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4 Classic Party Dress Styles That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Everyone gets a party invite once in a while. No matter what occasion you get invited for, you must take it as an opportunity to look best and wear something nice. However, choosing which dress to wear can be challenging. Party dresses need to be appropriate for the event. But you may opt to invest in classic, timeless pieces, so you do not need to buy a new one all the time.

If you want to spend your money on several pieces of party dresses, here are some classic options that you must include in your wardrobe.

#1: Halter Dresses 

If you want to flaunt your smooth back during a party, you may look for halter dresses that fit well on your body. This classic style started its popularity during the 1940s and the 1950s.

One of the most iconic ones ever produced was worn by Marilyn Monroe in the movie “The Seven Year Itch” in 1955. Many women imitated it numerous times. According to a list from Glamour magazine, the dress, designed by William Travilla, was also considered one of the most recognisable dresses in history.

The halter-style dress went through a disco-themed revival during the early 1970s. Nowadays, you have the option to get a body-hugging halter dress or a glamorous floor-length dress for any occasion.

#2: A-Line Dress 

One of the most flattering party dresses is the A-line dress. It was initially introduced by French couturier Christian Dior. The dress got its name from its silhouette that resembles the letter A.

The A-line dress makes any wearer look more feminine because of its narrow shoulders and flowing skirt from the waist down. Party dresses like this usually look great on everyone.

You may invest in a little black dress in an A-line pattern that you can use for any party. You could also get a spaghetti-strapped A-line dress and wear it on top of a figure-hugging top for an edgier look.

#3: Shift Dress

Party-goers in the 1960s often wore pretty shift dresses to comfortably dance the night away. Fortunately, this chic and timeless style remains a fashion staple until now.

Shift dresses have a very distinct pattern that lets the fabric fall straight from the shoulders and flit around the bust line. Plenty of women love this style because it can flatter all body types. It reduces attention to the hips and thighs and showcases your natural body shape.

You may opt to wear a classy long-sleeved crepe mini-dress for a dinner party or a sparkly shift dress in your favourite colour.

#4: Slip Dresses

If you have the body to flaunt, then you could choose a slinky slip dress for your next party appearance. This style closely appears like an underslip. It uses a pattern that is cut directly on the bias.

The slip dress trend intensified during the mid-1990s when Jennifer Aniston started wearing this style on the red carpet. But the trend remained in fashion up to this day.

Some of the most popular slip dress options include the ones with high slits. You may also choose a black number for a classic yet sultry look.

Investing in timeless party dresses could be smart to look great for every party you attend. You only need to find the best dress that fits your body and shape to ensure that you will look great and feel comfortable at all times.

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