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9 Fantastic Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

While it is true that dogs do not reckon with time the same way higher humans do, that does not mean we should not celebrate human greatest companions’ birthdays like it’s the greatest day on earth. For the sake of helping you to celebrate your dogs most spectacularly, we put together some great suggestions on how to make your dog’s birthday an unforgettable birthday for him/her. Here are Top must-have products for pet dogs

1.Throw a Big “Pooch” party

Having considered throwing a pooch party to celebrate your dog’s birthday or adoption day? Organizing a small birthday batch at that small space in your backyard will be a party gift from you to your dog. Pick a day that’s convenient for you, and send an invite to your friends, neighbors, and family to also bring their dogs to the get-together birthday batch. Or, pick a local dog-friendly park to meet up in. For a more formal occasion, consider reaching out to pooch care or dog training clubs to ask about rental options.

2. Send a customised Birthday eCard to you dog

Why not send a customized Dog Birthday eCard to your dog? Dogs can’t read but what does it matter? You also do well to read to him/her what it means to you since its inception into your life. There are different dog birthday eCard you can send to your dog.

3. Make a Puppy ice-cream for your dog

Although real ice cream isn’t great for your dog’s gastrointestinal tract, it’s easy to whip up some puppy-approved ice cream at home with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. Blend bananas with plain yogurt and creamy peanut butter, then freeze overnight to get the right consistency. You can also make puppy ice pops with one basic ingredient: Chicken or beef broth. Simply pour it into a mold and freeze.

4. Pamper & Spoil Your Dog On Their Birthday

If you want an easy way to make your dog’s birthday extra special try pampering them. Spoil them and give them some extra love and attention on their special day. Give them a nice homemade meal, an extra-long walk, a stuffed Kong, a relaxing doggie massage, and some nice cuddle time on the couch. You can also celebrate your dog by sending Charity ecards to donate to a charitable course

5. Celebrate your dog birthday with some mind-blowing pics

Sadly, dogs don’t get to enjoy as many birthdays as humans (unless you celebrate with them four to seven times every year) so make sure you get some snaps to remember the day. You could consider creating the same style every year, or record videos of some special moments together and watch the highlights with them on their birthdays.

6. Take Your Dog For a Swim

Most dogs love to swim, so if you want to make their birthday a fun one turn it into a swim day. You can take your dog to the local beach, or search for any dog-friendly pools in your area. Just remember to keep an eye on your dog at all times, and follow the basic swimming safety tips for dogs such as bringing along freshwater and cleaning them off afterward.

7. Play Games with your dog

The best part of these dog-friendly party games is that they’re basic training techniques disguised as fun! Make sure you have plenty of toys (and treats) for games like hide-and-seek and fetch, which help dogs practice commands like “sit,” “stay,” “come,” and “fetch.” If you want to take your puppy party games to the next level, try a round of Snoopy Says. Like the human version, Simon Says, participants listen to commands and make certain movements. The last supper standing wins!

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8. Get a Barkbox for your dog

Make your happy by getting BarkBox for your dog, whether it’s for their birthday, Christmas, or just the heck of it. You can get 2 incredible, original toys, 2 delicious bags of treats, and a meaty chew delivered to your door every month.

9. Take your dog for an adventure

Celebrate your dog by taking your dog to your favourite spot or park, treat them to a new destination like a trip to the lakeside or even take them to a doggy play centre. Browse the best dog centres and take your dog to such places for a nice treat

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