How to Open OLM File in Excel? Know Best Way

Are you looking for solutions to convert and open OLM file in Excel? In this article, you will find answers for all possible scenarios. For opening the OLM file in Excel, you must convert the OLM format into CSV which is a comma-separated values file. It is one of the best facilities out there to store contacts since it is specialized in storing numbers and texts in records.

OLM file, on the other hand, is a Mac Outlook file format that is capable of storing many file items such as emails, calendars, contacts, etc. We face the need to open the OLM files in MS Excel because spreadsheets are the easiest and versatile platforms to access data. You can easily move its content & open it in other applications. OLM is limited to Mac Outlook and cannot be accessed on other platforms, unlike the CSV file. Also, a CSV format can save unlimited data making it much easier to be used.

How to Open OLM File in Excel Manually?

The manual method is easy to implement but it comes with certain limitations. This method requires the installation of Mac Outlook on your system. You need to perform the following steps to open an OLM file in Excel:

  • Launch Mac Outlook and navigate to the top menu.
  • Click on ‘File’ > ‘Export’ & choose the export option.
  • Select the ‘Contacts to a list (tab-delimited text)’ option.
  • Now, give a location to save this file & click on save.

Smart Way to Open OLM File in Excel

Users often complain about having orphan OLM files that they can neither access nor use because of the absence of Mac Outlook.

“My colleague forwarded me an OLM file but neither of us is Mac Outlook users. I cannot access it and can’t proceed with my work. I need to access our client’s phone numbers and other such information. How can I proceed with this?”

If you also have an OLM file but no Mac Outlook installed on your computer, then you must go for Mac OLM file converter software that provides endless features for you:

  • It can open multiple OLM file in Excel in one go.
  • You can open even your orphan OLM file with this tool.
  • It supports files created by Mac Outlook 2011, 2016, 2019.
  • It allows you to extract selective OLM files as well.
  • Maintains folder hierarchy & data integrity.

Steps to How to Open OLM File in Excel

  1. Download and install the software on your system & add file(s) or folder to it.
  2. Select the folders you want to export & choose the CSV format.
  3. Provide a location to save this file & hit the ‘Export’ button.

You can now simply open this file in any spreadsheet program including MS Excel.

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Final Words

You learned about how to open OLM file in Excel by using the manual and an automatic method. Here, we briefly talked about the merits and demerits of both of these methods. The manual way words under a certain environment and if that is not available, you might not be able to execute it. The automatic solution, however, is versatile enough to produce near-perfect results in any given situation with complete data security.

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