Rifle Slings: A (Very) Short Guide

Call it a rifle sling if you must, but it’s valuable when paired with much more than a rifle. Whether you carry a shotgun, a rifle, or even a submachine gun or a sporting arm, a sling can be your best friend in the field. Give up carrying it and start slinging it (in a good way).

Here are just some of the best reasons that you should give up on the stone age, two-handed carry method and invest in a quality rifle sling this upcoming season. They’re not just cosmetic, they’re functional and here’s why:

  • Reduce fatigue – Slings will not result in as much fatigue since they free up your hands and arms.
  • Increase comfort – Some traditional carry methods put a lot of pressure on your arms, hands, chest and shoulders, but that won’t happen with a good sling.
  • Free your hands for other tasks – Naturally, you’ll be able to carry more when your hands are unencumbered.
  • Redistribute weight so you are able to carry more gear – This is self explanatory!
  • Plus, they will look pretty cool with your gun, so there’s that.

Now that you know just why you should accept the value of a rifle sling, or any gun sling for that matter, here are some of the features you should look for when you are shopping for a model:

  • Single point slings may be easier for you to carry, and others have one or two attachment points.
  • Quick detach hardware (also known as QD swivels or hardware) that make it easy and quick for you to take the sling off or get it back on. Sometimes a sling gets in the way, remember.
  • A comfortable, non fatigue shoulder pad (wide padded models are great for this)
  • A non slip shoulder pad that won’t slip and slide around on your shoulder. This makes you less comfortable and also makes it hard to manage the firearm.
  • High quality materials or waterproofing, where necessary. For example, you might want a waterproof or water resistant shotgun sling if you take it in the field in inclement weather.
  • Thumb loops so you can make quick adjustments or carry or manipulate the way the gun lays on your shoulder more easily.
  • The ability to accept sling attachments, so you can carry more gear and expand your abilities in the field.
  • Some slings even have loops built in for shells, cartridges or other gear.
  • Some slings are made from woven paracord, which can be undone in a hurry and repurposed to make life-saving improvisations in the field.

There, now in less than two pages you have a better understanding of just why rifle slings are worth their price, and just what to look for in a model. Remember that the purchase of a sling is a personal purchase, so you might have preferences that are not listed here. It has to be comfortable for you, or there’s no point in getting one, padding sling, tactical sling or otherwise.

Whether you’re looking for a sling or just sling swivels, visit Sarco, Inc. at, because, to put it simply, they won’t rest until you have what you want (or need). Visit their website today, and if you have any questions, give them a call at 610-250-3960.

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