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Digital MarketingSEO

The Practical Guide For On-Page SEO Techniques in 2021

Have you still not started investing in business marketing? If yes, then you will be surprised to know that almost all businesses started investing in digital marketing to increase their online presence and growth on search engines. If you’re not sure why digital marketing or SEO is important? then this article is dedicated to you. 

More and more people are practicing digital marketing strategies to take their business to the next level, but why it is essential and why you need to spend on digital marketing in 2021. No matter the size of your business, your main goal is to attract customers and generate more ROI, which is only possible with the help of the best digital marketing strategies. In this digital era, SEO Melbourne plays a crucial role in reaching and engaging its target consumers online. So, let’s dive deep into it to learn the core of digital marketing.

Why is SEO important for business? 

Digital marketing has completely changed the way of doing businesses in 2021. People these days are dependent on their devices to find services, and if you’re not using an online platform to promote your business, then you must be lacking a way behind your competitors. In other words, digital marketing or SEO is a way to promote your business online to attract potential customers and increase sales through electronic means, including social media. 

The most significant benefit of SEO (Search engine optimization) or digital marketing is that it gives us much faster results than traditional creative marketing strategies. Being more flexible and affordable for the business SEO has now become the first choice for all marketers. The best part of digital marketing is its wide range of marketing tools that help you find unique ways to succeed. Another significant benefit is its real-time statistics that allow businesses to track their progress and make strategies for future growth. These tools have made marketing campaigns more effective and successful. 

Where to begin with?

Digital marketing is very vast, including email marketing, PPC, SMO, affiliate marketing, Content marketing, etc., but here in this article, we are going to focus only on Search Engine Optimization or SEO which is the root of all marketing strategies. 

SEO is the process of optimizing a website or webpage to increase its visibility and boost its ranking in search engines. A successful SEO campaign can make a business extremely successful in the long run and help stand out from the competition. However, there are two essential SEO approaches: On-page and Off-page optimization. Let’s understand these. 

Practical Guide For On-Page SEO 

On-page is an internal optimization of websites in search engines that help to make your website SEO friendly to rank better on search engine pages. It is a set of strategies that begins changing the codes and content of the resource pages in accordance with the rules and requirements of search engines. On-page allows you to eliminate technical errors and improve the resources to make the site valuable and convenient. For this, marketers recommend taking at least these 6 steps. 

  •  Human-readable URL

Is your URL Human readable? If you want Google to notice your website, then it is recommended to use short URLs. URLs are the address of your web pages, and each web page has its unique URL, which helps people find your site on search engines. A short human-readable URL including keywords always compliments your website rankings and allows users to land on it. There are many online tools available with the help of which you can create a memorable, typable link to your website, or you can also take help from SEO professionals who can assist you with this.

  • Title tags and meta descriptions

Meta tags are snippets or a short 120 to 156-word description of your page that really does not appear on your webpage but acts as a page’s source code. Meta tags navigate search engines and help them to determine what your content is about. Title tags and Meta tags make your SEO friendly and help to crawl your website on search engine pages. Writing titles tags and meta tags is not easy as it sounds; it needs lots of practice and creative skills.

  • SEO Writing

SEO-friendly writing is very crucial if you want your website to grow on search engines. People always search for quality content to get informed and educated. If your site does not meet there, they will move to the next. Content that is easy to read always attracts audiences because it takes less time to read and is easy to understand. Research is the key to writing SEO- friendly content for your audience. It helps to understand the trending topics, gives you brief information about your competitors’ actions, and gives you deep knowledge about the subject. Always use target keywords in the content while writing to let people find your piece of content. Use bullets, infographics, images, illustrations to make your content more attractive and understandable.

  • Keyword Search 

Keyword search is the most important strategy in digital marketing to rank your website. On Google, people always do their searches by typing keywords on the search bar, for example: “Best SEO company,” “Best place to buy chocolate cake,” or “Best earphones in 2021,” etc. Keyword Research is not a one-time game. You need to keep updating your list of keywords as per the google preferences if you want to go long in the race. Popular business-related keywords in the website content, blogs, and articles will increase your website’s visibility and help you climb the ladder of success. Using an equal ratio of short-tail and long-tail search intent keywords adds credibility to your website and drives value to your business’s bottom line.

  • Image optimization 

Many SEO experts always forget to pay attention to the website image, but images and illustrations optimization are equally important as other On-page strategies. Image files impact page speed parameters. Heavy images or big-size images can increase your site loading time, resulting in a bad user experience. Page speed is an important ranking factor, so it is crucial to optimize your images before it’s too late. You can do that by adding Alt text in the images and compressing the image file size. It is recommended to use only appropriate image files such as PNG, JPEG, PDF, WebP, etc. 

  • Internal linking 

We can’t ignore internal linking if we are talking about On-Page SEO techniques. Internal Linking is the most effective way to grow your website online. Internal linking is an SEO strategy where we link one web page to another to drive traffic on all the website’s internal pages. It not only helps to boost ranking throughout your site but also helps with website navigation. There are a number of benefits of internal linking, but the most important one is it promotes visitor engagement and increases the authority of your business website. This technique is quite time-consuming and needs some technical knowledge, better to hire an SEO professional for a complete SEO solution.


On-page is the first and foremost technique you need to practice if you want to rank your website top on search engine pages. The above mentioned are some basic on-page SEO techniques, but you can ask SEO professionals for many other technical strategies that can lead to faster growth and conversion.

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