ICO Marketing v/s Traditional Marketing: Key Differences You Must Know

All the coins don’t share a similar course, some coins also lose their value with time. As per the ICO market report created by the TUM School of Management, above 65% of tokens in July 2020 have lost their overall value.

What is ICO?

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering which shows the highly unregulated procedure of lifting funds for a cryptocurrency project. This method indulges selling part of the cryptocurrency to early investors in return for bitcoin or legal tender. This seems the same as an IPO where investors buy company shares.

How to promote ICO?

Here are the various steps to promote ICO –

Plan a Great Website

An impressive website always plays a foundation role for your ICO digital marketing strategy. So, prior to launching your ICO, you need to make assure about a well-optimized website.

Make sure to post everything about your ICO project on the website

While offering more information builds trust among your site visitors thus promoting your ICO. However, quick accessibility also enchants quality traffic to your website.

Airdrop Campaigns

Airdrop Campaigns necessarily indulge uplifting users to learn about cryptocurrency. And during this procedure, you can instantly drag awareness about your newly – launched ICO.

Involving in the leading events, conferences, and trade shows

Attending any of each three will be enough, as they are more often than not, feature the big companies currently. Almost all of these programs carry certain limited attendances. You have to grab the possibilities they offer, specifically when you‘re currently making awareness and forming your statues.

Feature massive events on calendars

Calendars are one of the most effective tools investors utilize to proactively track the activities of multiple companies. Therefore, It is the exact solution as an organization to utilize calendars to make investors aware of anything specific that takes place inside your company.

Fast Messaging applications

Apps such as WhatsApp or Telegram are the places where you effortlessly post to acquire your audience and communities. Look for the platforms where they are obviously massive and have active crypto communities and as you do so. Then don’t miss the type of security they offer. Freshly-minted token enthusiasts, curious people, and coin experts sometimes merge in these communities, Therefore, they offer a good chance to construct your network as well.

Influencers marketing/crypto influencer partnerships

When it is about influencer marketing or crypto influencer partnerships are totally different from these ones. You can either take the help of any influencer who can promote your stuff on their digital platform. Although, if you have any well-reputed financial institutions and organizations you can collaborate with, it goes without saying that this will create amazing wonders for trust-building. If you haven’t any idea, you can choose any best crypto marketing agency from SoftwareWorld’s list. In this research, you can find the list of top ICO marketers as per your need

Podcasts & Interviews

The audio style has been running and working the last for many decades. Continuously, releasing podcasts puts your audience engaged especially when you have some interesting content for your audience.

Community Management

A strong community can be merged into one long-term goal, however, it has only a stabler foundation, supported by your project’s regularly enhancing reputation. As far as you’re smart enough to indulge with and assist users, whether they will be in other communities, forums, or social media, you should always be going on the path.

Paid promotions and advertising

Generally, advertising has been done to promote products or services. However, ICO ads are not allowed in conventional ad platforms such as Google and Facebook. In that case, one to explore other platforms where they allow for promotional purposes. Such as where it can offer various tools that let you provide multiple ad targeting options and smooth tracking at inexpensive rates.


What is traditional marketing?

Marketing is a process of engaging potential customers to purchase your products or services. While conventional marketing holds several procedures like planning, researching, promoting, and selling products.

Traditional marketing has been in practice for the last many decades. It was part of the business for so long that the expenditure of organizations on marketing has been emerging by and bounds. It is a form of promotion that reaches audiences offline. Firms use the marketing scopes through print, broadcast telemarketing, or direct mail to involve their audience and spread their reach.

How to promote via traditional marketing strategy?

There are several types of traditional marketing that can be used in different ways for different purposes for your target audience.

Direct mail

In the type of Direct mail, marketing forward print materials such as letters or postcards to the mentioned addresses of possible customers resides in your target area. The company can directly send the mail to people who have shown interest in the company or its products. Other than this, is to send direct mail items to community members who live close to the business.

Event marketing

In event marketing, you can build advertising stuff to present an industry event such as conferences or conventions, seminars. Apart from this, you can too make booths or large materials of banners or signs to enchant the attendees so that they can visit your place for more information about your product or service.


This is another way to gain publicity and acknowledgement at once. This is the medium to get recognition by making commercials for broadcast channels such as television, radio features for their audience. It is a platform to sell after making creative content-based advertisements for customers so that they can learn and understand the product and service you are selling.

Cold – calling

It is a type of marketing often practised for business-to-business companies that used to sell their products or services to other organizations. It is a type of marketing often practised for business-to-business companies that used to sell their products or services to other organizations.


This is referred to as the brochure or flyer that can be used to promote event business, sales. These flyers can be displayed in public areas in order to promote the advertisement publicly.


Referrals are functions where it indulges your present client to convey to others about the organizations and the offering they provide. You can tell clients to endorse friends, colleagues, family members to the organization in exchange for special offerings. This is one of the efficient ways to assemble and retain more clients as more audiences trust the views of people they know.


Broadcasting is yet another way to get national or international recognition by creating commercials for broadcast channels such as radio, televisions, to broadcast for the audience to hear. Hearing or watching this broadcasted advertisement can ignite interest to the listeners and viewers which results in them researching them about the company or may contact you to learn more.

Print ads

Print advertisement is another way to advertise and enables you to reach more prospective customers via outlets like magazines or newspapers. It can help to build more understanding in the community, displaying advertisements in the newspaper. Which can lead others to learn more about the brand, its product, and its location as well. It is a crucial part to find out the types of magazines or reading stuff your target audience generally reads, and keep your advertisements in these materials to raise sales leads.

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