program that stores data in tabular format. To print Outlook contact list to Excel is something that confuses the users since they are not aware of the file formats both of these applications support.

We come across queries where the users complain about having corrupt or orphan Outlook PST contact files. A PST file is Outlook data file that stores data up to 2 GB on the user’s computer. At times, Outlook does not accept a damaged file. In such situations, the user comes to the brink of losing the data forever.

“Hello! I have been using MS Outlook for several years now. I have got a huge list of my contacts saved in it. Now, I want to print Outlook contact list to Excel to send to my seniors and proceed with my office work. I am unable to understand how I can execute this task? Is there any reliable way to help me out? As I am a non-tech person, I would highly appreciate an easy method of doing so.”

To get solutions to all of these problems, keep reading this article further. You will surely thank us later for providing you the best of the quick fixes available out there.

How to Print Outlook Contact List to Excel?

In this section, we will first discuss how you can still print your contact list without actually having MS Outlook installed on your system. So, if you have an orphan or even a damaged PST contact file, you can work on this method. Pcvita Outlook to vCard converter is a versatile & effective tool that you can use. It exports the contact (and other data items) in many formats including the one compatible with Excel. A CSV file is most suitable for MS Excel and other spreadsheet programs since it stores the data in records. It is enriched with some commendable features as mentioned below:

Key Features of the Tool:

  • Print Outlook contacts list to excel in bulk.
  • Works well with orphan & password-protected files.
  • You can also add a damaged file to it & convert it.
  • Preserves the folder structure & hierarchy.
  • Exports all fields & attributes of the contacts.
  • Supports all Microsoft Outlook versions.
  • Mapping of fields is done automatically.
  • Compatible with latest Windows versions.

Note: To import vCard contacts to Outlook, install the vCard Importer from Pcvita.

Guiding Steps to Print Outlook Contact List to Excel

  1. First, install the tool on your device and add contact file(s) or folder to it. You can also enable the software to automatically pick the files.
  2. Then, this utility will scan your files for any form of data corruption or damage. After doing so, it will load all the files in your software for you to work upon.
  3. Here, you can preview the details & fields of the files.
  4. In the next screen, select CSV as your export option, browse a location to save this file & click on ‘Export’.

How to Manually Print Outlook Contact List to Excel?

If you want to manually execute this process, then follow the below-given steps. Before performing these steps, you must know the fallbacks such as the inability to export all fields. It requires you to map the contacts manually which is a cumbersome task.

  • Launch MS Outlook & click on ‘File’.
  • Click on ‘Open & Export’ > ‘Import/Export’.
  • Select ‘Export to a File’ > Next.
  • Tap on ‘Comma Separated Values’ > Next.
  • Now, select the folder you wish to export contacts from.
  • Browse a local folder location to save the file.
  • Map the custom field & click on the ‘Export’ option.

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Limitations of the Manual Way

You can print Outlook contact list to Excel using both manuals as well as automatic ways. However, there is always a few limitations associated with the manual tricks. This is because their primary objective is not to perform the said task and hence are called mere tricks. Hence, it is advisable to go for the software as mentioned which is capable of performing the task at a great level. Following are some of the limitations of manually trying to print Outlook contact list to Excel:

  • It supports exporting some of the fields of the contacts but not all of them. MS Outlook, hence, restricts the number of fields of contact files that you can move.
  • It takes unlimited time for you to filter and re-arrange field mapping. As it is not done automatically by Outlook, you will have to manually keep mapping the fields till the end of the list which is not the case with the software.
  • As already stated, manual ways are mere tricks that are not destined to print Outlook contact list to Excel. You will be required to use many shortcuts to help you and hence requires enough technical expertise on your part.
  • Often times MS Outlook freezes while performing the task. If this happens with you during the process, you may end up with permanently damaged source files. In other words, the data may get lost forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which MS Outlook versions are supported by this tool?
    – This tool can print Outlook contact list to Excel from Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and its other versions.
  2. Can I export previously deleted contacts using this recommended software?
    – Yes, this smart utility offers the option to convert and migrate the list of deleted contacts too.
  3. Does this tool allow conversion of orphaned files in absence of MS Outlook?
    – Fortunately, yes. You are free to export orphaned, damaged, and files protected by passwords with no restrictions whatsoever.
  4. Is it necessary to match the custom fields?
    – No, the software itself matches the fields of the contact files for you while it continues to print Outlook contact list to Excel.
  5. Is it obligatory for the user to download and configure Outlook on your system?
    “I am an Outlook user but lately, it is crashing way too often. I urgently need to access the contact list that I have exported in its data file format. Is it essential to have a well-configured Outlook?”
    It is not mandatory for you to download Outlook. You can even perform the required task in its absence.
  6. Does this tool allow a free version for its users?
    – Yes, you can download the free version available on its website. It permits its users to install and run it on their local systems and try it. After trying its demo version, the users can proceed to buy its full version.


In this article, we explained about two different ways to print Outlook contact list to Excel. Users can go for either the manual method or the automatic solution. The tool mentioned in this blog is the number one choice of professionals that also provides a free version for you to test. It promises a safe environment and ensures that your source files are secured.

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