Men’s Style Guide – How to Dress for a Holiday Event

The moment you enter the month of November, you start receiving a series of holiday party invitations. Some events are related to work and held during the workday, while others include cocktail parties and friend’s get-together. Wearing a plain khaki shirt for the holiday event after work hours won’t do. The same is the case with any other holiday party. You would have to contemplate a bit to dress for the occasion.

Dressing up for a holiday event is daunting, especially if you are not a fashionista. At work parties, you are expected to stick to the office dress code policy unless you have guidelines on dressing for the event. What about parties with friends, in-laws, a bar outing with friends, and other events?

Do you need styling tips to ace your look? Worry not, we have got your back. Here are a handful of suggestions and styling tips to look your best:

Always Wear Ironed Clothes

This isn’t just a dress tip for a holiday event, but for any occasion. If it involves a dress shirt, make sure it’s well ironed. A smooth shirt plays a huge role in putting together a clean look. It also shows that you care about making an impression. It only takes a few minutes but has the power to make a massive difference in your appearance.

Get a Plaid Blazer

On chilly nights, you are going to need something warm. On occasions like these, a plaid blazer comes to the rescue. The thing about plaid blazers is that they look like a part of your outfit, never a last-minute addition, even if it is one.

Cashmere Sweater with Chinos

Ideally, when it’s an office party, you must pick an outfit that is sophisticated for the workday and helps you transition to the after-work casual drinks effortlessly. Cashmere sweater and chinos paired with loafers are perfect. You may also sport a coat in the shade of wintry grey. Give yourself the option of either wearing it or leaving it at your desk for rocking a casual look.

Throw a Tux Jacket

Do you have friends who throw a fancy holiday party at their house every year? This event calls for a relaxed yet professional look. This is a hard one because many people fail to realize where to draw the line.

Let’s help you out. Choose a nice pair of raw denim pants made in the USA. Wear a clean shirt. Navy, black, white, or burgundy would do. Top it off with a tux jacket. I would recommend wearing a black tuxedo jacket. This one really raises the bar. Ryan Gosling does a great job at rocking this fashionable look.

Take the Time to Choose Your Socks

Socks are important!! There’s nothing worse than seeing a well-dressed gentleman wearing white gym socks. It breaks the look from head to toe. Ideally, when wearing black pants and black shoes, you must wear black socks.

There’s no harm in using socks to let others know about your personality. Take inspiration from Justin Trudeau. This man wears a classy pair of socks to every next meeting. Many of us loved his Star Wars socks the most and were secretly glad that he’s a Star Wars fan.

When in Doubt, Go for Chambray Shirt

Chambray shirt is a timeless option. You can easily dress this shirt up or down. It’s a perfect option for events you are not sure about. For a casual look, wear a chambray shirt only. But when the need of the occasion is to look dressy, layer it up with a blazer. It’s also a cool choice when you are going to meet your girlfriend’s family for the first time.

Groom Yourself

A clean-shaven face makes you look polished at all times. If you have a goatee or full beard, make sure it’s trimmed.

A Good Old Overcoat

When it’s an outdoor event, your outerwear is the first and last thing people will notice. In the cold weather, a good old overcoat is mandatory for any man. The best thing about these is that you only need one. So even if it’s a bit expensive, we would suggest going for it. However, make sure it suits you well. Go for a style that complements your build. As long as the coat is made of wool, you are good. Expensive options that are a blend of wool and cashmere are also available.

You may wear an overcoat alone but it’s best to supplement it with a cashmere scarf or a knit hat to nail the look. Accessories like these play the role of cherry on the cake.

Turtleneck for a Casual Party

Deciding what to wear to a casual holiday party thrown by your friends shouldn’t be a problem. There’s so much room to experiment. In an event like this, choose such an attire that makes you feel comfortable.

Turtlenecks are best for such occasions. Match them with a pair of jeans, a casual blazer, and Chelsea boots. This is a perfectly sleek yet relaxed look.

turtle necks

Don’t Forget a Classic Timepiece

Watches are a man’s way of accessorizing and maintaining a clean look. A timepiece with a leader band is perfect for any holiday event. It pairs well with sport coats. For formal affairs, there is no harm in putting on bigger bling.

Carry a Handkerchief

You never know whom you meet at a holiday event. Therefore, be a gentleman and carry a handkerchief. It doesn’t need to be a fancy one. Buy a plain cotton handkerchief. It’s an inexpensive way to rescue someone in a potentially embarrassing moment. A child, fellow man, or a lady might need it.


Planning your outfit for each occasion during the festive season can get a little overwhelming. When you are attending different events with the same crowd, repeating the same outfit, even if it means wearing the same leather belt for men is not an option.

Hopefully, with this guide, you got to learn handy tips to dress for the holiday season and turn heads everywhere you go. Happy Holiday!

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