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Loose teeth after braces

why loose teeth after braces

Most patients are afraid to show their teeth when they have braced teeth and ask why the teeth look thick with a brace, if they like the teeth and don’t need to worry about loosening properly, so they get bigger and remove the loose teeth.

If your hair is loose while wearing braces, it means that conservative treatment can be used. If the hair is loose, the condition lasts only a few days, you will feel a little annoyed and you may get sick while eating. Yes

If you want to tighten your teeth, you should place them in the right position with the help of braces, because within a few days of brushing, it fits slowly, so there is no need to worry. Yes, it is usually nothing and it is a sign of good results.


Why braced teeth feel more loose

Many new patients, if their teeth feel loose or loose for a few days, if the teeth and gums appear loose, they are afraid of tooth decay, not worried about the symptoms of orthodox treatment,

You may feel pain and discomfort when your teeth feel loose with braces, and you may need to adjust the speed of your teeth in this situation. If it feels uncomfortable, you need to talk to your dentist about any new drugs or tests.

Many patients feel loose or closed after tight braces. If this happens, it means that there are some problems with the treatment or your tongue is not in the right position, your teeth will also disappear. If this is yours, you can talk to a doctor or traveler. Confirm why this happened

But usually the teeth become loose after a friend. Not very happy to have people behind it, but it’s not a problem, orthodontists will decompose again, but if you treat with a new orthodox specialist on the use of teeth and teeth keys, the teeth will not be released,


Loosen teeth and gums during treatment

When doing conservative treatment, you can learn about loose teeth during braces, because the first braces will loosen the teeth and gums or reduce the problem, and not only you, but everyone is happy with the patient.

During treatment, all patients had loose teeth with braces. Even if you have your teeth and braces installed, sometimes you may need to see a doctor every six months. It is. Make sure your treatment is cured,

You may think or feel that your teeth will come out, it is not pleasant that your teeth can fall out like this because you do not need to be so scared, if you are not satisfied then explain how to get a guide for chewing gum.

Most people ask that if I just loosen the braces and teeth, usually straight teeth and get a different cast, start positions and brackets that children and adults will be forced to release,

If the braces and cords become loose or damaged as soon as possible, the damaged wires damage the teeth and if you can move the teeth in the wrong direction orthodontic exposure may increase, just learn how to repair the cables, if not consult a physician. Get help

Why loose teeth with brackets

Many people are asking what were the teeth with tooth density, when the braces started to be used and the teeth are safe enough to bring the teeth to a true castle, it is more normal and

You may have problems after a few days, after one to three days of deterioration and the teeth will be removed every day if you think this is not normal but you must make sure you have the right condition for you, which is usually good, consult your doctor Should know. No need to be surprised

And thus do not stop the process of cleaning teeth, brushes and toothpaste, brush your face before and after eating, if you feel sore or dry, you should take medicine from a doctor. Cannot take medication without a prescription.

Loose teeth can hurt a bit. There are several ways to reduce the pain in the first few days. You can take painkillers. Rinse with cloves, salt water, cold compresses and garlic.

What happens if you lose a tooth with a bracket
Many patients examine what happens if you remove teeth with braces, so there is no risk of the teeth becoming loose if the braces are serrated from the time the dentist starts the pressure. And force the tooth to move in the expected direction, causing the tooth structure to loosen,



After the teeth move, you want to grip the bones around the crown and if you have previous tooth problems or brush your teeth or remove teeth or remove your roots, you should address these issues before taking a brace.If you have any problems, the dentist will monitor your treatment process.

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