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3 Application Process You Need to Know Before Applying For TSS Visa

One of the many types of visas is the TSS Visa or the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa Scheme. Before, it was known as the 457-visa class, which was later called the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa, specifically from 18th March 2018. The visa’s main objective is to allow eligible (foreign) workers to work in Australia, which their employer or business owner sponsors. It allows them to live and work full-time in the country.

Who can apply for the TSS Visa?

The business employer or sponsor is the one who decides if they want to give a chance to one of their employees. They will instruct them to apply for the visa and designate the role that they will do once they start working in Australia. In short, you can apply for the visa if you are nominated by your employer, who is an approved business sponsor, to work and live in Australia. You can also be nominated under a labour agreement or contract. If you are a visa applicant, one of your family members can also apply for the visa under the subsequent entrant category if they wish to accompany you in moving to the country.

The Application process

1. SBS or Standard Business Sponsorship

Before you get the privilege to become a visa applicant, your company must also have the eligibility to sponsor an individual in getting the visa. They should get permission to do so. Foreign companies can also apply, but the type of approval they should get is the OBS or the Overseas Business Sponsorship. For a company to get approval, it must have its necessary legal, financial documents. It should also prove that it is fully operational. Once approved, permission can last for up to five years.

2. Nomination

This step is another crucial part of the visa application process because it is where the business employer would nominate an individual in the company and the position or role in the occupation. In this step, the sponsor also guarantees earnings concerning the TSMIT or the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold. According to the Australian market rates, the sponsors are the ones who would pay the nominated individual. Some occupations under the visa may require proof of LMT or Labour Market Testing.

4. Visa

Once an individual has been nominated to apply for the TSS Visa, they need to acquire the necessary skills such as work experience and expertise in the field and English. The individual must also be in good health and character.

Requirements from the visa applicant

A visa applicant must qualify for the needed experience and expertise in the position. Usually, two years is the required minimum number of work experience relevant to the field. The applicant should also fulfil his/her roles genuinely and completely. Other qualifications that the applicant must possess are being fluent in English and can communicate well with other people. They should also be of good health and moral character.

Another good thing about this visa is you can include family members in your visa application. All of you shall get the same visa for the same duration. However, members who are aged 23 years old and above are excluded from the application. You can include them, but only in very special circumstances. Once the visa is granted, it can last up to four years.

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